Ever wonder what would happen if Marvel Zombies became a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Wonder no longer! A fan-made trailer has made the concept a reality.

In the fan trailer, a massive power outage causes chaos and uncertainty around the world. Soon, a virus-like infection begins to affect humans. The Avengers are no exception, as heroes new and old become zombies after the virus takes hold of Tony Stark, aka Iron Man.

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In the video, editor Billy Crammer mashes up clips from various Marvel films and zombie flicks to set the chaotic, devastating mood for the zombie takeover. Audio clips from MCU-affiliated films provide a sense of story. The combination of carefully-edited footage and voice-over creates a terrifying scenario for Earth's mightiest heroes.

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Since its introduction in Ultimate Fantastic Four, Marvel Zombies has become its own entity within the Marvel Universe. The series has spawned multiple sequels and a plethora of crossovers with other Marvel series, like Black Panther and Deadpool. The Marvel Zombie universe even played a major part in the 2015 storyline Secret Wars.

The Marvel Zombies franchise will reboot in October, with a new storyline set years after the initial infection.

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