So during the weekend at Comic Con egg Shen was able to attend the Marvel Studios at phase four panel and they showed off tons of stuff and half of it was about their upcoming slate of Disney+ that are going to be launching starting next year with Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

But one of the really cool aspects was that during the panel Kevin Feige was talking about the show and all the sudden Zemo took over the screens and broadcast a message for Bucky, Barnes and Sam Wilson, Basically welcoming them and getting excited for their reunion on the upcoming series. But one of the cool things was that he was wearing his exact costume.

That was cut from civil war that we saw in the concept art with a fur coat and the purple mask. He had that exact costume on in the video meaning that that's going to be his suit for the show, And now, Thanks to Daniel Bruhl on Instagram. We have images of that.

Obviously the video was exclusive to Hall H. So it hasn't leaked just yet, But we can get a good sense of how he's going to look in the upcoming series and I. Just can't wait for it. Falcon and the Winter Soldier is one of my most anticipated things in phase four, Just because I like the characters I like the tone of the Winter Soldier movie and Civil War, And hopefully this is a more of a political kind of spy thriller in the vein of Lethal Weapon or something where both of these characters have to work together to stop something happening that can affect the entire world, Because we have heard that these shows are going to have ripple effects throughout the MCU films as well so post your thoughts in the comments below what you guys think of the first look at Zemo, With his new costume for the upcoming at disney+ series from or Fitz on.
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