The Green Lanterns of the Justice League, despite not having the same intellect as Batman or the same omnipotence as Superman, are some of the most irreplaceable superheroes of the collective. Not to mention their powers are also unique as superpowers go; they have more creative possibilities compared to any other superheroes.

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The sky is basically the limit for them, yet the Green Lanterns are still bound within certain rules. After all, they are also tasked to be galactic peacekeepers. Still, some of them have gotten away with utilizing the immense power of their rings. Since their imagination, focus, and willpower are the only things their rings require, some of the stuff they created is powerful enough to break the DC universe. So, here are some of the most incredible things ever created with a Green Lantern Power Ring.


Imagination plays a huge part here. It just so happens that some of the most creative and resourceful uses of a Power Ring is creating a projection of yourself.

Many Green Lanterns can do this with ease. They're essentially just creating green ghosts of themselves. However, its utility is invaluable. They allow the Green Lantern to scout ahead or reach and monitor other areas, since they can fly much faster than their host.


Think of the Green Lantern as the artist, his Ring as his brush and paint, and the universe as his canvas.  Kyle Rayner just so happens to be a former artist, and went creatively nuts over one enemy, namely Major Force. Rayner made a functioning electric chair just for him and electrocuted him using the energy of the Green Lantern Ring.

Why did he do this? Because Major Force killed Rayner's girlfriend. In fact, Rayner could have easily ended Major Force's life then and there, but chose not to because it's simply not their way.


John Stewart is one of the more stalwart and responsible Green Lanterns there is. While he doesn't have Rayner's artistry, he more than makes up for it when it comes to practicality. John was an extremely skilled marksman back in his army days, making his weapon of choice a sniper rifle.

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Hence, one of the most lethal and useful objects he has created was a less-than-ordinary take on the weapon. John made it so that his sniper rifle construct can be used to shoot at enemies from distances even other Green Lanterns cannot see.


Let's not forget one of the most obvious objects created with a Green Lantern Ring which often gets taken for granted: the force field. It's not just a typical spherical or flat force field, though. The Green Lanterns' force field takes on the shape of their ringbearers, essentially giving them armor and then some.

These force fields also allow the users to fly, breathe in inhospitable environments, and enter hyperspace quickly to cover vast distances. It's pretty much a standard tool for all Green Lanterns or even other Power Ring users of different colors. Without it, the Green Lantern would not be as powerful and capable.


The Green Lantern Ring can give off infinite amounts of energy (as long as it has a charge). This includes radiation in all forms, including the radiation emitted by kryptonite. A Green Lantern simply has to imagine and make a crystal rock, fill it with the correct form of radiation, and there goes Superman's superiority as the most powerful member of the Justice League.

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The most notable use of the artificial Green Lantern kryptonite happened in Superman: Man of Tomorrow #13. Superman went berserk and rogue there (again) and Martian Manhunter hatched a brilliant idea: he invaded Supes' head to learn the kryptonite formula and relayed it to Kyle Rayner, so he could cook up a nice big batch of green crystal to take down the rampaging blue boy scout. Move over Batman, we have a better kryptonite dispenser.


Despite being able to fly through hyperspace, instantaneous travel for any member of the Green Lanter Corps is more preferable. Thankfully, their Power Rings are also equipped with the ability to unlock or create wormholes. They are especially handy in traveling through to different far-flung parts of the universe.

When another Green Lantern is having trouble in his own designated planet or sector, reinforcements are just a few wormholes away. Meanwhile, the more experienced users of Green Lantern rings can even travel through black holes if they wish.


Who needs Batman's Watchtower when you can have a green, self-cleaning, fully-functioning space station created by Hal Jordan? That's what he did in Kingdom Come. The master Green Lantern  created an operational space station out of thin air (or thin space) so that the Justice League heroes could have a meeting.

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It even had tables and everything, and is every bit as viable as the Watchtower. That is, of course, as long as Hal Jordan remains focused and conscious about the space station. It's one of the most impressive feats ever for a Green Lantern when it comes to energy constructs. However, it's not Hal's biggest creation yet.


If you thought the empty space station was awesome, wait until you find out how Hal Jordan dealt with grief. In Return of Superman, Jordan returns to his hometown of Coast City only to find out its ruins with the inhabitants long dead or gone. Instead of wallowing in misery, Jordan remembered that he had a ring which can create anything. So, he recreated the whole city.

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Not just the whole city, but also everything in it, including the people, cars, and animals. All of them even moved and had their own consciousness, at least based on Jordan's perspective. It's too bad Jordan couldn't mourn in peace or creativity; the Guardians of the Universe soon demanded that he answer for his misuse of power.


To be fair, it's more like the ability to travel time, since you can't create time travel. Still, this capability is simply too powerful to omit. Regardless, the Green Lantern Power Ring can create a way for users to travel through time. It's basically a mini portable time machine as well. It's similar to Flash's Speed Force, but more controlled and less powerful.

For a Green Lantern to travel through time, they simply have to have enough willpower to supply their Ring. Of course, time travel with a Green Lantern Ring requires immense amounts of willpower. That didn't stop Hal Jordan from going as far as the 70th century at one time!


With all that's been said and done, and even with the imagination and willpower of Green Lanterns, the most powerful thing a Green Lantern Ring has ever created is itself. More specifically, the Green Lantern Ring can make another version of itself effortlessly. This second ring is permanent and has the exact same function as the original (also indestructible); that second Ring can then make another duplicate and so on and so forth.

A Green Lantern can even give a duplicate Ring to another, or keep it in case they need a backup. Still, the duplication process and command is only known to the Guardians, meaning the Green Lanterns can't abuse it. It truly is among the most powerful weapons in the DC universe.

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