To celebrate Marvel's 80th anniversary, popular toy and collectible manufacturer Funko has announced a wave of upcoming Pop! figures based on classic comic book characters.

Already, the Washington-based company has unveiled Pops of the original five X-Men, Namor the Sub-Mariner and the first Human Torch, as well as figures based on the first appearances of Deadpool and Wolverine. Now, Funko has just unveiled a new series of figures, this time featuring Spider-Man in several different costumes.

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The wave features three new variants of Spider-Man. The first depicts the character in his black and white Future Foundation suit, which the wall-crawler wore when he was a member of the Fantastic Four.

And speaking of Marvel's First Family of Superheroes, the wave also features the iconic Paper Bag Spider-Man. The Pop! brings to life a classic comic book scene, where Peter Parker -- wearing a Fantastic Four costume -- had to put a paper bag over his head to hide his identity when he had no choice but to swing into action.

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The wave is completed with a Pop! figure of Octo-Spidey, an alternate version of Peter Parker who possesses the powers of Spider-Man as well as the metallic arms of Doctor Octopus.

All three of these Spider-Man Pop! figures will be exclusive to Walgreens stores.

While these new Spider-Man Pop! figures don't have a release date yet, Funko promises they will be coming to Walgreens stores soon.

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