The Sinestro Corps features some of the most deadly and dangerous criminals in the universe. Utilizing the power of fear with their yellow rings, the members of the Corps are deadly, sadistic and incredibly villainous. There are some real psychopaths amongst their ranks and any member of the group could be a serious threat for the heroes of Earth as well as the many other planets they terrorize.

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The Green Lantern Corps has faced them many times in order to balance the fear with their own brand of hope. The Corps has a similar set of powers to the Green Lanterns, as they can create constructs with their rings that are usually used as weapons. There's a wide range of characters to explore in this legion of deplorables, but we're taking a look at the 10 most bloodthirsty members of the Sinestro Corps.

10 NAX

Sinestro issue 14 was the first appearance of Nax and she's a relatively new addition into the Sinestro Corps. Rescued from a severe crash that killed her people and left her stranded on a barren and deserted world, Nax was very quickly identified as someone of interest. Her sadistic abilities made her an ideal candidate to possess a Yellow Lantern ring.

While she didn't immediately fit into the Corps and at times is unreliable, the way she uses her ring showcases just how bloodthirsty she really is. She utilizes the fear energy to dissect her enemies piece by piece before sticking them back together. Amazingly she does this in such a way that her victims survive the process. Her abilities her impressive enough to be praised by Sinestro himself.


Sinestro Corps Special issue 1, managed to flesh out the evil organization further. Feena Sik was one of the ring bearers amongst those featured in the comic. Her initial appearance showed that she really was worthy of the cosmic weapon she wore on her finger. Discovering that she could create fantastic art from blood, she killed her husband so that she could produce beautiful artwork.

The blood of Green Lanterns seems to work very well and she takes great joy in killing them and harvesting their blood to add to her various artistic projects. Her art has also been known to come to life and continue to kill, becoming a weapon in itself. Her skills are therefore very dangerous and bloodthirsty in every sense of the word.


Abin Sur is the alien who tragically died at the start of Hal Jordon's journey. He is the Green Lantern responsible for passing the ring forward to a new hero but he also has a son. Amon Sur is the offspring of Abin although is nothing like his father. The former Green Lantern ally first appeared in Green Arrow issue 24 and has defected to the Sinestro Corps, giving in to the power of fear and blaming the Greens for the death of his father.

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He founded the Black Circle crime syndicate before even joining the Yellow Lanterns and was a sadistic member of the group until his own brutal demise. He became a mass murderer even massacring the Green Lantern Ke'Haan's family which ultimately led to his own death at the hands of Laira. Throughout his time with a yellow ring, he did everything in his power to make those who hold hope to only feel fear, tarnishing the name of his father.


You wouldn't associate Cyborg Superman as being involved with the Sinestro Corps, but he has actually worn a yellow ring in the past. Much like many of DC's heroes have donned an energy ring at some point in time, their villainous counterparts have also contributed to the terrible ranks of the yellow Lantern Corps. Hank Henshaw is cybernetically enhanced to face off with the man of steel and is a great wielder of the ring.

During his time with the Corps he was a key part of the offensive against the Justice League. Fighting one on one with Superman, he came incredibly close to actually defeating the Kryptonian although he was eventually bested. He's a fierce user of the fear energy that has been gifted to him, although is just as bloodthirsty and desperate to kill Superman even without the ring of power.


Green Lantern Volume 4 issue 10 ignited one of the more underrated rivalries in the history of the Sinestro Corps. Arkillo is the yellow equivalent of Kilowog, although is a weaker iteration of the Green Lantern hero. He faced his foe one on one in combat and was defeated. This loss to his rival increased the rage that was inside Arkillo, creating a more deadly monster.

While he is a very powerful wielder of fear when utilizing his ring of power, he's a physical brute as well. During combat he will use his physical strength and even his teeth to tear through opponents, brutally ripping them apart. With his ring he is of course therefore lethal, creating constructs of great violence. The monster once had his tongue torn from his mouth; he now wears it around his neck to remind himself of the defeat.


Parallax is an entity of pure fear. He is incredibly powerful and is a founding part of the Sinestro Corps. He's a huge part of the Green Lantern mythology and has been featured in so many stories where he has caused huge amounts of chaos and destruction. He's a large part of the universe itself and is certainly bloodthirsty, becoming responsible for the death of thousands.

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Green Lantern issue 50 saw the first appearance of Parallax but it certainly wasn't his last. Parallax is often hosted by members of both the Sinestro Corps and other lantern members, with their physical bodies taking some of the powers of this fear monster. Sinestro himself hosted Parallax at some point and was actually able to control the energy. However, eventually he became too strong and overpowered him.


Flayt is a rather unusual member of the Sinestro Corps who also appeared in the Sinestro Corps special issue 1. The space creature resembles a manta-ray but that's the only similarity with the sea-based animal. Flayt travels through space and feeds on energy. He loves to find passing ships to latch onto so that he can drain their power and kill all of its crew.

As he became more involved with the yellow lanterns he turned his attention to their mortal enemies. Anyone wielding a green ring is at risk from Flayt. The energy given off by the Green Lanterns and their rings is especially delicious for Flayt who latches on to the heroes and leeches the power from them, killing them in the process.


Green Lantern issue 19 brought Karu-Sil into the mythos of the lantern corps. With a traumatic history that saw her family killed by the brutal inhabitants of her planet, Karu-Sil had the hatred within her to be a worthy wielder of a yellow ring. She was actually raised by a pack of wild animals and took on some of their violent tendencies. These animals were killed by a Green Lantern when he mistook them to be a danger to her.

Once joining the Sinestro Corps she used her ring to recreate her animalistic allies, with the beasts accompanying her in battle. She has a deep-set hatred of the Green Lanterns no matter what and has been known to ruthlessly kill their members even when they aid her; blowing the head off of one member of the corps after he helped her survive a massacre.


Bur'Gunza is not a heavily featured member of the Sinestro Corps but he is certainly a dangerous one. He first appeared in the Sinestro Corps Special much like many others on this list and was actually an inmate of the Takron-Galtos prison. He was adept at hiding his true nature, initially acting as a perfect prisoner with award-able behavior.

As soon as he is released from captivity he showcased his violent nature. He killed over 40 of the prison officers with bloodthirsty wrath that made him a perfect fit to wield the ring of fear. Since then he has stood by the Corps throughout their struggles and has served them for a long time. He has often been seen in the background of scenes, following orders and unleashing hell on his enemies.


Of course, it makes sense that the most bloodthirsty member of the Sinestro Corps is the sadistic villain that the group is named after. The Green Lantern who defected to the yellow leagues and started harnessing fear instead of hope, Sinestro was first introduced in 1961 in Green Lantern Volume 2 issue 7 and he has been a mainstay of the DC universe ever since.

He has not only become the defining member of the Corps, as the mark to measure everyone else by, but he's also managed to find villainous allies on Earth, aiding the Legion of Doom against some of the planet's greatest heroes. As previously mentioned he is powerful enough to actually control Parallax and has had a hand in helping to create some of the most vicious members of the yellow lanterns. Not to mention he's killed hundreds of his enemies in cold blood.

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