Concept art for 2011's Green Lantern shows a particularly gruesome alternate form for Parallax, the movie's villain.

Artist Jerad S. Marantz, who worked as a character designer on the film, released the art on his Instagram. Marantz's design is meant to reflect the "corrupted" nature of the character, who in the film was created from Krona, a Guardian of the Universe. Parallax is shown to be a creature of decay in this form, with visible ribs and bone-like appendages.

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Using fear to drain the life force from its victims, Parallax is based on its comics counterpart, which is one of the most dangerous enemies of the Green Lanterns. The villain first appeared in 1994's Green Lantern #50, possessing Hal Jordan in order to use him for its own nefarious ends. 2004's Green Lantern: Rebirth revealed Parallax as an entity akin to a parasite that was the embodiment of fear.

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Green Lantern, which starred Ryan Reynolds, was a box office bust and received negative reviews from critics, resulting in plans for a sequel being shelved. A Green Lantern briefly appeared in 2017's Justice League, but no movies focused on the characters have yet been released. However, Warner Bros. was actively developing a Green Lantern Corps. movie, though there hasn't been much recent information on that film.

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