WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Batman: Last Knight on Earth #2 by Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion, FCO Plascencia and Tom Napolitano, in stores now.

The future depicted in Batman: Last Knight on Earth is a dark and terrible one. While we find ourselves years after the fall of the heroes, the series does reveal some information about how the world came to be this way. In Batman: Last Knight on Earth #1, we learned that a villain named Omega rose to prominence in the ruins of Gotham City. Armed with the Anti-Life Equation, they secured control of the entire East Coast. But while we heard mention of the character, Omega never actually surfaced -- until now.

In Batman: Last Knight on Earth #2, Omega finally appears. We might not yet find out who is under the mask, but Batman's final villain stands mostly revealed.

All that we've learned about Omega so far has come from Wonder Woman. In issue #1 of the series, she explained how Omega took over the East Coast. But even she doesn't know who they are -- although there are rumors. It's believed that Omega is actually someone close to Batman, someone who was trained by him. The implication, of course, is that Omega is someone we know, a member of the Bat-family.

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Now, the mystery of Omega's identity only grows in Last Knight on Earth #2. In the issue, Bruce Wayne learns that Lex Luthor and some others created their own clone of Batman, to try and help the world before it fell. However, we don't know what became of this other Batman. It's theorized that he could possibly be Omega -- but it's still just as likely that the villain is one of Batman's old protégés.

What's more, the villain finally shows themself when they appear in Alfred Pennyworth's underground replica of Gotham City, flanked by his two enforcers, Scarecrow and Bane. This brief appearance reveals the villain's costume: a Bat-like armor that is covered in glowing red lines, meant to echo the Apokolipsian power Omega wields. The Bat-ears are unmistakable, as is the Court of Owls design-influence on  the suit.

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This connection to the Court of Owls is heightened at the end of the issue, when Bruce Wayne finally returns to Gotham City. Upon his arrival, he is greeted by a legion of the Court of Owls' Talons, who enforce Omega's rule. However, the real surprise comes when one of those Talons is revealed to be former Robin and Nightwing, Dick Grayson.

While that reveal takes one prime suspect off of the list of Omega's potential identities, the Bat-Family is still pretty large. Damian Wayne, Azrael, Jason Todd Batwoman, Duke Thomas, Tim Drake or Barbara Gordon could end up being Omega.

If the character's suit is a clue to their true identity, the cape-less appearance of Omega's costume calls to mind the costumes of the Red Hood and Arkham Knight, which may hint at Jason Todd, since he's used both identities. But that could also be just a red herring.

Whoever Omega may be, we'll learn their true identity in Batman: Last Knight on Earth's final chapter.

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