Before Natalie Portman returns as Jane Foster to the Thor franchise with the Love and Thunder sequel, readers have to check out the Marvel Comics super-heroine's 10 most overpowered moments during The Mighty Thor run. Introduced during the '60s in Journey into Mystery #84, Jane Foster was originally supposed to be a supporting player as she tended to Dr. Donald Blake, Thor's first mortal host. From nurse to doctor, Jane Foster rose through the medical ranks while helping the weak and wounded. She would eventually find herself being worthy of picking up the hammer known as Mjolnir and becoming Thor, the Goddess of Thunder.

In the aftermath of "Original Sin" crossover event, Thor was terribly weakened in battle against a superior and more powerful Nick Fury. Venting his twisted and vengeful mind, Fury spoke a single sentence and marked Thor unworthy of picking up Mjolnir.

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While Thor was unable to continue on as the God of Thunder and exiled himself into forced retirement, Jane Foster managed to break the curse by herself and gained possession of his powers. As the Goddess of Thunder, Jane became a prominent member of the Avengers and continued her own super-heroic adventures.

10 Jane Vs. Mangog

A living embodiment of hatred, Mangog is the last remaining survivor of his extinct alien race. The only purpose for Mangog, the only reason to stay alive, is to kill every Asgardian he can find. While defending Asgard, Jane knew she only had one chance at winning the final battle against the unstoppable killing machine.

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While binding Mangog in chains and locking him to the hammer, the Goddess of Thunder aimed Mjolnir towards the sun. Jane sent Mangog to the closet thing next to Hell and let him burn in the flames of the sun.

9 Jane Vs. Malekith

In the first volume of The Mighty Thor run, Thunder in her Veins, Jane had a major adversary to defeat. A classic enemy in Thor's gallery of villains, Malekith the Accursed is the tyrannical ruler of the Dark Elves.

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While getting ready to conquer the realms, Malekith kickstarts the invasion into the lands of the other Light Elves. After trying to get under skin and mess with her head, Jane reacts by beating Malekith to a pulp, pounding him with her hammer. With the hammer by her side, Jane is just a ticking time bomb waiting to explode.

8 Jane Vs. Odin

Right from the start, Odin represented past views about women that were downright chauvinistic and aggressively heated. Odin couldn't bear the thought that a woman, and not his son, was worthy enough to hold Mjolnir. When he reclaimed his throne in Asgard, the first thing Odin did was make Jane a wanted criminal. When Jane fought back, she really had to teach the old man a huge lesson in humility. In the action-packed fifth issue of The Mighty Thor, she used all her strength and dumped an entire moon on top of Odin.

7 Jane Vs. The Phoenix Force

The deadliest entity in Marvel history, which turned Jean Grey into the dark side, The Phoenix Force made an unexpected appearance in The Mighty Thor. Just when she thought she could take a breather for a moment, Jane unexpectedly found herself being kidnapped by the Shi'ar Empire.

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With her very life at stake, Jane was forced to participate in the Challenge of the Gods. Refusing to lose, especially by an unknown Thor, the Phoenix Force teamed up with the sore losers of the tournament to defeat Jane. Jane refused to back down and managed to subdue the Phoenix's extremely violent temper.

6 Jane Vs. S.H.I.E.L.D.

While living it up as super-hero in her spare time, Jane reluctantly returns back to Earth in order to attend to her chemotherapy treatments. Waiting at the hospital, S.H.I.E.L.D. agents Krill and Kurdle have been assigned to discover the secret identity of the new Thor. While holding her in an interrogation room, agents Krill and Kurdle switch between good cop and bad cop as they try to get answers from Jane. After heavily receiving a barrage of questions, Jane burst out laughing at them. Refusing to answer the agents, Jane is close to death's door and S.H.I.E.L.D. cannot do anything to hurt her.

5 Jane Vs. Doctor Strange

It takes a very strong and defiant person to straight up and reject the doctor's orders. When she was not transforming into Thor, the cancer-stricken Jane was dealing with the effects of her chemotherapy treatment. Doctor Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme, sadly discovered Jane's cancer was worsening, due to the magical transformation.

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Mjolnir was keeping Thor alive but also killing Jane at the same time. Strange warned Jane that if she turned into Thor one more time, the transformation would definitely be her last. As one doctor to another argued, Jane refused to listen and decided to ultimately sacrifice herself in order to save Asgard.

4 Jane Vs. Thunder Guard

The Thunder Guard is actually a team of Asgardians who loyally and faithfully serve Odin. Enforcing law and order, each member in the Thunder Guard carries with them a hammer and wears body armor made of Asgardian iron. During a battle at the Rainbow Bridge, Jane ends up crossing paths with the Thunder Guard. Showing off her sense of humor, Jane decides to demonstrate Mjolnir is very different from their hammers. On Jane's command, Mjolnir flies around in the air, zipping back and forth, knocking into each head of the Thunder Guard.

3 Jane Vs. Congress of Worlds

When she is not a skilled fighter, Jane has to play the role of diplomatic politician. Jane also happens to be a member of the Congress of Worlds, a congregation of representatives of the Nine Realms. The Congress of Worlds has to debate, discuss, and resolve the everyday issues that take place within the Nine Realms.

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As a representative of Midgard, the Middle Realm, Jane realizes the special council would rather waste time talking than really take action. While the Congress of Worlds refuses to get involved in the civil war between the Light and Dark Elves, Jane makes a stand, decides to do the right thing, and transforms into her goddess form.

2 Jane Vs. Silver Samurai

Shinegen "Shin" Harada took the mantle of the Silver Samurai upon his father's death. This new version of the Silver Samurai wears a technologically advanced armored suit and carries two energy katana blades. During their intense battle, the Silver Samurai mocks Jane because her weapon, the hammer, is so outdated and old-fashioned. Shin has the benefit of technology to basically win the match. In retaliation, Jane throws Mjolnir straight and waits patiently for him to stand down. The flying hammer continues to pound mercilessly again and again at the Silver Samurai's helmet, until the surface cracks.

1 Jane Vs. Death

Upon death, the Grim Reaper rarely refuses to take a soul into the afterlife. After risking everything and sacrificing herself to save Asgard, Jane ended up at the front gates of Valhalla. Though he hated her, and stood in her way every step of the way, Odin greatly admired Jane's sacrifice to save the innocent people of Asgard and protect his kingdom. As an act of repayment and forgiveness, Odin then revives Jane back from the dead. With Thor taking back the mantle, Jane decides to focus her attention on beating her cancer and returns to her chemotherapy treatment.

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