In the world of Kill La Kill, looks are deadly. The clothes that many of the series' major characters wear don't only act as fashion statements - they're state-of-the-art that weapons that grant their wearers incredible, superhuman powers! Hiroyuki Imaishi's and Kazuki Nakashima's series features plenty of over-the-top armaments and superweapons that are each deadlier than the last. But what else were you expecting from the same crazy/ creative team that brought us Gurren Lagann!

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Today, we're going to look at 10 of the most powerful weapons in Kill La Kill, and then rank them based on their destructive potential. We're probably all familiar with the saying "the clothes make the man/woman," but this show takes that expression to the nth degree! There will be a few conventional weapons mentioned in this article, but most of the following entries might feature partial bits of nudity - a trend that's par for the course in this zany anime!

10 Bakuzan

Bakuzan is Satsuki Kiryuin's signature weapon through most of Kill La Kill. Unlike most, if not all, of the other weapons featured in this article, Bakuzan doesn't incorporate Life Fibers into its build. Despite this fact, Bakuzan is perfectly capable of shearing through Goku uniforms with the same efficiency as any of the scissor blades!

This katana is also incredibly durable, allowing Satsuki to trade blows with Ryuko without breaking a sweat! As awesome as this sword is, it's not as versatile as any of the other weapons in this article. And in the world of Kill La Kill, versatility can make the difference between victory and nakedness!

9 Red Scissor Blade

And in the red corner, we have Ryuko Matoi's Red Scissor Blade. Even before she gets her hands on Senketsu, Ryuko wields the Red Scissor Blade with skill and expertise. Much like Bakuzan, Ryuko's Red Scissor Blade is one of the few weapons in Kill La Kill that can cut Life Fibers. However, the Red Scissor Blades can also transform into a 'Decapitation Mode' as well as magically change size!

Though this saber-like shear is a powerful weapon on its own, it's not nearly as strong without a Kamui powering it up. That's a general rule of thumb that rings true for all Kill La Kill characters. Don't believe us? Well, consider the fact that Satsuki beat Ryuko with ease until the latter finally met Senketsu.

8 Probe Regalia

Ew, get your mind out of the gutter because we're not talking about that kind of probing. Hoka Inumuta's three-star Goku uniform is more like the probes that NASA sends into outer space. The Probe Regalia is excellent for gathering information and helping its wunderkind wearer devise battle plans on the fly!

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However, the Probe Regalia isn't great for head-on confrontations. This Goku uniform even features a camouflage mode to help Hoka avoid drag-out, knock-down fights. We're ranking it this high because Hoka managed to get the better of Ryuko and Senketsu for a time. However, the Probe Regalia is probably the least physically threatening three-star Goku uniform in all of Kill La Kill.

7 Shackle Regalia

Okay, your mind doesn't need to be in the gutter to get BDSM vibes from this three-star Goku uniform. The gargantuan goliath Ira Gamagori donned the Shackle Regalia in a battle against Ryuko Matoi. Unlike the Probe Regalia, Gamaogiri's Goku uniform excels in direct combat! Ryuko and Senketsu barely managed to gain their footing against this multifaceted monster of a Goku uniform!

Even in its base form, the Shackle Regalia proved to be one of the most dangerous weapons in Kill La Kill. Gamagori's already formidable strength and durability increased 100 fold, allowing him to deflect blows from Ryuko's Red Scissor Blade. If Matoi and Senketsu didn't outsmart Gamagori, they may not have beaten the Shackle Regalia at all!

6 Blade Regalia

Okay, Kill La Kill fans, we've got three words for you; MEN DO KOTE! The Blade Regalia belongs to Uzu Sanageyama - the head honcho of Honoji Academy's athletic clubs. Uzu's really into Kendo, like, probably too into it. There's no telling how many countless hours this young man's poured into perfecting his skill with a sword.

All we know is that he probably had the most dramatic battle of the Elite Four in all of Kill La Kill history! The first time Uzu faced Ryuko, he suffered a brutal loss. Then he had his eyes sewn shut, upgraded his Goku uniform, and beat Ryuko like Neil Peart beats his drumset! The Balde Regalia also proved to be more than a match for Ryuko's Red Scissor Blade - requiring her and Senketsu to improvise their way to victory once again.

5 Symphony Regalia

Nonon Jakuzure's Symphony Regalia turns this bandleader into a bonafide one-woman army! Most of the other high-tier Goku uniforms resemble outfits that come replete with upgraded weapons or tools. However, Jakuzure's Symphony Regalia takes the forms of massive vehicles like tanks and airships! It's one thing to fight against a samurai or a mummy. But how do you beat a foe who uses military-grade ordinance?!

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Ryuko and Senketsu's battle against Jakuzure and her Symphony Regalia was one of the most intense fights in Kill La Kill. The Symphony Regalia utterly rocked Ryuko and Senketsu, preventing them from dueling on their terms. Matoi had to dig in deep and turn Jakuzure's power against her to barely win this war!

4 Senketsu

We've mentioned this friendly fashion statement numerous times in this article, so now it's time to give him his proper due. Senketsu is the Ryuko's signature outfit from the ending of Episode 1 to the series' bittersweet ending. Through thick and thin, Senketsu's had Ryuko's back (figuratively and literally!) This Kamui (which roughly means 'God robe') boosts Ryuko's powers to superhuman heights and increases the effectiveness of her Red Scissor Blade a million times over!

Senketsu is also extremely adaptable, which allows Ryuko to adjust to the flow of any given battle. Though Senketsu's base form loses out to a few other Kill La Kill weapons, we'd argue that Senketsu Kisaragi is second to none!

3 Junketsu

We absolutely love the contrasts between Ryuko's relationship with Senketsu and Satsuki's Relationship with Junketsu; the first pairing fight as a team and share a genuine bond with one another. The latter pair, on the other hand, have a master/servant relationship. The interesting part is figuring out who's who.

Satsuki Kiryuin donned Junketsu to level the playing field after Ryuko found Senketsu. While Junketsu possesses more raw power, it also put a huge strain on Satsuki. Regardless, Satsuki managed to beat Ryuko and Senketsu numerous times through sheer willpower. But it wasn't until Ragyo donned this demonic outfit that we got to see its true, terrifying power!

2 Rending Scissors

Bigger isn't always better, but sometimes you need a giant pair of building-sized shears to win the day (and end your series!) Near the conclusion of Kill La Kill, Honoji Academy comes to life! Well, to be more accurate, the school's Final Defense Apparatus activates. Our heroes have to stop it but are severely underpowered for the occasion.

Thankfully, Ryuko comes in clutch with the Rending Scissors - a combination of Ryuko's Red Scissor Blade and the Purple Scissor Blade! The Rending Scissors can enter a super form called 'Scissor Blades Alumni Mode.' Once transformed, this weapon can cut down an entire militarized school in one go!

1 Shinra Koketsu

By far, Shinra Koketsu is the most powerful Kamui featured in Kill La Kill series (thus far, our fingers are still crossed for a direct sequel!) Shinra Koketsu belongs to Ragyo Kiryuin - Satsuki and Ryuko's sadistic mother! To access the full power of the Kamui, Ragyo had to infuse herself with Life Fibers - a process she willingly underwent after testing it out on one of her own daughters!

Shinra Koketsu is every bit as overpowered as it looks. Ragyo could traverse space with this outfit and easily outmatch both Ryuko and Satsuki despite the girls working together! Senketsu had to sacrifice himself to bring down this monstrous garment.

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