The Marvel Universe has an extensive library of characters who have gained superpowers through exposure to gamma radiation and one of the most recent is Weapon H. The result of an experimental program by the black ops organization Weapon X and nefarious corporation Roxxon, the new superhero splices through the DNA of several iconic Marvel characters, most notably the Hulk and Wolverine.

Now, here's a quick history of the character, including the superhero's background before his monstrous transformation, how how he was created, and his confrontation with Wolverine and the Hulk during the miniseries Hulkverines.

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Created by Greg Pak and Mike Deodato, Weapon H was first introduced in 2017's Totally Awesome Hulk #21 before receiving his own series. Prior to his transformation, Weapon H was Clayton Cortez, a soldier who became a mercenary working for a private security company called Eaglestar. Tasked with wiping out indigenous villagers in the remote region of Ujanka that were interfering with Roxxon's plans to construct pipelines through their land, Clayton wiped out the other mercenaries instead after questioning the morality of his work.

For his betrayal, Clayton was captured and sent to the infamous Weapon X Program and remanded to its Batch-H division headed by Doctor Aliana Alba. Clayton was infused with DNA recovered from Amadeus Cho's Hulk state and that of the extra-dimensional traveler Old Man Logan. After the baseline gene splicing was complete, Clayton's body was laced with adamantium and nanites similar to those of Lady Deathstrike, giving him a similar healing factor and indestructible skeleton. To ensure that Clayton would be able to capably receive and carry out orders, his brain was left largely intact but wiped by the procedure to forget his rebellious past.

After destroying Batch-H's initial monster, H-Beta, while it fought the Hulk, Clayton began to gradually regain his humanity while targeting Eaglestar facilities in revenge for his transformation and to learn more about his lost past. As Weapon H's exploits begin to grow, the new superhero becomes a target for Roxxon and its sinister CEO Dario Agger, who has Clayton captured.

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Agger revealed to Clayton that, in addition to containing the DNA of the Hulk, Wolverine, and Lady Deathstrike's nanites, he also possessed genes from Warpath, Domino, and Sabretooth. As a result, Weapon H not only has gamma-radiated strength to similar power levels as the Hulk, an indestructible skeleton, healing factor, and retractable claws like Wolverine and Lady Deathstrike but also Domino's abilities to affect probabilities and enhanced senses to similar levels as Warpath and Sabretooth. As Clayton grew new accustomed to his new form, he became able to control where adamantium spikes would protrude from his body and how long. Additionally, Weapon H also possesses the ability to fire his adamantium spikes and claws at targets.

After learning about the existence of Weapon H, Wolverine and the original Hulk Bruce Banner are understandably concerned about the new gamma-radiated behemoth combining their power sets and seek to confront Clay. However, this plays right into the plans of longtime Hulk villain the Leader, as he teams up with Doctor Alba to capture and similarly transform Banner and Logan into unstoppable killing machines with only Clay to stop them.

With the two out-of-control heroes on a collision course with a nuclear reactor, Weapon H intercepts the transformed Wolverine and Hulk, resulting in an epic brawl where Clay ultimately outmaneuvers his two opponents and forces the Leader and Alba to withdraw as Logan and Banner revert to their normal states. As Clay departs, he reaches a new understanding with the two Marvel superheroes, paving the way for the trio to become allies rather than rivals or outright enemies.

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