With spider-mAn far from home now out, People have obviously seen it and we start to piece together the direction that the Marvel Studios is going to take the next phases in now, Kevin Feige himself has talked about why exactly far from home was chosen to end the Infinity, Saga and phase three. So was one of those weird scenarios when it was announced that an Avengers film again would not end an entire phase. Now people were obviously confused, But this is something that was generally not really unexpected, Considering they did it with the second phase, With ant-mAn being the one that actually closes out the phase instead of age of Ultron. Now, When it came to ant-mAn, You saw the pieces at play. Obviously they wanted to set up.

The ant-mAn is important that his film is going to be more important, Going down the road that the character is important and obviously the quantum realm was established now watching far from home and listen to what Kevin Feige had to say where he talks about the fact that Marvel Studios is approaching the end of the Infinity Saga with far from home sort of a epilogue, If you will to what happens in the rest of the MCU eating up to it. Now that you've seen the film it makes a lot of sense, But also he said it's there to kind of lay the foundation, And now that you watch the film you understand that what he's saying is everything changes from this point on it's post, Blip, Everybody's back. You know we jump months ahead.
We see that the world is moving on, How people are reacting to it. What's going on where's the hero is how kind of people aren't even aware of the Avengers and at the same time you have to approach this with the mindset that the Secret Invasion, Or at least some sort of version of it, Is somewhat playing into it. So when you line up all the pieces, You see that Peter Parker was literally one of the last pieces to enter. The MCU is one of the youngest and now he's gonna be leading the charge going forward, At least when it comes down to the earth side of things.
So, Just by looking at it that way, We start to understand what they were planning on which way they're going, And certainly, If you look at this, Just like Ant Man Ant Man was the introduction of the quantum realm, Like I said, Which was very important. Considering infinity war and endgame are more or less the same film. You know it's back-tO-bAck, So the quantum realm was huge, An endgame. Now the scrawls Peters identity being revealed. You start to really understand what they're saying here and yeah the world is forever changed, And this is why it ended the Infinity Saga exits, Setting up a new saga. Now I, Don't know if that's gonna be the secret Wars or secret invasion or whatever it's gonna be.
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