DC Collectibles has created an extensive library of merchandising based on the iconic characters within the DC Universe and one of the toy and collectible company's most popular product lines is the Batman: Black & White series. Featuring a line of statues inspired by all-star comic book artists depictions of the flagship DC Comics superhero and his classic cast, the statues are meticulously crafted to reflect their respective artistic inspirations in high detail.

Now, CBR is taking a look at some of the best recent additions to the Batman Black & White line, which feature different fan-favorite incarnations of Gotham City's most famous characters.

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One of DC's biggest successes over the past couple years has been the alternate universe story Batman: White Knight written and illustrated by Sean Murphy. Set outside of the continuity of the main DC Universe, the story has the Joker seemingly cured of his wicked ways and deciding to his talents towards good causing Batman to spiral.

Murphy's redesign of Batman for the story has received its own Black & White statue, which features more unstable incarnation of the Dark Knight leaps into action with his prominent square-jaw hinting at the no-nonsense vision of Bruce Wayne as the Caped Crusader.


Just as Murphy's White Knight reimagined Bruce Wayne and Batman for the out of continuity tale, the Joker received his own drastic reinvention over the course of the story. Now a working class hero, the former Clown Prince of Crime trades in his usual purple suit for more street-level clothing as the takes the fight to corrupt figures in power in Gotham City.

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Murphy's redesign of the Joker, now naming himself Jack Napier in a nod to the classic 1989 film, has received its own Black & White statue, with the Joker wielding a blood-stained straight razor and pants as he holds a Batman action figure while wearing a t-shit with the familiar Batman logo.


As Adam West's iconic portrayal of Batman was introduced to millions of television viewers worldwide in 1966, the Dark Knight became a bona fide global phenomenon, and a  generation of Japanese fans embraced the DC hero. To capitalize on the sudden popularity of Batman, popular manga artist Jiro Kuwata reimagined the Caped Crusader in a serialized manga simply titled Batman and released later as Bat-Manga in the US.

Kuwata's Bat-Manga incarnation of Batman has received its own Black & White figure as the Japanese version of the character, complete with a large shuriken.


Shockingly, the main Batman ongoing series didn't feature work from a female illustrator until Becky Cloonan taking over art duties during Scott Snyder's seminal run on the character during the New 52 publishing initiative in 2012.

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Moody and atmospheric, Cloonan's take on the Dark Knight has received its own Black & White figure with Batman poised like a vengeful wrath as his cape swirls around him menacingly, ready to dispense hard-hitting justice.


One of the more memorable DC villains from the last couple of years is the Batman Who Laughs, who was created by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo. A sinister vision of Bruce Wayne from the Dark Multiverse, this incarnation of Batman became infected by Joker toxin to become his world's most terrifying villain and has devastated worlds throughout the Dark Multiverse as part of his bloody rampage.

The sneering antagonist has received his own Black & White figure based on Capullo's design as he sadistically wields his chains, with his signature grin prepared to strike fear into any hapless target the evil Bruce Wayne encounters.

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