Frank Castle has always been a fan-favorite Marvel character. Recently however, Frank has seen a surge in popularity as The Punisher thanks to his roles in the Daredevil and The Punisher TV series. Part of what makes Punisher such an intriguing character is his incredibly violent and brutal approach, which makes him more of an anti-hero than an actual hero. 

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Due to his tactics, Punisher has been in several altercations with several other Marvel heroes over the years. While his methods have proven effective at times, Frank has certainly not won every battle. To look at some of his greatest victories and failures, here is our list of  some heroes the Punisher has beaten, and some he could never hope to defeat.

10 Beaten: Spider-Man 

Spider-Man is actually the Punisher’s oldest foe. Frank Castle originally appeared in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man #129. Originally, he was a full-blown villain who was sent to kill the Web Head. It wasn’t until later that Frank would make the transition to anti hero.

Though he would fail to kill Spider-Man, Frank would come to encounter the Wall Crawler several times going forward. The two would actually find themselves allies about as often as they are opponents. Due to this, Frank Castle has certainly lost a few rounds against the Spider, but he has also won a few himself.

9 CAN'T BEAT: Batman

Of course, Batman is not a Marvel character. However, he and The Punisher have actually met and fought each other in the past. During the Punisher/Batman: Deadly Knights storyline, the two companies crossed over and the two characters battled it out. At first the two fight, then team up, then fight again, due to a conflict of ideologies.

Though Punisher was wounded during his second round against Batman, he still put up little fight after realizing there was no way he could beat the Dark Knight. In fact, Batman easily tosses the wounded Punisher aside with a mere, “don’t test me, Castle.” 

8 Beaten: Deadpool 

Deadpool is an incredibly challenging character to knock down to begin with. Wade Wilson’s incredible healing factor almost guarantees that he will bounce back almost as quickly as getting hit. However, Deadpool proved to be no match for the Punisher, at least in their first meeting in Deadpool vs. Punisher #1.

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Here, the two characters would stumble into the same location, with Deadpool trying to save members of the party that Punisher is trying to kill. Deadpool decides that the two must then battle it out. Regardless, Punisher managed to knock Deadpool down long enough for him to simply walk away.

7 Can't Beat: Daken 

While Punisher may have been able to take down Wolverine (spoiler alert), his son is a whole different story. Daken is Wolverine’s son, who boasts two claws sprouting from his knuckles and one from his wrist. Over the years, Daken has been an on-and-off villain, though always keeps a much darker persona than even Wolverine himself.

During his altercation with the Punisher, Daken nearly killed him. Granted, this encounter was much more head on than the one Frank had with Wolverine. Daken’s attacks were so brutal that he actually managed to kill The Punisher. Though it wouldn’t take Frank long to make a return, his fight against Daken is likely his biggest loss to this day.

6 Beaten: Daredevil

Thanks to the popular Daredevil TV show, many people are already familiar with the relationship between the two of them. In the comics, however, the two have met up for about as many team-ups as they’ve had one-on-ones. Once again though, similarly to Spider-Man, Punisher occasionally emerges victorious while Daredevil occasionally comes out on top.

To pin down a specific example of when Frank prevailed, the rooftop scene in Season 2 of Daredevil is pulled straight from the comics. Even the dialogue is incredibly similar. Still, not only was Frank able to knock Daredevil unconscious, but he literally taped his hands to a gun and forced him to defend himself, putting Daredevil under immense mental stress in the process.

5 Can't Beat: Iron Man/War Machine 

For a brief time, Punisher himself was actually operating in a War Machine armor. As you can imagine, a virtually indestructible Punisher with an incredible amount of firepower made for a bunch of extra devastation. Eventually, he caught the attention of Tony Stark himself.

After a point, the two met for a one-on-one showdown in which Tony tried to confiscate the armor. In actuality though, Punisher was able to beat out Iron Man. It wasn’t until James Rhodes, the original War Machine, showed up that Frank actually conceded the armor. The two actually bonded over their time in the military and Frank returned the armor to James after a touching heart to heart. While he may have beaten Iron Man, War Machine of all people was the one person to actually talk Frank down from his position, leading to one of The Punisher's more interesting "losses" for sure.

4 Beaten: Wolverine 

You would think that Wolverine would have no issues going up against Punisher, due to his equally violent nature and incredible healing factor. However, the Punisher has actually been able to overpower Wolverine, in a particularly humiliating way as well.

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After realising that he couldn’t win in a head on fight, Punisher actually surrendered to Daredevil, Spider-Man and Wolverine. Frank then invited them out for coffee and the four of them actually sat down and had a nice discussion. As they were leaving, though, it is eventually revealed that Frank had set traps all around them. As the traps were set off, all three other heroes were caught and captured by Frank.

3 Can't Beat: The Hulk 

Some opponents are simply too big and too powerful for Frank to take down. Such is the case for the Hulk. The character’s massive size and incredible strength make him nearly impossible to trap, or even knock down for that matter.

During the World War Hulk storyline, Hulk returns to Earth with an army of his own and an all-new level of anger. At one point, Punisher actually takes a shot at him, though with virtually no effect. While Frank does manage to survive the Hulk’s rampage, his attack had practically no effect on the Hulk whatsoever.

2 Beaten: The Sentry

During the Punisher v Sentry fight in the comics, Norman Osborn had amassed an incredible amount of power and was leading a team known as the Dark Avengers. Sentry was, unfortunately, one of the most powerful members of this team. For those who may be unfamiliar with the character, Sentry is a Marvel character with nearly God-like abilities and is easily one of their most powerful characters, period.

So, when Frank made an attempt on Osborn’s life, Sentry immediately turned his sights on him. While Frank didn’t exactly defeat the Sentry, he was successfully able to hold off one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe for long enough to get away. In hindsight, Punisher stopped Sentry from achieving his goal, making it a win for The Punisher in a manner of speaking.

1 Can't Beat: Captain America 

Though many may not expect it, Punisher is actually a huge fan of Captain America. Frank had always admired Steve Rogers over the years and was inspired by Cap’s example to join the army himself. While things certainly took a darker toll on Frank, he has remained a fan of Captain America through all of his history.

As a massive fan, Frank has actually refused to fight him. During Marvel’s original Civil War, Captain America began beating the Punisher, thinking he had nearly killed Spider-Man. Instead of fighting back though, Punisher just stood there and let Cap hit him. When Cap asked why he wasn’t fighting back, Punisher simply explained that he would never fight against Captain America.

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