Street Fighter V will soon introduce some new characters, with franchise alum E. Honda and the fan-favorite Poison returning as well. However, there is a character coming that players won't recognize. Some may think Lucia is a new character, but she was actually created nearly 25 years ago.

So before you play her in the character pack arriving on Aug. 5, here's everything to know about Lucia.

Lucia Morgan debuted in Final Fight 3, the fourth game in the franchise, released in 1995 on the Super Nintendo (or Super Famicom in Japan). She's a detective in the Metro City Police Department's Special Crimes Unit. In that game, she joins Metro City Mayor Mike Haggar and bushido master Guy in the fight against the Skull Cross Gang, in part because she Haggar previously cleared her of a false corruption charge.

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Her original design has her with short blonde hair and brown eyes. She's dressed in a blue bustier, blue thigh-high jeans, blue boots, brown finger-less gloves and a brown jacket-vest. She could also be seen wearing a more traditional detective outfit in the beginning cutscene, in which she has a purple coat with gold accents, a lilac shirt, ID card on a chain around her neck, and tan slacks. It could be construed that she was meant to be Final Fight's version of Blaze Fielding from Streets of Rage, in which she is an ex-cop in the first two titles and a detective in the third. She has long, brown hair and wears a red crop top, red skirt, red boots, and a black jacket, a near-identical outfit to Lucia.

In her updated design, Lucia's eyes are blue, she's been given a Boston accent, and she has several outfits. Her main outfit stands more inline with her character, consisting of gray shirt (open to show her blue bra underneath), blue, fingerless gloves and a blue police jacket. She also has on a police hat, with aviator sunglasses resting on the brim. She retains the thigh-high jeans and blue boots, but she also has on blue-and-yellow striped stockings.

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Her battle costume has her wearing a padded vest instead of a shirt and jacket, her sunglasses are on her face as oppose to the hat, and the stockings are replace with protective gear. She has a story costume that gives her a fauxhawk hairstyle and an alternate police outfit that seems to cover her from head to toe. Her summer outfit gives her a cowgirl look with a brown cowboy hat, a tied-up red plaid shirt, an open blouse, and black, thigh-high cut-off jeans. She also has a nostalgia costume that resembles her Final Fight 3 design.

Officially, Lucia's fighting discipline is Kenpo, and self-taught. However, some of her moves seems to have some similarities with Chun-Li. Specifically, her Tornado Spinner and Hard-Hit Knee attacks have parts that resemble Chun-Li's Tenshokyaku or Spinning Air Kick and Hyakuretsukyaku or Lightning Kick respectively. That suggests she may have picked up some moves from Chun-Li. It's possible she may have even been trained by Chun-Li.

In the trailer introducing her gameplay in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, Lucia retains a lot of her moves from Final Fight 3. They have been re-appropriated to be more combo-intensive. She is very much a kick-heavy fighter, but she likes the use of ax-handle attacks and ending attack strings with a throw. Her super-move, which had a bit of fire behind it, has been expanded upon. She now has several attacks that end with fire properties, not just her super.

As is tradition with Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, she has a V-Skill and two V-triggers. It's not known yet what the details of each are, but there are some things that can be construed. Her V-Skill seems to be a cancel that has her stopping her current attack animation and run forward, similar to Ken. V-Trigger 1 seems to allow more juggling and add more fire effects, and in turn more damage, to her attacks. V-Trigger 2 gives her new moves utilizing a police baton, giving her new combo utility and a means to juggle and continue combos. Both V-triggers seem to highly benefit her in combat in conjunction with her V-skill.

Haggar and Guy are both Final Fight characters that went on to be playable in other Capcom titles. Haggar went on to be playable in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite. Guy, on the other hand, has been a Street Fighter regular since Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' Dreams. Lucia has a few other connections with Final Fight and Street Fighter characters: In addition to knowing Haggar and Guy, she also is a close friend of Cody Travers. There is also official artwork of her with Maki Genryusai and Chun-Li, which furthers the assumption that Lucia and Chun-Li trained together.

Lucia will be the ninth character from a Final Fight game to be included in the Street Fighter series. Her biography states that she is 5-foot-7 (172cm) and 115 pound (52 kg). She's was born April 1 in the United States. That makes her the third playable female character from the United States, after Street Fighter IV's C. Viper and fellow Final Fight alum Poison. Finally, in a piece of character color, she is said to be horrible at cooking. She, therefore, will often eat at a Vietnamese restaurant or make instant noodles.

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