Of all the colorful characters to either defend Gotham City or plunge it into chaos, one of the most memorably unusual is Joker's Daughter. An unhinged young woman who claims to be the offspring of Batman's greatest villains, Joker's Daughter initially appeared as an unorthodox vigilante wearing attire inspired by the Clown Prince of Crime, whom she claimed was her a possible father. Later incarnations of the character have made her an outright villain, and she later joined the motley cast of villains and antiheroes on the Suicide Squad.

Now, CBR is taking a look back at Joker's Daughter and her complicated history, from her earliest appearances before the Crisis on Infinite Earths to her recent depictions during the New 52 era.

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Created by DC Comics editor Bob Rozakis, Joker's Daughter first appeared in 1976's Batman Family #6 intercepted by Robin while robbing a mansion of a nonexistent manuscript seemingly just to lead Dick Grayson on a chase. Claiming to be the daughter of Catwoman, Scarecrow, Penguin, and Riddler, Robin reveals her to be Two-Face's daughter Duela Dent while Duela revealed she knows Grayson's identity as Robin. Before Crisis on Infinite Earths rewrote DC's history, Joker's Daughter would reappear periodically, helping out the Teen Titans, before changing her name to Harlequin after her status as the daughter of Two-Face came into doubt.

Duela's association with the Teen Titans would continue in the Post-Crisis DC Universe, where she served provisionally on the team, with her acrobatic skills and clown-themed gadgets while reverting to her original alias as the Joker's Daughter. After leaving the main team to temporarily side with the villainous Teen Titans East under Deathstroke, Duela's heroic nature would win out leading to her rejoining her old team. Later, Duela was tracked down and killed by the Monitors after it was revealed that she was, in fact, the daughter of Earth-3's heroic incarnations of the Joker and Two-Face that had found a way to travel to New Earth.

Following the relaunch of the DC Universe as part of the New 52 publishing initiative, Joker's Daughter received a horrifying reimagining as a native of New Earth's Gotham City. After the conclusion of the epic Batman crossover story Death of the Family, ending with the Joker and his cutoff face falling into the abyss of the Batcave, the Clown Prince of Crime's severed face washes up in the city's sewers.

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A psychotic young woman living in the sewers finds the face and gruesomely wears it over her own, proclaiming herself the Joker's Daughter. After launching a murderous crime spree in the hopes of gaining Joker's attention, Joker's Daughter encounters Dollmaker, the villain who had cut off the Joker's face at his request. The villain gives Joker's Daughter a transfusion of the Joker's blood so she has her alleged father's blood running through her veins while the Dollmaker sews the severed face atop that of the young woman.

After her villainous rebirth with the Joker's face now part of her own, Joker's Daughter takes part in Lincoln March's ambitious scheme to topple Batman and seize control of Gotham during Batman Eternal. The young villain leads a ritual in an effort to resurrect the Joker in the body of Maxie Zeus but accidentally resurrects the religious zealot Deacon Blackfire instead. Shortly thereafter, Joker's Daughter confronts Batgirl at the carnival where the Joker had attempted to drive Commissioner Gordon only to be defeated and finally incarcerated.

Following this, Joker's Daughter is recruited to be part of the newest incarnation of the Suicide Squad in exchange for clemency to Harley Quinn's visible dismay. However, as Amanda Waller continued to oversee the team, it was quickly deemed that Joker's Daughter was irredeemably insane and incapable of leading a normal life if ever released back into society and imprisoned in Arkham Asylum where she currently remains.

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