With season four of My Hero Academia looming ever closer, there are certain moments that fans just can’t wait to see. Between the trailer and the manga, we already have a good idea of what fights are going to be happening in season four. But that certainly hasn’t reduced our excitement at all! If anything, it’s been hyping up the fans more than ever.

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Nobody knows exactly how much of the manga is going to fit into the next season – but we can make some educated guesses. And based on that, we know that we’re in for a season full of some seriously amazing fights. Here are the ten we’re most looking forward to.

This article has spoilers for the My Hero Academia Manga / season four.

10 Overhaul Vs. the League Of Villains

The tension between Overhaul and his men versus the League of Villains has been building for quite some time. The beginning is shown right at the end of the third season – but that is not the only time these antagonists will bump heads.

The two groups will come to blows at least twice more in the near future. One of those times results in Mr. Compress getting seriously injured. The other time…well, things go quite differently, thanks to the hero fight that occurred right beforehand.

9 Deku Vs. Nighteye

Nighteye is best known to MHA fans as being the old sidekick of All Might’s. And while he still is a major fan of the hero, he’s branched off to do his own thing. Now he runs his own hero organization, one that Midoriya wants to intern at. You have to admit it would be a good fit for him, for a lot of reasons.

Unfortunately for Midoriya, Nighteye has a slight bias against him (for reasons he’ll reveal at this point). Thus Midoriya has to beat him (by snatching a stamp from Nighthawk’s hands) in order to have a solid chance at being accepted.

This fight showed Midoriya’s speed, but also his ability to process everything around him simultaneously. It’s an impressive feat. So while this ‘fight’ may not be the most intense one out there, it is still important to Deku’s character.

8 Fat Gum Agency Vs. Overhaul Created Villains

Midoriya isn’t the only UA student that’s landed an internship. Kirishima himself landed one, and honestly? It’s proving to be one of the best things to happen to his hero career. One of his first times out with Fat Gum Agency, Kirishima finds himself in a fight.

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Fat Gum, Suneater, and Red Riot were just on a casual patrol when they came across some gang members equipped with weapons Overhaul had created. The fight was an intense one, with the team learning a lot about themselves and the enemies they’re facing.This was Kirishima’s first chance to truly shine as a hero, and he did an excellent job of it.

7 Suneater Vs. Three Villains

The Shie Hassaikai Raid had so many fights within it that we’re just going to have to split some of them up. That being said, the entire sequence of events is one of the most highly anticipated scenes in the next season.

Suneater, the man who chronically self-doubts himself, takes on three villains all by himself. He does so because he’s fully aware that these antagonists were placed there in an attempt to slow the entire team down. It’s still a very brave thing he did.

The fight of Suneater versus Tota Setsuno, Yu Hojo, and Soramitsu Tabe is an intense one. There are moments when it seems like either side of the fight could win – causing more than a little bit of anxiety for the fans.

6 Fat Gum & Red Riot Vs. Rappa & Tengai

The second dramatic fight to occur during the Shie Hassaikai Raid is Fat Gum & Red Riot versus Rappa & Tengai. If the previous fight with Kirishima gave him a chance to shine, then this fight allowed him to absolutely glow.

Not to say that it was an overwhelming victory on his part – the challenge and determination is what really gave Kirishima’s personality a chance to show off here. Our hero learned a lot about himself and about being a hero in this fight. But he didn’t back down. In fact, he impressed everybody with this one.

5 Nighteye Squad Vs. Toga & Twice

Surprised to hear that some of the League of Villains were involved in the Shie Hassaikai Raid? Like any good anime plot, this is a complex one. The villains have layers of motives here, which is clearly evidenced in Toga and Twice’s actions both now and later.

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This fight does end relatively quickly, but it did give both antagonists a chance to show off why they’re truly dangerous. They go up against Nighteye, Deku, Rock Lock, and Eraser Head. The odds may make this one seem cut and dry, when it’s anything but.

4 Lemillion Vs. Two Villains

Early on in the Shie Hassaikai Raid, Mirio had decided to use his quirk to phase through and get to Eri and Overhaul faster. Remember, a lot of the fights leading up to this point had all been stalling tactics on the side of the antagonists. And they did their job well.

Mirio, feeling guilty for his perceived failure with saving Eri earlier, rushes in without any backup. And finds himself in a fight against Shin Menoto and Deidoro Sakiki. These two antagonists try Lemillion in ways he could never have anticipated – but he doesn’t back down from the fight. It’s during this fight that Lemillion reveals his super move, Phantom Menace.

3 Lemillion Vs. Overhaul

Having defeated two of the Expendable Eight, Mirio is now facing off against Overhaul and Chronostasis. This fight is brutal, but not in any of the ways you might expect; remember, Lemillion can phase through anything and anyone he wants. So theoretically he shouldn’t have to worry about getting hurt.

But nothing can be predictable when going up against harsh antagonists like Overhaul. This fight really pushes Lemillion to his limits, but man, this fight really does show off why he was the original intended to inherit One For All.

Nothing makes Lemillion back down in this fight, not even when the specific weapon Overhaul has been creating targets and affects him. It’s a heartbreaking and heartwarming battle, all in one.

2 Nighteye Squad Vs. Overhaul & Chronostasis

Before things go any farther for Lemillion’s battle, Nighteye, Eraser Head, and Deku all arrive on the scene. Naturally, this fight takes quite a turn at this point. For better or for worse, Nighteye’s visions do create some doubt amongst the characters.

Nighteye believes that there’s no way they can save Eri and live. But Deku, being the determined hero he is, declares that he will change destiny and save the girl – and beat the villains. It’s an extremely powerful moment and is proof that Deku will one day be an amazing hero.

1 Deku Vs. Overhaul

All of the previous fights have been leading to and building up to this one final fight: Deku versus Overhaul. Technically Deku has the backup of Eri during this fight, but since she isn’t actively fighting (just keeping Deku whole), we’re going to focus on Deku’s side of things.

Deku was able to go all out against Overhaul, and it’s a good thing. Even with Overhaul brought back to his normal human form (thanks, Eri), it still takes everything Deku has – and then some – to take down the notorious villain.

This is one of the most brilliant looking fights Deku has been involved in. It’s certainly on par with some of the fights All Might has been in. Proving that Deku will live up to the powers he’s inherited.

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