When it comes to Superman-level meta-humans in the MCU, Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) is the closest at the moment. She's pretty much an omnipotent alien who can do nearly anything and is also at the top of the power hierarchy. Meanwhile, Carol Danvers from the comic books is not much different. At her best, she's even estimated to be on the same level as a regular Thor and regular Hulk.

For that matter, her enemies are no joke. Most of them pose a threat to her, and oftentimes the whole universe. Luckily, Danvers takes her job as an appointed galactic peacekeeper seriously. Her list of defeated enemies can be pretty impressive, especially since the majority of them could have easily wiped out Earth. Here are 9 of those terrible—and one not-so-bad—baddies whom Carol can add to her résumé as Captain Marvel.

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10 Iron Man

Since Carol Danvers is more similar to Steve Rogers both in name and in background, you can bet that she doesn't have the best compatibility with Tony Stark. It's not just in personality either, throughout the Civil War II arc in Marvel comics, a rift between Carol and Tony grew and came to a boiling point after Captain Marvel started enacting on her visions (she can see the near future).

This was the last straw for Tony who gathered up his own band of superheroes to defeat Captain Marvel's. A fierce battle ensued between the two of them, hence Civil War II, which resulted in Iron Man losing. Moreover, he didn't just lose, he also went into a coma after the defeat. He's not exactly a threat in a traditional and conventional sense, but Carol Danvers thought otherwise.

9 Ghazi Rashid

Long before Carol became Captain Marvel and a Kree champion, she was military personnel—Air Force, to be specific. As such, she lived a dangerous life of service to the US military, having done duty in hotspots such as Afghanistan. There, she was tortured by a man named Ghazi Rashid who wanted information on a scientific project which would give humans superpowers.

Carol did get away and went on to become Captain Marvel, but it seems Rashid also leveled up. He came for Captain Marvel again, and this time, he already has superpowers of his own. The two of them fought to the death, and, thankfully, it was Ghazi who lost. He seemingly died, but no one really stays dead in Marvel, so...

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8 Ultron

Technically, it was the Mighty Avengers who defeated Ultron in the opening issues of 2007's Mighty Avengers. However, the leader of the Avengers at that time was Captain Marvel (she was still Ms. Marvel back then, but same difference). That essentially means at least half the credit arguably goes to her for leading the Avengers in a precarious high-stakes war against a reincarnated Ultron.

Under Carol Danvers' leadership, the Avengers narrowly won against Ultron, which is pretty impressive considering it was their first enemy for the said Avengers arc and they were still adjusting. It was Carol Danvers who picked Ares to be on her Avengers team, and, consequently, it was Ares who became instrumental in defeating Ultron. Call it a joint effort, if you will.

7 M.O.D.O.K.

Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing, or M.O.D.O.K. (originally George Tarlton), was originally Captain America's and S.H.I.E.L.D's enemy. Still, that didn't stop the literal brainy killing machine from having a violent brush with other superheroes, Captain Marvel included. In fact, M.O.D.O.K.'s first encounter with Captain Marvel was troublesome.

M.O.D.O.K. wanted to make Captain Marvel his slave so he attempted to brainwash her. Smart as M.O.D.O.K. is, he didn't take into account Captain Marvel's Kree physiology. His plans backfired, and Captain Marvel was able to defeat him. More often, however, he's just in the way between Captain Marvel and her bigger enemies.

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6 Chitauri

We first see the Chitauri on the big screen in live-action back in 2012's Avengers where having more than two superheroes in a movie is considered a breakthrough. They were introduced as Loki's cannon fodder army which could have easily been wiped out with a conventional nuke. While their comic book counterpart has a more respectable backstory, they're just a more formidable form of cannon fodder.

In droves, however, they could easily wipe out the entire Earth. Despite being a hive-mind, their weapons and technology easily outmatch that of human beings'. Lucky for humans, Captain Marvel has dispatched whole swarms of Chitauri invaders many times in the comic books.

5 Skrulls

The Skrulls are the sworn enemies of the Kree. The latter of which transformed Carol Danvers into a human/Kree hybrid, Captain Marvel. Essentially, this also makes the Skrulls Captain Marvel's sworn enemies. After all, they are a shady and mischievous race of alien shapeshifters and identity thieves, not many would like them.

Throughout her superhero antics, Captain Marvel has had plenty of skirmishes with the Skrulls. She also defeated them more than once, even hordes of them singlehandedly at one point. Of course, let's not forget MCU's Captain Marvel movie which pretty much pitted her victoriously against the Skrulls.

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4 Yon-Rogg

Like Ghazi Rashid, Yon-Rogg has a long and problematic history with Carol Danvers. The rogue Kree alien is actually one of the few people responsible for Carol Danvers accidentally getting superpowers and becoming a human-Kree hybrid. Yon-Rogg was originally Mar-Vell's enemy and was thought to be dead soon after Carol Danvers was transformed.

Surprise, surprise, he wasn't dead. He even came back with powers similar to Danvers. Yon-Rogg wanted revenge and proceeded to make Danvers' life a living hell through a telepathic link they shared thanks to the device which transformed Danvers. Eventually, Danvers managed to sever the link and defeat Yon-Rogg, but it cost her her memories—a high cost of victory by any standard.

3 Moonstone

In almost all aspects, Moonstone or Karla Sofen was an evil version of Captain Marvel. Sofen's also has Kree-based capabilities, like Danvers. It involves strength, speed, stamina, endurance, flight, molecular control, and even gravity manipulation. In short, she had the perfect makings for a Captain Marvel villain.

In fact, she even usurped Captain/Ms. Marvel's role in Norman Osborn's Dark AvengersAs you can imagine, this didn't bode well for Moonstone, and her feud with Captain Marvel became personal. The two of them eventually had a violent Kree catfight with Captain Marvel emerging as the winner.

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2 Deathbird

Deathbird, or Cal'syee Neramani, is a member of the Shi'ar Empire, the largest alien kingdom in the Marvel universe. Their empire didn't exactly get along well with the Kree; the two have even gone to war with each other more than once. This makes Deathbird and Carol Danvers' encounters all the more exciting and poetic.

They're basically champions of their respected races or alien factions who keep pounding each other to oblivion every time they meet. That, and Deathbird is also a cruel and highly-skilled fighter of the Shi'ar Empire—one of the best, even. Of course, Danvers is no slouch either due to her military background with two races.

1 Ronan The Accuser

Ronan the Accuser may not have the best supervillain portfolio, but he sure was a formidable opponent both to Danvers and her mentor, Mar-Vell. In the comic books, the two of them even had to team up to defeat their own Kree enemy. Had they not, Ronan would have had his way with the Kree and caused trouble for the other races of the Marvel universe.

Meanwhile, in the MCU, Captain Marvel single-handedly took on Ronan's armada, even destroying his warships with ease. It was enough to intimidate poor MCU Ronan and make him retreat, essentially a victory for Danvers. Ronan would later return to the MCU as the usurper of the Power stone. Too bad he was defeated by a dancing loser from Earth, a raccoon, a plant, Thanos' stuck-up daughter, and an invisible man.

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