So we all know at one point: Ben Affleck was attached as the Batman and was actually going to star and direct in a standalone film based on a script that he was co-wRiting with Geoff Johns and that's pretty much all we knew about it. We don't really know too much about the plot or details. Over the years it had been rumored that it was going to be somewhat featuring, Arkham Asylum, But also having Deathstroke involved as a villain.

So we don't really know too much of the details, But now we actually do thanks to Robert Richardson, Who was going to serve as the cinematographer on Ben Affleck's canceled, A version of the Batman it seems like the movie would have been pretty interesting while appearing on the happy sad confused podcast. He dished out some details about the movie. He said quote: I wanted to shoot Batman with Ben Affleck, Because that was the next film we had.
There was a script, But not a love script. There was a lot of work. He was doing to it to change it. He was going into more the insanity aspects. He was entering more into the Arkham Asylum he's going into where everyone was bad and when the podcast pointed out that Arkham Asylum has never really been explored on the big screen. Richardson said no, And that's where we were going. I was very interested in that one, So it was kind of ashamed.

This movie never happened because, Even though I was kind of mixed on Ben Affleck's portrayal of Batman and BVS, Mainly down to writing, I thought his performance is actually fine and he could have been a really good Batman, As could have Henry Cavill been with Superman given better direction, But it is kind of a shame because, Basically, After Justice League didn't perform well and got mixed reactions, A lot of people were hesitant about the future of DC, And that's why Ben Affleck ultimately exited the project. Now we have to look forward to Matt Reeves, Take on the Batman mythology, With Robert Pattinson, Suiting up as Bruce Wayne Batman, But post your thoughts down the comments below or you bummed out that this version of Batman didn't happen. Do you think it sounded pretty cool and what are your thoughts overall on Ben Affleck?
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