Jonathan Hickman is currently resetting the stage for Marvel's X-Men with House of X and Powers of X, but fans have already gotten a look at what's to follow the two event series. The new X-line of comics features some familiar faces like the Summers-heavy X-Men or the New Mutants.

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The line will also feature a new twist on Excalibur, which will feature new members and new roles for old characters. With the return of Excalibur to the forefront of the X-line, we decided it was time to take a look back through the various rosters of the British X-Men to see which character is the most powerful.


With a team name like Excalibur, it's clear that Arthurian legend would play a role in the series various storylines. Dane Whitman/Black Knight may be better known as an Avenger, but he has also served alongside New Excalibur before working for MI:13.

Whitman is one of the only humans who can wield the ancient mystical blade, which empowers him with mystical enhancements and invulnerability, though some of its abilities have been lost. Black Knight also possesses mystical armor from the Lady of the Lake, further tying the character to Excalibur and its Arthurian origins.


Nightcrawler was one of the founding members of Excalibur, following his departure from the Uncanny X-Men after the rest of the X-Men "died" in the "Fall of the Mutants" storyline. His swashbuckling attitude was able to really shine in Excalibur, and that only added to his swordsmanship which became a large part of his fighting style while on the team.

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Nightcrawler is also a very powerful teleporter, able to travel a few miles at a time and even carry others along with him for shorter durations. Nightcrawler is able to blend into shadows, has a prehensile tail, can stick to walls, is extremely flexible and agile, and has a unique attunement to magic that allows him to wield mystical weapons like the Soulsword.


Alison Blaire has had an interesting career as a mutant superhero/musician/rebellion leader, but she has also been a member of both the X-Men and the short-lived team that first appeared in New Excalibur. Dazzler worked alongside Excalibur founder Captain Britain to protect London from multiversal threats, which is something Dazzler has lots of experience with.

Not only has Dazzler fought in wars and become battle-hardened, but her mutant abilities also allow her to convert sound energy into light, which can be used in a number of different ways. Most commonly and deadly are Dazzler's concentrated light blasts, but she is able to hypnotize, blind people, create holograms, and even fly with her converted energy.


The X-Men have always had an interesting connection to the stars, which was usually represented by their alliance with members of the Shi'ar royal family. The Shi'ar had a presence in Excalibur as well when Cerise first debuted in the 90s.

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The Shi'ar warrior was not only physically superior to normal humans like the rest of her alien species, but she was also able to generate red solid light constructs to use both offensively and defensively. Cerise was also able to generate armor around herself and others, making her a very powerful addition to the team.


Doug Ramsey/Cypher was a member of the New Mutants with the ability to read, speak, and understand any language. This allowed him to help and become friends with the alien entity known as Warlock. Eventually, both heroes would die, and Warlock would be reborn as Douglock, a merger of alien and mutant.

Douglock was an enhanced mutant with the abilities of the shape-shifting Technarchy race, who are the progenitors of the engineered Phalanx. He/it was also able to use his Transmode Virus to infect and control technology and organic material, though he/it often refused to use his powers on living beings.


Brian Braddock was the Marvel UK hero known as Captain Britain, a mystically powered defender of Britain and the Omniverse. Captain Britain was a founding member and leader of Excalibur and has remained a constant member of the team throughout many iterations, though he was replaced as the leader for a time by Nightcrawler.

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Captain Britain's abilities granted to him by Merlin and his daughter Roma include mystical armor and enhanced strength and speed, as well as the ability to fly at supersonic speeds. While his powers were originally tied to his costume which served as a battery of Omniversal energy, they were later tied to his emotions and confidence level.


Cain Marko may not be a mutant, but he has found himself working with or fighting against a number of mutant teams over the years. After a brief stint with the X-Men, Juggernaut joined New Excalibur and established friendships with teammates like Dazzler and Nocturne, the alternate reality daughter of Nightcrawler and Scarlet Witch.

Marko is powered by the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak, which imbues him with the mystical strength of an ancient god. This power makes the Juggernaut unstoppable and gives him incredible strength, durability, and endurance. it also provides him with an armored form and helmet that protects his mind from telepathic attacks.


Piotr Rasputin was a long-time member of the X-Men, having first joined the team in the iconic Giant-Size X-Men #1. After a number of tragic events, he lost his faith in Xavier's dream and joined with Magneto and his Acolytes, though they also didn't seem to be the right fit for the armored mutant. He eventually found his way to Excalibur with his former X-friends Nightcrawler and kitty Pryde.

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Colossus is able to turn his skin into organic steel that is incredibly durable and impervious to most extreme temperatures, though rapid exposure to both extremes has caused damage. His armored form also grants Colossus superhuman strength, making him one of the strongest mutants on the planet.


While she was originally known as Rachel Summers/Phoenix when she initially helped form Excalibur, Rachel has adopted her mother's maiden name and moved past the confines of her past as the Phoenix. Of course, that doesn't make the alternate reality mutant legacy daughter from the future any less powerful.

Rachel inherited the same telepathic and telekinetic powers as her mother Jean Grey, though she lacks the same training. Rachel's potential overshadows her current abilities, and her other abilities like chronoskipping and her connection to the Phoenix Force make Rachel a consistently powerful member of Excalibur, even if those powers tend to be a little inconsistent.


The shapeshifting Meggan was one of the founding members of the team alongside Captain Britain and the displaced X-Men, and is actually one of the more powerful members of the team, despite her reluctance to use her abilities to their fullest.

As a shape-shifting elemental empath, Meggan has a number of incredible powers that include but are not limited to weather manipulation, energy manipulation, density manipulation, emotional manipulation, and the ability to fly. She also possesses the ability to mimic any superhuman's powers, which further makes her the most powerful member of Excalibur.

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