The massively popular mobile game Marvel Contest of Champions allows players to choose from an extensive library of iconic Marvel superheroes and villains and pit them against each other in combat for the fate of the Multiverse. The game also features several totally original characters who aren't based on any pre-existing figures from the Marvel Universe, and one of the game's most intriguing original characters is Morningstar.

While she might share her name with a few minor Marvel villains, Morningstar is a new creation with an impressive list of powers and abilities that let her go toe-to-toe with some of Marvel's finest and a backstory with one of Marvel's strongest, scariest villains.

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Added to the game in October 2017, Morningstar was originally a cruel dictator named Queen Haasen from the 10th century that ruled over her conquered land of Languria through brutal subjugation of the people. Eventually the oppressed banded together to overthrow her reign and imprisoned her within a magical iron maiden, enchanted to trap and torment the soul of those locked inside even beyond death.

The demon Mephisto approached the former warlord's tortured soul and offered her a chance at vengeance. Accepting the devilish figure's offer, Haasen was reborn as the fearsome villain Morningstar, a haunted warrior still trapped within the iron maiden she has been imprisoned inside for centuries; the torture device and impromptu tomb now magically transformed into Morningstar's bloodstained armor.

Due to her unholy rebirth, Morningstar is armed with massive, medieval morning star in reference to her new name, capable of stealing its victims souls to augment its power. As such, if Morningstar connects with her weapon's soul link ability, she actively drains her opponent's strength and adds it to her own over the course of the fight.

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As an undead warrior whose blood was completely drained by the iron maiden around her, Morningstar is immune to attacks that would inflict bleeding damage on most fighters. Additionally, Morningstar can channel her deep fury and pain into a powerful energy attack that fires through her weapon in a fiery, hellish blast.

Upon her return to Earth, Morningstar hunted for the demonic sword, La Fleur du Maul, that she had wielded in life as Queen Haasen, discovering it was used by another Contest of Champions original fighter Guillotine. This leads Morningstar to entering the Marvel Multiverse competition herself as she pursues Guillotine to be reunited with La Fleur du Maul and its supernatural power. Their connection to the sword gives Morningstar and Guillotine a synergy bonus, which Morningstar also possesses with Mephisto, due to his role in her rebirth, and the heroes Magik and Angela, who share similar fantasy origins and sensibilities.

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Morningstar is a particularly effective fighter against Hyperion, able to take advantage of the superhero's immense power with her soul-draining abilities. Similarly, Wolverine and Mordo are both weak against Morningstar, since Logan relies on the bleed damage his claws inflict and Mordo's magic tricks are no match for Morningstar's demonic abilities. Ultron is one of the fighters Morningstar has the most trouble against, as the android is relatively well-suited to face Morningstar's soul-based attacks due to his own synthetic makeup. Additionally, fighters that can actively engage Morningstar at a range can elude devastating attacks from her weapon, giving them a superior strategy over their close-quarters combat counterparts when facing the undead villain.

Developed by Kabam, Marvel Contest of Champions is available on the App Store and Google Play for iOS and Android devices.

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