The Arrowverse's "Crisis on Infinite Earths" crossover is shaping up to be the superhero TV event of the century. Along with the plethora of confirmed appearances, now there's the news that the legendary voice of Batman -- Kevin Conroy -- will portray an older Bruce Wayne.

It's the ultimate reward for Conroy, as he gets to play the beloved character in a live-action production after so long behind the microphone. Even the fandom, which never seems to agree on anything, agrees that this is a fantastic move on The CW's part. That said, it could still get better than this presumably one-time appearance.

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Considering Conroy's history with all things Caped Crusader-related and the confirmation that he'll play an older hero, there's a strong indication that his appearance could kick-start a Batman Beyond series on The CW. The Juilliard-trained actor added more fuel to the fire by posting an artist rendition of him as the grey-haired Wayne and mentioning Batman Beyond by name on Twitter.

This isn't the first time Conroy has hinted at the possibility of playing the role in a live-action show or movie, as he's expressed interest in the past.

In 2017, when posed the question by HeyUGuys if he'd ever consider suiting up as Batman, Conroy said, "It would be so much fun! No, at this point, I'd have to be old Bruce Wayne in Batman Beyond or something like that."

As a great ambassador of Batman for 27 years, Conroy has voiced the character across cartoons, animated movies and even video games. This Arrowverse crossover could realistically be his swansong or, perhaps, the next chapter in his legacy as the Dark Knight.

Moreover, keep in mind that CW President Mark Pedowitz revealed at the Television Critics Association summer press tour that the network is looking to adapt a new DC Comics property for 2020/2021. Could it be Batman Beyond? Well, it isn't like The CW has ever shied away from sci-fi or superhero shows, and this crossover will be a good way to gauge the interest in the property.

In the past, the Arrowverse wasn't allowed to mention Batman on any of its shows or even hint at the character's existence. Presumably Warner Bros. and DC felt any TV version of the Dark Knight would dilute the blockbuster movies. They seem to have taken a relaxed stance on this policy, however, as Batman has been mentioned numerous times in the Arrowverse, while Gotham City and Batwoman are canon now.

While it's unlikely that we'll ever see a CW Batman series starring Penn Badgley as the titular hero, there's certainly a possibility the network will explore the other Dark Knight: Terry McGinnis. After all, he's due a comeback of sorts on the screen, right?

There was talk of a potential Batman Beyond animated movie a while ago, but that proved to be nothing more than wild internet gossip. Though many fans have clamored for a live-action film, it's unlikely to happen while the original Dark Knight remains the cash cow he is.

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With Arrow coming to a close, there's certainly an opportunity for a big DC character to replace Oliver Queen as the new leader of this universe. There's a host of possibilities and "Crisis on Infinite Earths" could hold the answers to the future of the Arrowverse.

For now, let's dream that Conroy's tenure as the live-action Wayne won't be his last appearance and will signal the path to Neo-Gotham on the small screen. Now that would be schway!

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