The CW's Supergirl  is an utter diamond in the rough. The show manages to tackle real-world issues while also exploring Supergirl's heroic journey and mission on this planet. The show is well-written, emotionally impactful, and has established a deep connection between the characters and the fandom.

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We all know that Superman is one of the strongest superheroes in the DC universe, but his counterpart, Supergirl, is equally powerful. One of the best aspects of the show is the fact that it is able to explore her literal powers via her superhero status, as well as exploring the powers that she possesses which are derived from who she is as a person rather than in a supernatural sense. This article will explore ten of the most powerful moments from the CW's Supergirl, both in terms of her super-abilities and her heroic nature.

10 Facing Off With A Gunman

With the knowledge that most superheroes (including Supergirl) are essentially bulletproof, this instance seems less impressive. However, when Supergirl faces off with this angered gunman, she does it when she is in her most powerless state. After going through an emotionally harrowing experience and having all of her powers drained due to an epic angry outburst, Supergirl finds herself without her powers for a short period of time.

Even while being completely vulnerable and essentially human, she still stands up for those around her and steps in front of a loaded gun to talk the shooter down. Supergirl is still one of the most powerful women in the fictional world, even if one ignores her superpowers.

9 Taking Down Her Own Family

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Family fights can be a rather rough thing to go through, but facing off with an overpowered family of super-beings is a whole new level of difficult. Supergirl has what we earthlings commonly refer to as a dysfunctional family. Several members of her family go rogue and Supergirl is forced to choose between her blood lineage and her found/chosen family on Earth.

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After choosing the latter, she is then tasked with facing off with some of the most powerful members of her own family in order to protect those she has tasked herself with saving. Standing up to family can be emotionally rough, and can make someone truly question where their loyalties lie. Not to mention how powerful she had to be to physically defeat them, as there are very few weak members of the Super clan.

8 She Can Use Lethal Force If Needed

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In a rather controversial episode, our beloved Supergirl feels as though she has no other choice but to end her enemy once and for all. Though this does not seem like a powerful move, one needs to consider the fact that very few superheroes ever have the strength needed to fully commit to ending their enemies.

Some villains never learn and leaving them with the ability to get up and continue hurting innocent civilians is, honestly, irresponsible. Imagine how many lives Batman could have saved had he finished off the Joker the first or even third time that he appeared.

7 Suppressing Her Powers Entirely

Some heroes cannot help but save others. Which is why it is so utterly impressive that Kara attempted to completely suppress her powers during her youth/first few years on Earth, in order to protect her own safety as well as the safety of those around her. She even wore lead-lined glasses to suppress her super-vision.

Though this plan was unsuccessful and she ended up using her powers several times in order to save those around her (and later the world itself), it is still worth noting that she denied those instincts for a decent portion of her youth in order to protect her new-found family. Denying such an integral part of oneself and ignoring those instincts could not have been easy and must have required a lot of power to do.

6 Landing A Plane

After suppressing her powers for literal years, Kara used them to save her sister by helping to land a doomed plane on which Alex was a passenger. She used her powers to physically help the plane land safely and save the lives of all those who were on board.

Not only was she able to physically protect a plane and all of its passengers from a fiery and lethal crash, but she was also able to do so after not having used her full powers to their maximum potential in a considerable amount of time.

5 That Time She Destroyed Red Tornado

Defeating supervillains is what superheroes do- but that does not mean that the task is an easy one by any stretch of the imagination. Especially when defeating said villain has physical repercussions to the hero themselves. The Red Tornado was a powerful enemy and it required Supergirl to push herself beyond her own physical limitations in order to defeat him.

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Since this enemy is a rather tough cookie, Supergirl uses the full extent of her heat vision and defeats both the villain and herself in the process. She is rendered completely powerless after this action and faces the possibility of never regaining those powers again.

4 Inhaling Poison Gas

For most people, poison gas is a rather lethal thing. One inhales even a small portion of it and then their lives are ended very shortly afterwards. Unless they are Supergirl, that is. Supergirl is not an average girl, as her name implies, and is able to breathe in the poison gas with little true consequences to her wellbeing.

But it is important to note that she doesn't simply huff poison gas for fun. No, she braved the poison cloud in order to save several people who had been exposed to the chemical in an elaborate trap.

3 Shaking Off Black Mercy's Control

Mind control is a powerful thing and very few people are able to shake it. Though no-one would ever dare call someone who could not shake it weak, those who can are truly strong and powerful.

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When Kara woke up on Krypton without any of her abilities and a limited amount of her memories, it seemed like things may have been over for our favorite superhero. But she was able to access her removed memories and escape from Black Mercy's control.

2 Accepting Help From Those Around Her

A lot of heroes and protagonists with a "chosen one" complex have a serious issue with accepting help. They see themselves as the only thing standing between what is right and the end of the world and refuse to let those around them get tangled in the web of injustice. But Supergirl does not believe that one is the strongest number.

Numerous times throughout the series, she accepts help from those around her. Even from her civilian friends. Alex helps her defeat Bizzaro and saves Kara countless times. Being able to accept that doing things with help can be better than doing things on her own is one of her most powerful traits.

1 Escaping A Box Filled With Quicksand

Quicksand is a rather powerful force, but it is not strong enough to hold Supergirl. After facing off with a rather unpleasant enemy, Supergirl finds herself trapped within a box filled with quicksand. Though the trap does act as a bit of an obstacle for our beloved Supergirl, she is able to escape it after hearing a cry for help from above.

She bursts from the trap as if it was no stronger than a piece of tissue paper and rushes to the rescue. Luckily, the "target" was a false flag and no one else was in immediate danger.

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