Cardcaptor Sakura captured the hearts of magic girl fans across the globe when the manga and anime launched in the 1990s. Filled with fun adventures, a bold heroine, and charming characters, the series followed Sakura Kinomoto's quest as she set out to collect the 52 mystical Clow Cards, harness their power, and eventually become their master.
A huge part of Cardcaptor Sakura's appeal is the fashion. Elegant and cool costumes are at the center of each adventure, usually designed by Sakura's best friend, Tomoyo Diadouji. It's hardly surprising that the bold fashions of the series would inspire cosplayers everywhere to create their own cute outfits and battle-ready looks. Here are 10 magical Cardcaptor cosplays that Tomoyo herself would be envious of.
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10 Catch You Catch Me

Perhaps the most iconic of all Sakura's outfits, this Catch You Catch Me dress was the first outfit she wore, donning it during the opening sequence of the anime's first season. Cosplayer Kyoosh has perfectly captured the young Cardcaptor's aesthetic, with the bright red pinafore dress boldly contrasting the puffy white petticoat and pretty undershirt of this outfit, and the red bow details on the gloves neatly tying everything together. But it's Kyoosh's assured stance that really makes this cosplay work. With her cards and Sealing Wand at the ready, her quietly confident stare assures us she's ready to capture her next Clow Card!

9 Cerberus

Where would Sakura be without her trusty sidekick, Cerberus? One of the Guardians of the Clow Cards, Kero was supposed to be the next in line to take on the role of Master. However, when he saw Sakura's natural ability and determination, he decided to become her guide, teaching her how to capture the Clow Cards and ultimately championing her along her journey.
An occasionally stern teacher who loves the finer things in life, haiseperry perfectly captures the stuffed bear's character in this suave cosplay for 2018's Sakura-Con. Given Kero's love of Tomoyo's costumes, we think he'd approve of this brilliant cosplay!

8 Meiling Li

Despite being a main character in the anime, Meiling Li (Meilin Rae in the US version) doesn't appear in the Cardcaptors manga. Nevertheless, her character has seen considerable growth in the show, from a stubborn child with a questionable relationship with her cousin, Syaoran, to a respected and beloved ally aiding Sakura in her battles.
Despite not having magic abilities, Meiling is a strong martial artist, even able to hold her own against The Fight Clow Card. It's this strength that kirilee demonstrates in this wonderful cosplay. Donning Meiling's signature battle outfit, emblazoned with a large yin-yang, and her thick black hair in Usagi Tsukino-inspired buns, kirilee shows that she's ready to fight!
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7 The Prince

Despite not being a battle costume, Sakura's Prince Costume is a firm fan favorite. Worn by Sakura during a school play based on Sleeping Beauty, fans adored how dashing and adorable the young heroine looked in the outfit. Jayunacosplay has expertly recreated the charm of the costume, drawing from the elegantly handsome manga version with her bold blue blazer and sweeping coattails, flowing red cape, and extravagant hat.
But it's the long-stemmed red rose that really adds to the overall outfit, asserting that she's ready to capture the heart of her reluctant Princess Syaoran before sealing any rogue Clow Cards that may appear.

6 The Firey

Cosplay provides so many great opportunities for creators to put their own unique spin on their favorite characters, tweaking designs into exciting new looks. This is brilliantly displayed in utopian_pigeon's cosplay of The Firey Clow Card.
She elevates the impish boy's usual appearance by using her entire outfit to create the illusion of living flame, using layered fabric for a flowing, fiery skirt, and creating real feathered wings for flight. Even her hair resembles fire, carefully styled to look like glowing flames gathered around her. Known for his destructive and dangerous attitude, this cosplay adds effective elegance to the Clow Card's menacing power.
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5 Study Break

Tomoeda Elementary students don't often mix with the town's High School students, but this excellent cosplay brings some of the core members of the series together in one great photograph. Syaoran and Sakura are sat in the front, demonstrating that school uniforms can still be adorable and fashionable. Cosplayer Kanasaiii poses as Sakura's older brother, Touya, seated beside his love interest—and Yue's alter-ego—Yukito.
The most striking element of this photograph is the accuracy of each cosplayer's pose, subtly capturing each character's personality. Syaoran is acting tough, while Sakura smiles sweetly, Yuukito's glasses and stern look complete his scholarly composure, while Touya's striking, more laid-back side shines through.

4 Blue Star

Cosplayer CariokaGo brilliantly captures the playful design of Sakura's Blue Star Costume. Worn by the magic girl at the start of Cardcaptor Sakura The Movie 2: The Sealed Card, it's a bold departure from Sakura's usual pinks, whites, and reds. Complete with a draping white poncho, the splendid blue dress with yellow trim and long-tailed hat is reminiscent of her popular Water Jester Costume from the show's first season.
Decorated with stars, it beautifully coordinates with her Sealing Wand. We tip our own caps to CariokaGo for crafting this magical outfit, as shaping Sakura's magician-like cap cannot have been an easy task.
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3 Yue

Singapore-based cosplay photographer, Nicholas Vax, also known as vaxzone, has a stunning portfolio of work. Able to capture incredible shots, he adds a new dimension of life to the character in front of the lens. Combined with hana-bira’s excellent cosplay, it’s as if Yue has stepped through the TV screen and into real life.
The other Guardian of the Clow Cards, Yue draws his power from the moon, giving him a cold and intimidating exterior which hana-bira’s expression captures. The outfit’s detail is incredible, with the carefully constructed wings creating the illusion that Yue might take flight at any moment, his long hair floating behind him.

2 The Flowery

Cosplayer abracatrena is known for her larger-than-life, colorful cosplay, so her version of The Flower Clow Card is an excellent match. The Flower is a fun-loving card who celebrates life. Her bright pink dress is eye-catching and works beautifully with the floral gem design on her head and body, as well as the flowers that hang from her ears.
Yet, what makes The Flower so distinctive—and this cosplay so impressive —is the large corkscrew pigtails. Curling the lightly dyed green wig into tumbling, yet tightly constructed, spirals was no doubt a challenge, but abracatrena pulled it off, nailing The Flower’s iconic look.

1 Clear Card

Pugoffka-sama is another highly skilled cosplay photographer, able to add life to an already wonderful cosplay. Working with Astarhime on this piece, the pair expertly capture the elegance and regality of Sakura’s Clear outfit. Worn by Sakura during the opening of new series, Clear Card, it quickly became a fan favorite as the extravagant costume was a perfect reintroduction to the beloved fashion icon.
Astarhime looks as if she is really floating on air in the beautifully crafted feathered gown, studded with crystals and trimmed with gold. Complete with her upgraded Sealing Wand and crystal gown, the combination of this skillfully created cosplay with the stunning photography would make Tomoyo herself envious.
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