As the original founding member of the Marvel Comics' mutant superhero team, The X-Men's very own Cyclops managed to save the world 5 times already, while also being the main cause of ending it about 5 times in a row. When he's not using his intense optic blasts in the battlefield, Scott Summers struggles to keep his mutant powers in check and lead his team to victory. Being left unchecked, Cyclops' display of power can bring in unwanted attention from enemies. But with the guidance of Professor Charles Xavier's wise teaching, he can still push through his weakness and actually fight for the dream of human/mutant equality.

While training nonstop at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, Scott was given a visor made up of ruby quartz to help him control his optic blasts. Though his teammates often thought of Summers as a skilled leader, Cyclops only wanted to know if Jean Grey, also known as Marvel Girl, would stay by his side and never leave his sight. The older brother of Alex Summers, aka Havok, would soon learn that fighting for Xavier's dream would come with a heavy and personal cost, even after saving humanity from their own destruction numerous times.

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10 X-Factor #68 (Saved)

As a father, Scott had to make a terrible and difficult decision in order to save his son's life. Wanting revenge against the X-Men, Apocalypse decided to infect Scott's infant son, Nathan Christopher Charles Summers, with a deadly techno-virus. The time-traveling Askani clan promised Scott to protect Nathan, send him to their future, and save him from the techno-virus. Because the virus was already killing his son, Scott had no choice but to abandon Nathan. Scott did save his son's life, never realizing Nathan would grow up to be Cable, the future rebel leader against Apocalypse.

9 Ultimatum (Failed)

In the Ultimate Marvel Universe, Erik Lehnsherr, known as Magneto to the rest of the world, finally had enough with humanity and believed mutants should be their conquerors. The war culminated with the death of Wolverine as Magneto ripped the adamantium bones from the rest of his body. In return, Cyclops used his mutant powers to viciously burn off Magneto's head to a crisp. The cycle of violence continued even as Cyclops took the stand in front of Congress. While pleading for peace between humans and mutants, Cyclops was then fatally shot in the head by Quicksilver, Magneto's son.

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8 Phalanx Covenant: Final Sanction (Saved)

The Phalanx are mutant-hating humans who transformed themselves into techno-organic monsters. With their main goal to annihilate mutant-kind, the Phalanx used their shape-shifting abilities to assimilate the core members of the X-Men. After coming back from their honeymoon, the now married Jean and Scott Summers-Grey reluctantly came back to action, joining Wolverine and Cable, to rescue their captive teammates. This is an important team-up because Scott now knows that Cable is the infant son he gave away. Forced to be secretive, Scott cannot reveal this information to Cable in fear of ruining the future timeline. The married couple fight with their son from the future in order save the X-Men and stop the Phalanx.

7 Age of Apocalypse (Failed)

In the alternate universe of Age of Apocalypse, Cyclops became the most-hated enemy of the X-Men, now led by Magneto, as he decided to side with Mr. Sinister. Because Cyclops decided to join with Apocalypse's team instead, Jean Grey refused to stay with him and continued her romance with Wolverine. When Apocalypse decided to unleash the nuclear warheads, Cyclops realized far too late that he did not want to end the entire world. Just when Cyclops was trying to keep the falling warheads from hitting Earth, Havok decided to kill his brother at the last second, allowing the nuclear blast to destroy everything.

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6 X-Cutioner's Song (Saved)

After being kidnapped by the mutant super-villain Stryfe, Jean and Scott were accused of ruining his life since childhood. At this moment, Scott began to suspect Stryfe may have been the infant son, Nathan Christopher Charles Summers, he sent to the future. Answers had to wait as the X-Force leader, Cable, rushed in to save the prisoners. In order to activate the time vortex, Cyclops had to use his mutant power to destroy Styrfe's future technology. While the moonbase was falling apart, Cyclops ended up sending both Cable and Styrfe through the timeline.

5 Avengers Vs. X-Men (Failed)

A major casualty shockingly took place in the crossover event, Avengers vs. X-Men #11. The last stand of Professor Charles Xavier took place against his most trusted student. Cyclops was not in control of his mind and body when he became possessed by the Phoenix Force. There was nothing that could have stopped the Phoenix Force from using Cyclops to kill off his beloved mentor. The mind-controlled Cyclops used his optic blast to deliver the death blow that would Xavier's life. By the time Cyclops finally took back control, it was far too late as he held Prof. X's dead body in his arms.

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4 Astonishing X-Men: Dangerous (Saved)

Cyclops proved himself to be the most "dangerous" X-Men member during Joss Whedon and John Cassaday's critically acclaimed run. The Danger Room actually turned out to be alive, releasing the imprisoned artificial intelligence from its programming. Now known as Danger, the former prisoner commanded a long dormant Sentinel to attack the X-mansion and wipe out the innocent students. Refusing to hold back, Cyclops removed his visor and unleashed the full force of his optic blast. Not only did he completely destroy the Sentinel, the mutant superhero also burnt the entire ground and lawn of the mansion.

3 X-Men: Schism (Failed)

The bad blood between Wolverine, aka Logan, and Cyclops drove the two apart in X-Men: Schism. Wolverine opposed the idea of putting mutant children on the front lines of battle, but Cyclops believed wholeheartedly in his militant ideology. After becoming frustrated during their arguments, Cyclops brought up Jean Grey to hurt Wolverine's feelings and said she never loved him. Wolverine stated that if Jean were still alive, she would have become frightened of what Cyclops had become. Because the two couldn't see eye-to-eye, Wolverine and Cyclops ended up splitting the X-Men permanently, recruiting members for their own personal teams.

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2 Dark Phoenix Saga (Saved)

Because of his romantic feelings for Jean Grey, Scott had dutifully remained faithful in his young love for her. Even when she was consumed by the all-powerful Phoenix Force, he knew against all odds that his true love would come back to him. Because of the Dark Phoenix gaining control of Jean Grey, Xavier challenged Lilandra to a Shi'ar duel of honor. As the rest of the X-Men were subdued by the Shi'ar Imperial Guard, Cyclops was still standing, though beaten and barely breathing. Knowing they loved each other, Cyclops kept fighting as long as he could, giving Jean the chance to sacrifice herself to save everyone.

1 X-Force Volume 3: Not Forgotten (Failed)

With the mutant race dwindling in numbers and facing even deadlier threats from humans, Cyclops had begun to stray from Xavier's dream of unification. Now drawn more to his own militaristic views, Cyclops secretly put together a mutant strike force team to handle the threat and remove the danger by any means necessary. Though Cyclops believes the end justifies the means, Wolverine has a difficult time following his orders. Cyclops makes matters worse with Wolverine by bringing in his daughter, X-23, into the team. Cyclops would rather absolutely win the mission at all cost than caring for the individual's soul.

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