Appearances are everything in certain situations, and the realm of comic books is no exception. There are plenty of masked and costumed crusaders out there concealing their look, protecting their identity, or working under the cover of darkness to hide mysteriously. But what about those characters that choose to use their looks to their advantage?

Whether it's intended to help them charm their way out of a predicament, enchant their opponents, or simply use their looks to influence an outcome. There are certain comic book characters capable of using their appearance to get what they want. Get ready to feast your eyes on 10 comic book characters that use their looks as a weapon.

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10 Spider-Woman

Part spy, part wall-crawling superhero, all gorgeous. To say the lovely Jessica Drew is intoxicatingly beautiful is a gross understatement. With her tight red outfit and luxurious and raven hair, she is quite the bombshell of the Spiderverse. But there's more to her beauty than meets the eye.

Her looks are only half the equation when it comes to persuasion. Spider-Woman has the power to release potent pheromones able to manipulate both fear and attraction. Who need's a perfume from Macy's when you're superpowers can do the job just as well?

9 Lucifer Morningstar

This guy gives the term"handsome devil" a whole new meaning. Whether you get your fiendish fix for Lucifer from the TV series, DC Universe, or the magical mind of Neil Gaiman, you can't deny this devil's got style for miles. Lucifer definitely puts the 'sin' in sensual... uh, make that 'sinsual.'

It should come as no surprise that Lucifer can charm his way into anyone's eyes, but that just scratches the surface with this frisky demon. Lucifer has the power not only to charm but to manipulate one's will. Acting on less-than-savory desires does fall into his realm, after all. Take our advice, don't deal with the devil, ladies.

8 Gambit

Every high roller needs a good poker face, and who could resist the southern charms and Cajun flavor of Remy LeBeau/Gambit? Once you get past the pink muscle shirt and scarlet eyes of this sweet-talking member of the X-men, you'll find his gaze a little more than alluring.

A great deal of Gambit's charisma comes from his rogueish ways, but there's also his psionic power to consider as well. Essentially hypnotizing his target, Gambit can sway their wills to whatever fits his needs—alk about getting lost in someone's eyes. Rogue doesn't seem to mind, though.

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7 Harley Quinn

If the Joker doesn't love her, there's more than a few heroes, villains, and fans that definitely would. Though occasionally able to charm the purple pants off of Mr. J, she's been able to disarm even the noblest of heroes with her twisted ways. We're looking at you, Nightwing.

Whether it's to get the Joker off her back, have a few wild rides with Poison Ivy, or otherwise manipulate her victims, Harley can certainly use her looks and psychological training to shift the cards her way. If you can fool even the Dark Knight, you've got talent.

6 Starfire

When one of your powers includes language assimilation via kissing, expect to make this list. Starfire has been bringing the heat since the 80s, and she shows no signs of cooldown. With her outfits getting skimpier and skimpier and her species sensual nature, it's no wonder she gets a certain Boy Wonder all hot and bothered.

Starfire has been a smoldering bombshell since day one, and the comics have done little to discourage that. From the tight, silvery outfits to the fact she had a stint on earth as a freaking supermodel, she's gone from Tamaranean queen to beauty queen. But it's not like we're complaining.

5 Black Cat

Even the noblest and virtuous of heroes can be charmed, and the way Black Cat plays with poor Peter Parker is a shining testimony to that. The feisty Felicia Hardy takes a few notes from another feline felon on our list, but has a style all her own. Black and white is always a classy look, wouldn't you agree?

She might lack the whip, but she makes up for it with her mysterious beauty and dangerous charm. Spidey has certainly fallen into her web more times than he cares to admit. Don't worry, Web-Head, we won't let MJ know there's competition.

4 Catwoman

Felicia Hardy might have had the black leather suit, but Selena Kyle's got the claws. This curvacious cat-burglar has had her paws on Batman for years and knows how to beguile her way out of any situation. If the whip and the spy gear weren't enough to turn a few heads, that lowcut catsuit certainly will.

You could fill an omnibus of comic books where Catwoman has used her beauty and charm to get what she wants. Whether it's a large, sparkly diamond from Gotham Jewelers or a diamond ring from Bruce Wayne, this cat can get her paws on anything.

3 Poison Ivy

We went back and forth over who had the most appeal between Catwoman or Poison Ivy. While Selena Kyle might be purrfect at getting her claws into Gotham's Caped Crusader, Ivy has the edge because of one main factor: she's lethal.

Her kiss is absolutely not on our list, because her lips contain a concentrated plant toxin that can render even the biggest man paralyzed. She also has the power of pheromones and skin toxin to seduce anyone to her whims as demonstrated in Batman Forever. However, unlike Spider-Woman, her pheromones have a much more poisonous edge. Poison Ivy isn't just a nickname, ya know.

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2 The Chameleon

Why use just one look when you can use hundreds? One of the most dangerous villains on our list, Dmitri Smedyakov is a malicious master of disguise who's everchanging face has made Spiderman's head spin for years.  As if the wall-crawler didn't have enough trust issues already.

Though he doesn't often use his looks to seduce and charm, his mimic ability makes him a master of espionage. This man of a thousand faces is a master makeup artist and has developed a shapeshifting wardrobe, basically giving him the ability to assume anyone's identity. Still, he takes second place to our final pick.

1 Mystique

Equal parts seductive and sinister, the magnificent Mystique takes the final slot on our list when it comes to killer looks. If looks could kill, Mystique is the atom bomb. Able to shift into any person, race, or gender, and there is little limit to her disguises.

This beautiful blue bombshell is drop-dead gorgeous on her own, but, paired with her shapeshifting and insidious seduction techniques, she's a force to be reckoned with. There are few limits to what this mutant will do to complete her mission including shifting into one's friend or lover.

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