In 1992, Stan Lee introduced a new comic book series known as “The Marvel World of Tomorrow.” This single comic would turn into its own comic book line, one focusing on the Marvel Universe a hundred years in the future!

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It was an exciting time, as everything felt fresh and different from anything we’d seen before, while still maintaining some familiar elements as new characters would take on the names of classic fan favorites. Recently, Marvel confirmed that the 2099 timeline would be making a return this November, so we decided to take a look at some of the characters from that era, and who we hope makes a well as who we hope we don’t ever have to see again.


Kron Stone was a jerk who ran into the wrong person in Jake Gallows, the man who would eventually become the Punisher. After being nearly killed by Gallows, Stone just happened to find the Venom symbiote, which had changed over the last century and developed new powers such as acidic blood and saliva.

Eventually, the symbiote was separated from Stone and bonded with the Sub-Mariner of that era. It’s enough that his story is done, but honestly, it’d just be nice to focus on a symbiote which isn’t Venom or Carnage.


Doctor Doom was one of a handful of characters in the 2099 future that wasn’t actually any different. It was literally a time-displaced Dr. Doom who had his kingdom of Latveria taken over by some twerp named Tiger Wylde.

After Doom gets a swanky new costume and armor upgrade, he easily takes his country back and even goes so far as to take over America. Though most of Doom’s story was “I win,” it’s fun seeing one of Marvel’s most complex villains take on the role of a protagonist, as both Doom 2099 and Infamous Iron Man proved. The future of 2099 should belong to least for a while.


The Hulk of 2099 came from a cult of people known as the Knights of Banner, who worshipped the original Hulk...and mysteriously had an Arthurian lore theme to them. Studio exec John Eisenhart fails to negotiate a deal with the group for their movie rights, he winds up getting them killed after snitching on their activities to the police.

In the ensuing battle, a gamma blast goes off and transforms him into a new Hulk. It’s a decidedly creepy look, but other than that we never got much from this Hulk. Honestly, it’d make more sense to just use Maestro, or some other variant of current Hulk, a character with one of the most staunch fanbases in comics.


Though it wouldn’t have been out of place to assume they were, much like Doom, time-lost versions of the original, these guys are actually copies of the originals made by Uatu, the Watcher. With their help, humanity was able to beat back the many environmental problems of the future, creating a hope for tomorrow.

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Copies or not, the First Family of the Marvel Universe should always be around somewhere. With society and government being controlled by mega-corporations, the 2099 timeline isn’t exactly the most uplifting place. At least one part of that world should be somewhat positive.


Introduced in 2099 Unlimited, The Golden One was an experiment from scientists seeking to create a genetically perfect individual. Upon his creation, The Golden One realizes he should be the one continuing the project and kills all his creators. Then, for the purpose of doing his bidding, The Golden One goes on to create a bunch of really freaky looking monsters that aren’t anywhere close to perfect.

Setting aside the fact that pushing a golden-maned ubermensch probably isn’t the best move these days, The Golden One’s role as a knock-off High Evolutionary can be handled by someone better. Like the High Evolutionary.


Shakti Haddad is one of the only members of X-Men 2099 anyone remembers. She’s one of the founding members, as she worked alongside Xi’an Chi Xan to form a team of mutants which followed the teachings of Professor Charles Xavier. While Xi’an’s past would cause him to turn on the team for a brief period, Cerebra would remain a part of X-Men, working with them to help find a place where human and mutant could live in peace.

If the 2099 future is meant to return, the X-Men should definitely play a part, and Cerebra should be one of the key members at the forefront of that team.


Flipside was a weird android dude who was created during the modern era (or the “Heroic Age”) that was designed to mimic the first superhero he came into contact with. It recorded a number of superhero profiles, but ultimately the first superhero it met was Miguel O’Hara.

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Unfortunately, Flipside couldn’t make sense of the futuristic Spider-Man and opted to create a mixed profile of Spider-Man and Venom. The result is a psychotic version of Spider-Man just as likely to kill someone as to befriend them. It’s a clever idea, but there are enough Deadpool-like characters as it is. Do we really need another?


A young woman known only as Strange, the Mademoiselle Supreme was in training by the time she was introduced to readers. Undeniably powerful, one of the first time she displayed her magic powers, she accidentally summoned a Lovecraftian monster when she meant to only conjure up his image. She had several such mishaps with her powers no matter how much she trained, which is part of why she should come back, aside from her pretty awesome sense of fashion.

Stephen is always so buttoned-up, it’d be great to see a version of the Sorcerer Supreme that isn’t awesome at everything all the time.


Paul-Phillip Ravage was the CEO of ECO, a company he believed was doing its best to combat pollution in his time. When he was framed for murder, Ravage was forced to go on the run, winding up in Hellrock, an irradiated location where dissidents to Alchemax’s rule were sent.

Ravage is basically every '90s hero rolled into one: A “dangerous but cool” sounding name, a giant gun, and fueled by rage against an unjust and corrupt world. They even gave him a bestial form so he could show off his huge muscles. This is a character that should only come back if they’re going to give him a complete re-design.


Is this even a question? Miguel O’Hara is hands down the character pretty much everyone thinks of when the subject of the 2099 timeline comes up. He’s got a costume that’s almost as timeless as the original Spider-Man outfit, while the character himself is likable. Even if he’s almost nothing like Peter, O'Hara does some pretty impossible stuff and even lifts the hammer of Thor, Mjolnir.

If the 2099 timeline is going to resurface at all, Miguel needs to be at the forefront. Spider-Man 2099 should be the first thing everyone sees, as the hero can convince readers that it is worth returning to this era.

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