So it seems like Marvel is actually going to be holding up their promise to be more inclusive when it comes to future casting decisions, Which is something that we got an update on at Comic Con, And even before that executive, Victoria Alonso talked about the fact that the world is ready for a gay superhero in the MCU. But it seems, Like things are actually going to be happening sooner rather than later, As the studio is trying to cast a transgender actress to play an unnamed major character in phase 4.

This news comes courtesy of our friends over at geeks worldwide, Who got a casting call for a character named Jessica, And it seems like, According to the call it's for a project that will begin filming in 2020. The breakdown reads that Marvel is looking for a trans woman, Actress of any ethnicity in her 20s to 30s, To play the character and the site does speculate that it could be Sarah the character that hooks up with Angela in Marvel Comics, Which could actually make sense, Because it is rumored that Valkyrie is looking for a queen and throwing love and thunder, But really this could be any character. It could be a character going to Disney Plus.

It couldn't be someone for the Eternals movie. We just really don't know at this point, But it is pretty big news, Because Marvel is going to be leading the front in terms of inclusivity when it comes to casting and characters for their universe, But post your thoughts down in the comments below who do you guys think the character could be which phase four projects go to be casting for and what are thoughts on the news overall.
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