The heroic members of the Marvel Universe form the foundation of that reality. Even in the modern day, some men and women have been inspired by those that came before them to become superheroes in their own right. And in the increasingly closer future of 2099, new versions of heroes like Spider-Man, Punisher, Hulk and the X-Men exist in the Marvel's World of Tomorrow.

That future even two versions of Iron Man: one from the animated Iron Man: Armored Adventures series, the other from the wide-ranging Secret Wars crossover. Now, CBR is looking at both of these Iron Men and how they carried the spirit of Tony Stark into the future.

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The future of 2099 has been explored in a number of different Marvel stories and series. In a war where war broke out between humanity and mutants, humanity won, but inherited a devastated world. Society was eliminated for the most part, with mega-corporations like Alchamex took the place of  traditional social structures such as the government.

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The people of 2099 revere the heroes of the so-called "Heroic Age" as a time of hope. The heroes that form most of the modern Marvel Universe are held up as major cultural figures, with some, like Thor, even being worshiped by organized religions. Slowly, people inspired by their acts began to protect their world by taking up their names. Chief among them was Miguel O'Hara, who became the Spider-Man of the era. Although they weren't able to fix their world, they were able to work with figures such as a nigh-immortal Doctor Doom to try and save some lives. However, there was no major version of Iron Man in the original 2099 comics.

The first major 2099 version of Iron Man appeared in the Iron Man: Armored Adventures aptly titled "Iron Man 2099." The man inside the armor is Andros Stark, the grandson of Tony. He wears a specialized armor that operates on the Extremis 16.5 technology, making it impervious to attempts to hack it. The Hyperpulse Mark IX Iron Man armor he wears makes him practically unstoppable, with the heroes of the series failing to even slow him down.

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Andros reveals that he's come back in time to kill Tony Stark. It seems that an artificial intelligence called Vortex that Tony eventually makes will one day go rogue and wipe out most of humanity. Despite having the help of his fellow heroes, Andros is able to overwhelm and his kill his ancestor. Learning that this was what eventually led to the creation of Vortex, Andros used the last of his time traveling power to reverse time briefly and save Tony's life, helping prevent Vortex from being created. But in the process, Andros had changed history too severely and accidentally wiped himself from existence.

In comics, a version of Iron Man 2099 finally appeared in Peter David and Will Silney's Secret Wars 2099. That crossover centered around the denizens of Battle-World, a planet formed by the fused together remains of Marvel Universes from across the multiverse. One of them was the New York City of 2099, now known as Nueva York, where Sonny Frisco was Iron Man.

Frisco had no overt connection to Tony Stark, instead appearing to just be a genius who'd been inspired by the ancient hero. Sonny served as a member of the 2099 Avengers, helping protect their sector of Battle-World. He would eventually fight the Defenders, even at one point devising a device that could negate the Silver Surfer's powers. After the events of Secret Wars rewrote reality, Sonny found himself on Earth-616 in the modern era. Hit with a case of amnesia and nearly brainwashed by the Hand, Sonny would eventually be saved and take a job at Parker Industries. Even when he was given the chance to return to a home he couldn't remember, he elected to remain in the present day, which means there's another potential Iron Man out there, just waiting to suit up.

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