This year's Avengers: Endgame featured the Marvel Cinematic Universe debut of Ronin, a masked alter ego of Clint Barton who eschewed his usual bow and arrow in favor of a sword to dispense lethal justice around the world after the death of his family.

While Clint is the only character to carry the mantle of Ronin on the big screen, the character's costume and identity has been used by several characters within the Marvel Universe. Now, CBR is taking a look back at all of the aharacters who have donned the mantle of Ronin in the Marvel Universe.

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The first character to use the mantle of Ronin was Daredevil supporting character and love interest Maya Lopez, better known as the deaf superhero Echo. Raised by Kingpin, who had murdered her father unbeknownst to her, Echo blamed Daredevil for her father's death before learning the truth and taking up her own superhero identity.

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After the New Avengers form when the assembled heroes intervened at a mass breakout of supervillains at the Raft, Daredevil recommends Echo to Captain America to join the nascent team. As the team pursues Silver Samurai, Maya creates the mantle of Ronin to conceal her identity before eventually revealing herself to the others.

Clint Barton, the original Hawkeye, is the most commonly associated character with the mantle of Ronin, reinforced with his appearance in the MCU. After being resurrected by changes to reality caused by Scarlet Witch during the crossover storyline House of M, Clint decides to leave behind his Hawkeye persona and become the second Ronin instead, joining the New Avengers while they are on the run from the government after the events of Civil War.

After helping the team rescue Echo from The Hand, Clint offers the mantle of Ronin back to the stoic superhero only for her to encourage Clint to retain the position. After Norman Osborn and his Dark Avengers are toppled by the combined efforts of the superheroes following the crossover story Siege, Clint officially returns to his original mantle as Hawkeye.

A third figure referring to himself as Ronin rose to power in Bulgaria sometime after Clint had returned to the mantle of Hawkeye. This new mysterious Ronin targeted Mockingbird and Black Widow, eventually revealing himself as Alexei Shoshtakov, the second Red Guardian and ex-husband of Natasha Romanov.

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Launching a campaign to assassinate espionage operatives around the world, Alexei targeted Natasha for her defection from the Soviet Union and hold her responsible for her actions while working for the KGB. Ultimately, Alexei's revenge is thwarted when Daredevil leads the Avengers to Black Widow's rescue and Alexei's defeat.

A mysterious figure appears during the Mighty Avengers' activities as part of the crossover storyline Infinity. Originally wearing what appears to be a cheap Halloween costume, the shadowy character comes across of Clint Barton's old possessions and swaps out their costume for that of Ronin before aiding the team.

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The character's identity is soon revealed to be a new alter ego of Blade, which he used while he assisted the Mighty Avengers as a provisional member. After leaving the team shortly thereafter, Eric Brooks reassumes his mantle as Blade, even after joining the Avengers following a mission to end a civil war within the Marvel Universe's vampire community threatening to spill out over the world. As such, Blade is the last character to don the mantle of Ronin in the main Marvel Universe.

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