If there's one thing that comic fans know, it's that when it comes to Animation, DC is the superior creator. Along with their expansive lineup of Direct to Video animated films, they've also created some of the best animated TV series of all time. But, that doesn't mean that Marvel hasn't created any good animated shows for fans of the genre.

While nowhere as groundbreaking as something like Batman: The Animated Series, Marvel has created some great animated projects that are worth checking out. Just be prepared to see a lot of the X-Men, Avengers, and your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man on this list

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10 Marvel's Spider-Man

When compared to a lot of the best and worst that we've seen of Spider-Man TV shows, this version of Spider-Man is nowhere as awful as something like Spider-Man Unlimited nor has it aged terribly to the point of memedom as Spider-Man 67. The show follows Peter Parker as he attends the technologically advanced Horizon High. Here, he befriends other geniuses, such as Gwen Stacy and Miles Morales, and balances his life as a student while being Spider-Man.

You can do a lot worse than this version of Spidy. The animation is Okay, the VO's are fine, and the action is decent. It all makes for a perfectly adequate show.

9 X-Men: Evolutions

With the release of the first X-Men film, Marvel made the right call in creating another X-Men animated show to coincide with its release. This version followed teenage versions of classic X-Men heroes, like Cyclopes, Jean Grey, Shadowcat, Rogue, and Nightcrawler, as they tried to live average lives at a local high school. While not in school, They'd also aid Professor X, Storm and Wolverine in helping Mutant Kind.

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Admittedly, X-Men: Evolutions has shown its age, while re-watching it as an adult. Some of the dialog and characters scream late '90s teen melodrama, like Dawson's Creek, but that's also part of its charm. Meanwhile, the animation holds up surprisingly well for something that was made in 1999, and the voice acting was top notch. Perhaps its most recognized contribution to the X-Men franchise was introducing the world to X-23, the female clone of Wolverine.

8 Avengers Assemble

Avengers Assemble had a lot going against it. After Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes was canceled after only two seasons, the next animated adaptation of the Avengers had big shoes to fill. While nowhere as compelling as it's predecessor, Avengers Assemble managed to create a solid, if unremarkable Super Hero show that both kids and adults can enjoy.

Ditching the drawn-out storylines of EMH, Assemble told mostly one-off storylines that featured the Avengers fight against villains. While the dialog can get a little grating, the characters personalities managed to shine through, and the great animation managed to deliver some dynamic action sequences.

7 Ultimate Spider-Man

Ultimate Spider-Man had a pretty big pedigree. Not only was it being developed by Man of Action, creators of the Ben 10 franchise, but it also had Ultimate Spider-Man creator, Brian Micheal Bendis, and Batman: The Animated Series co-creator, Paul Dini, acting as Supervising Producers. Ultimate Spider-Man had everyone's favorite web-slinger working with Nick Fury and teaming up with teenage versions of Nova, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and White Tiger stoping some of Marvel's biggest foes.

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Ultimate Spider-Man still managed to capture everything that made Spider-Man iconic. It had him cracking bad-jokes, dealing with some team leader dilemma's, and had him dealing with great responsibilities. It also featured the best animation for a Marvel show, leading to some genuinely outstanding action sequences and character design. It's not his best outing, but it's one of Spider-Man's better shows.

6 Guardians of the Galaxy

The animated version of the Guardians of the Galaxy might be the closest thing that this generation of youngsters will ever get to their version of The Real Ghostbusters. Like Real Ghostbusters, Guardians of the Galaxy features the basic set-up to the 2014 film and features the same cast of characters. While the Guardians were nowhere as fleshed out as their on-screen counterparts, they still managed to capture the essence of what made them such wonderful characters. Peter Quil was still the lovable numskull with a heart of gold, Rocket was still the short-tempered rodent, and Groot was Groot.

The show managed to re-capture the same wit that the film had, leading to some truly LOL moments. Even if it was never as good as the films, it's hard to dislike a show that has the Guardians on a rail cart, being chased by Venom Symbiotes, all while Starlord is Listening to "Shake your groove thing." That alone is worth checking it out on YouTube.

5 Wolverine and The X-Men

Released to coincide with the release of X-Men Origins, Wolverine and the X-Men had everyone's favorite X-Man taking front stage as the show's leader. After an attack on the X-Mansion, Wolverine (with the help of Beast), had to re-form the X-Men, who had gone their separate ways. The show, created by Thor: Ragnarock writers Craig Kyle and Chris Yost, featured some of the best storytelling and character development seen in the X-Men franchise, more so than in any previous incarnation of Marvel's Merry Mutants.

Wolverine and The X-Men was one of many shows created and released when Disney Purchased Marvel. Because of this, the show suffered financial problems with its financer and was canceled after one season. It's a shame what happened, as WTXM ended on a cliffhanger that teased Apocolypse being the antagonist of the second season.

4 X-Men

X-Men is still one of the best-animated shows of all time. While more recent versions of the X-Men may have portrayed story elements and specific characters much better, this classic 90's Cartoon still holds up well. X-Men featured epic storylines, grandiose action, and well-developed characters that were true to their comic book counterparts. X-Men also managed to handle its themes of prejudice and how minorities are mistreated in a way that never talked down to its young audiences.

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The show also managed to adapt iconic storylines to the small screen much better than their film counterparts, especially with their portrayal of the Age of Apocalypse. Has it aged a bit? Yeah. There are some silly moments and references that are of its time, but it still manages to get you pumped up and watch your favorite Super Heroes beat the hell out of each other.

3 Spider-Man

The '90s version of Spider-Man holds a place in the hearts of many '90s kids. To many, it was the first introduction to Spider-Man and the world of Marvel. Unlike other versions of Spider-Man, that featured him as a high school student, this version was a college student. It might not make this Peter Parker as relatable to young kids, but it does give the audience a character to look up to. But, as fans got older, a lot started to see this version as the most relatable Peter Parker of them all.

The show isn't perfect. The animation has shown its age, and it moves at such a fast pace that can make moments rushed. But it still holds a place to fans of Spider-Man, thanks to its great writing and its portrayal of Spider-Man's world.

2 The Spectacular Spider-Man

A lot of Spider-Man fans hail The Spectacular Spider-Man as the definitive take on Marvel's most recognized character and for good reasons. Spectacular once again had Spider-Man back in high school and dealing with a lot on his plate. He had to juggle his school life, his personal life, est. Familiar elements, yeah, but it's how the creative team portrayed it all. The team did care about the subject matter and didn't want to talk down to its audience, while also having some great Super Hero action to boot.

Alas, with Marvel Buying Disney and the show being produced by Sony, Spectacular Spider-Man only lasted for 26 episodes and ended on a cliffhanger. We may never see a proper ending to this version of the Spectacular Web-Slinger.

1 Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes

Just as Marvel began their rise to the top of pop culture, Marvel Animation released their first inhouse Avengers show. The result was the best-animated show Marvel ever created. Combining elements from both the comics and the MCU, Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes was a love letter to anyone who enjoyed the iconic Super Hero Team. The Characters were just as fleshed out as in the films, the art style was exaggerated in the best possible way, and the animation was top notch.

Combine that with excellent storytelling and great voice acting and you can see why EMH still has a dedicated fan following. Simply put, Marvel Animation created the closest thing to rival DC's Justice League animated series.

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