WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Wonder Woman#74-75, from G. Willow Wilson, Xermanico, Jesus Merino, Romulo Fajardo Jr. and Pat Brosseau, on sale now.

The world of Wonder Woman has revolved around a select few Amazons, namely Princess Diana of Themyscira, as she charted territory away from Paradise Island, a place outsiders really aren't welcome. This mentality is what keeps the island so well-protected, or at least that's what we thought up until the "Central Lie" about Diana's home was revealed at the start of DC Rebirth.

With the curtain finally raised on why Themyscira was hidden away for so long, Wonder Woman #74 goes on to reveal another shocking fact -- women from around the Earth joined the Amazons, and there may have even been a Wonder Woman before Diana.

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As Diana and her crew, Atlantiades and Maggie (her friend from Washington), explore Dimension Chi, they meet Antiope, Diana's aunt, and her renegade Amazons who have all fled Themyscira upon Grail's takeover. Maggie's been using Antiope's sword, which guided them to this realm, and when she tries to give it back, Antiope tells her to keep it as it was left on Earth so someone worthy could wield it, similar to Marvel's Thor and Mjolnir.

When Maggie asks if she's sure as she's not an Amazon, Antiope shocks them all by saying she soon will be. Phillipus, one of her loyal generals, inquires about this move, confessing they haven't had a woman of Earth in their ranks for a thousand years. It's a startling reveal, and Antiope contends that this last occurred in the Last Age and that it's now time for such a move to happen once more. She's clearly in awe of how effective Maggie has been as an ally to Diana, seeing heroism in her contributions, which has clearly impacted upon and inspired her own troops as well.

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This is a dramatic reversal, since Amazons usually leave Themyscira and come to Earth, not the other way around, since  Queen Hippolyta wants no strangers endangering their home. Donna Troy was magically created on Paradise Island and then became a superhero on Earth. Doctor Poison was sent by Diana to Transformation Island, an Amazon penal colony, to reform along with other enemies, but again, none of them every trained or became part of the Themysciran legion. What Antiope and her Amazon warriors reveal here clearly changes the makeup if Paradise Island's legion, and breaks down borders with a notion that's ripe with possibility.

This development also teases the idea of an inverse Wonder Woman existing before Diana, who traveled from Earth to be a majestic heroine and warrior on Paradise Island. This idea adds another wrinkle that reinvigorates the Wonder Woman mythos yet again. It follows the reveals of Grail as the daughter of Darkseid and the Amazon known as Myrinna Black, not to mention we found out Hippolyta made Jason, Diana's twin brother, as well. All of these ideas, taken together, have dramatically filled out the Wonder Woman mythology in recent years.

A pre-exisiting Wonder Woman would also paint an intriguing legacy and overall journey that contrasts with Diana's adventures and reignites her purpose in reuniting with her mom, Hippolyta. With a portion of the army being from Earth, that also opens up the opportunity for other agents or spies to traverse between the two worlds, for good or ill. However, as it stands, Antiope only has good memories of these women, whoever they may be. Hopefully, these ideas will be explored further, because this could make for a unique dynamic with Diana and offer her a new set of allies in Themyscira and around the world.

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