The Japanese-style of animation known as "anime" to Western audiences has been responsible for some of the most dramatic storytelling, creative world-building, and dynamic artistry produced in the last several decades. Though any sort of animation or cartoon is considered "anime" in Japan, it's most often characterized by its aesthetic and emotional pacing in other parts of the world. They often are graphically violent and don't have the same sort of "happy endings" associated with most American cartoons.

From the thought-provoking anime like Death Note to the sensational anime like Dragon Ball and Attack on Titan, there's a series for everyone. All of the dynamic characters featured in anime make for some amazing Funko Pop figurines, complemented by their unique weapons, clothing, and accessories. Unfortunately, not every fan's favorite anime has received the Funko treatment, but here are the 10 best anime Funko Pops ever made, ranked.



Attack on Titan began, as anime often do, as a manga written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. In the fantasy world that Isayama created, humanity has been forced to live within the ruined city of territories behind three giant walls. Beyond the walls, enormous human-like creatures called Titans threaten to devour anyone who trespasses in their domain.

The anime began in 2013, and enjoys a large fan base. Hange is a character that has stood out because of her quirky personality, resourcefulness, and positive personality. Every detail has been recreated in this action pose, from the tiny Survey Corps logos to her color-changing glasses!



When Light Yagami, boy genius stumbles upon a mysterious notebook, his life irrevocably changes forever. This "Death Note" is no ordinary journal; it grants the person who possesses it the ability to kill anyone whose name is written in its pages. Channeling the power of the Shinigami Ryuk, he plans to cleanse the world of all he deems morally unworthy and turn it into a Utopian paradise.

This incredibly detailed Ryuk figure conveys all the sinister aggression and homicidal glee of a Shinigami, spirits or gods that are often associated with driving a person to death. No detail has been left out, from the spiked quills on his shoulders, to the apple he holds outstretched in his hand.



In the fantasy world of Remnant, boys and girls learn to become Huntsmen and Huntresses, defending society from supernatural monsters and mythical evils. The name is derived from the four main characters; Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang, as well as the colors associated with the color palette of their clothing (Red, White, Black, and Yellow).

RWBY is distinct in that it's an American anime series, heavily influenced by the Japanese style of animation. Since the Japanese consider everything from The Simpsons to Archer "anime", it can still be counted. This Ruby Rose Funko Pop features her iconic red and black outfit and scythe, as well as her chrome eyes.



Imagine if the world of the European Industrial Revolution considered alchemy to be one of the most superior scientific techniques, and you have the premise for Fullmetal Alchemistone of the most popular anime and manga series of recent decades. Two brothers, Edward and Alphonse Eric, once tried to use alchemy to bring their mother back to life but it failed, robbing them of most (if not all) of their bodily autonomy.

The series focuses on their quest for the philosopher's stone to restore them, which would be the most important for the tragic Alphonse Eric, who has been reduced to a giant metal AI. At least all is not doom and gloom, because this Funko Pop shows him surrounded by adorable kittens!



One of the most famous anime of all time, Sailor Moon focused on a young teenage girl and her friends as they were transformed into Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts, guardians of Earth and defenders against supernatural beings that wished to destroy it. It became a massive hit in the US when it aired across the country in the afternoon block of '90s kids' cartoons.

This adorable Funko Pop shows Sailor Moon looking as determined to fight the forces of darkness as ever, with her faithful Guardian Luna at her side. She's wearing her classic Sailor Scout attire, with her blonde hair (which always became longer when she transformed) gathered into her iconic pigtails.



An anime that appeared in 2005 on Nickelodeon, Avatar: The Last Airbender was an American animated series that combined some elements of traditional anime with a Western influence. It chronicled the gifted individuals that could use psychokinetic powers to manipulate the classical elements, such as fire, air, water, etc. It became a massive success with trading cards, toys, and other merchandise, and even inspired a live-action film.

The main protagonist Aang has been faithfully recreated as he uses his psychokinetic powers to manipulate his air element. His signature blue Airbender symbol is on his head, his staff is at the ready, and a column of air spirals around his feet. He can't go on his next adventure without his winged lemur friend Momo, perched dutifully on his head.



Dragon Ball Z has had a long, distinguished run since the '80s, making it one of the most prolific and popular anime of all time. It wasn't until the mid-'90s that American audiences were presented with the adventures of Goku and the rest of the Z warriors, who trained together to protect Earth from the uber-powerful forces of extraterrestrial darkness that threatened it.

Shenron, the Dragon God is seen here in all his scaly glory. Unlike Western concepts of dragons, he has no wings, but a serpentine body with multiple feet, antlers, glowing red eyes, and tufts of hair. He is known for his ability to grant wishes and his formidable temper. The keeper of Super Saiyan secrets rests on a bed of Dragon Balls.



Castlevania had been a popular video game franchise before it ever became a manga or an anime and was a staple in '80s pop culture in both the US and Japan thanks to that. After it had changed from a 2D sidescrolling RPG to an exploratory fantasy RPG with stunning graphics, Netflix announced it would create a Castlevania anime that is now in its third season and immensely popular.

This elegant Funko Pop captures the dignity and sophistication of Vlad Dracula Tepes, the tragic figure at the center of the infamous feud between the Dracula clan and the human Belmont family. From his elegant 18th century attire to his glowing red eyes, he is evil incarnate.



Ken Kaneki lives in a world where flesh-eating ghouls live under the noses of unsuspecting humans in Tokyo Ghoul, blissfully unaware until a date gone wrong results in him becoming a half-ghoul himself. Forced to try to integrate into the secret ghoul society while maintaining his identity as a college student, he is also hunted by special forces designated to hunting ghouls down.

This insanely detailed Funko Pop features Ken Kaneki in his half-kakuja form when the predatory organ of a ghoul known as a kagune begins to take over a ghoul's outward appearance. It often results when ghouls are forced to eat their own kind due to limited resources.



The son of Kazuya Mishima and Jun Kazama, Jin Kazama sought revenge for his mother's death at the hands of Ogre by training in the fighting style of his father's family. He is featured as a boy in the two-part anime series (one part for Western audiences) Tekken: The Motion Picture, but is a prominent fighting protagonist in the Tekken series of video games.

Devil Jin only arises when Jin is provoked in Tekken 3, and his demonic gene is awakened by the betrayal of his grandfather, who shoots him once he outlives his usefulness of revenge. This faithful recreation of Devil Jin perfectly recreates his wings, horns, and diabolic tattoos.

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