Have you ever wondered whys Saitama is so unnaturally strong? Saitama himself doesn’t seem to know, though he casually gives credit to his workout regime. Most fans are keen on believing that to be the truth however and instead have been trying to come up with their own theories for the cause.

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If you’ve spent any time on any forum talking about One Punch Man, odds are you’ve come across a fan theory or two about why Saitama is so strong. Because trust us, there are plenty of theories out there about this one. Here are ten of the most likely scenarios.

This article will have some spoilers for the manga and comics.

10 Just A Dream

One mildly depressing fan theory circling the internet is the theory that the entire series is actually a dream. Saitama is still just an unemployed man wishing he was a hero – instead of an extremely powerful (but frequently underestimated) hero.

There’s evidence to support and dispute this theory. Having everyone around Saitama constantly underestimate him could be a hint to how he’s treated in ‘real life.’ Meanwhile, it seems unlikely that Saitama would be that bored with his powers/fights if this was only a dream.

9 No Limiters

Another fan theory involves some of the information already given in the series (mainly the manga/comics). We’ve been told – on more than one occasion – that there are limiters put on everything and everyone.

The belief is that the top heroes have somehow found a way to break or expand their limiters. So, does Saitama fall into that category? Or does he not have any limiters at all? And if not, why? Some people that he had the limiters taken away (see the next theory). Others are less certain of the reasons why.

8 Saitama And God?

There are two major fan theories involving the concept of god. The first relates directly to the theory above. Some fans believe that Saitama had his limiters removed by god (as he does exist in the series). Again, the reasons why this was done vary.

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Other fans think that since Saitama has the power of a god, perhaps he is god. Perhaps all of his abilities come from him warping the reality around him – all without him realizing that’s what he is doing. It wouldn’t be the first series to introduce a godlike character that didn’t know what they were.

7 The Prophecy Was Talking About Him

Remember the prophecy that was only half-told? The one that spoke of a grave danger to the earth (but the details were left out, because the seer died). Well…some fans think that Saitama is the grave danger the prophecy is speaking of.

Now, that doesn’t automatically mean that Saitama is going to turn bad. Saitama literally doesn’t know the upper limits of his strength, so it’s feasible to assume that a mistake could happen, in which case he accidentally destroyed the earth. Whoops?

6 He’s Actually The Fastest Hero

Some fans out there believe that Saitama is not actually the strongest hero out there. That he is in fact, the fastest hero out there. When you think about speed and impact, this does make a certain amount of sense. Though there are still some questions that need to be answered (including how he got that fast).

Still, it’s a fun theory that thinks outside of the box. And it would explain some things, possibly even the hair loss…

5 Saitama Is Blast

Everyone knows who Blast is. He’s the top hero. And yet, he never seems to be around, not even when he’s needed the most. This has left some fans to speculate that Saitama is Blast. Just, you know, with a shaved head.

This theory has been gaining some traction, with different sub-theories popping up to explain the circumstances that led to him masquerading around as a significantly lesser-known hero. Though his renown has been growing, of late.

4 Blast Is Saitama’s Father

There’s a second theory out there involving the number one hero. Some fans believe that Blast could potentially be Saitama’s father. This would possibly explain where Saitama got his strength from (but not where Blast got it from).

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It makes sense, in a way. What are the odds that there would be two unrelated heroes of that magnitude? We’ve seen that powers can run in families in this series (though their power levels were quite different). We could argue that their presence was foreshadowing.

3 What If It’s All A Joke?

One mildly disturbing fan theory out there posits that the entire thing is a joke. Not on us, mind you. But on Saitama. What if everyone is just placating the man who so desperately wants to be a hero?

Now, admittedly this theory doesn’t seem so likely. Especially as the series goes on (one would hope they wouldn’t destroy a city for the sake of a man’s ego). But earlier in the series, this theory could have actually made quite a lot of sense.

The theory originated because of the reason why the series exists. One Punch Man, is at its core, a parody of Shonen series. This theory just takes that to the furthest logical extreme.

2 Monster Meat?

This theory is rather simple and to the point. But that simply makes it all the more believable. What if Saitama, intentionally or not, has ingested monster meat? We already know that eating monster meat will turn one into a monster. But what if a persona ate said meat, but didn’t want to be the best or the toughest? Would they still look relatively human?

In the flashbacks of Saitama’s character, he looks drastically different. He’s also frequently cut up and covered in both his and monster blood. Is there a chance that this did in fact have an effect on him? That would explain why these scenes keep coming up…

1 Turning Evil

The last theory is one that most fans are hoping isn’t true. It combines elements of some of the theories up above. This theory posits that Saitama will eventually turn evil, and become the antagonist of the series.

We’ve already discussed the possibility that the world ending prophecy is about Saitama. And we’ve discussed the possibility that he’s eaten monster meat. Together, these theories are not painting a pretty picture for Saitama.

Now throw in the fact that Saitama has begun to get actively frustrated by the lack of challenges he’s facing. It’s been that way for him ever since the season one finale. And while we don’t blame him, that is a concerning trait for his character to pick up.

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