With the popularity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it's no surprise that many fans and online commentators would create a ton of memes based on the popular film franchise. From Captain America's "So, you got detention," to Iron Man's daughter's "I love you 3000," there have been a plethora of memes based on the MCU.

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But, the most well-known ones have to do with Thanos. The Mad Titan has been the subject of a lot of the memes. Here are just ten memes that are as vicious than Thanos Snapping half the universe out of existence.

10 What Does This Monster Have To Mourn?

Thanos may be the Mad Titan and the last of his kind, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have feelings. In this popular meme, Mantis uses her empathic powers to read what Thanos is feeling, and it turns out he's in anguish. Peter Quil asks what in the world Thanos has to mourn for and it turns out that he has a lot to feel sad for. From the death of Lego Qui Gon Gyn to the lack of Waluigi in Smash Brothers Ultimate, a lot of things can bring Thanos to despair. But, does that stop him? No. It just humanizes him even more.

And let's not forget what happened after Quil learned this... He got Mad and gave Thanos the chance to escape the grasp of the Avengers and snapped half of the universe out of existence.

9 Thanos Edits

Thanos is already an intimidating villain, even without the gauntlet. He was able to take out the Hulk with no problem, he killed Loki, the god of mischief,  and destroyed half of the remaining citizens of Asgard. And that was all within the first 5 minutes of Infinity War. But, Thanos is an already scary-looking villain, with his massive jaw and bald head.  What can make him scarier? How about if he looks like Joseph Stalin, or Major Armstrong, or Dr. Eggman? Making an already evil person look even eviler is more than enough to make this meme just as scary as Thanos's iconic snap.

8 Perfectly Balanced

Thanos has passed down one of his greatest lessons, in that all must be balanced to exist. If one or the other is given more, then all that is established will be lost. It would seem that a lot of memers wanted to spread this lesson to everyone, as memes gave examples of things being perfectly balanced, as all things should.

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From showing that 20 minutes of study is equal to 5 hours on Reddit and much more, followers of Thanos will let you know things are perfectly balanced. The fact that people will fallow a fictional character's advice will make you say "oh snap."

7 Let Me Guess, Your Home?

Just in case you don't know,  Thanos once lived on one of the Saturn Moons, Titan. Before his home became a wasteland, it was a beautiful place. Titan was filled with lush plants, beautiful scenery, and housed millions of lives. We are told this by Thanos himself when Doctor Strange greets the Mad Titan on his home. But a lot of places were much better before they were turned into rubble. The Titans Tower was much better in 2003 than it is now, Sonic the Hedgehog was better back in the 90s than he is now, and so on. While it's okay to have things change, the results could be catastrophic if you change too often. Just look at what happened to most of the universe.

6 Thanos Completes the Gauntlet

Thanos's goal was to get his hands on the Infinity Stones. While one is powerful enough, having all six of them will give you the power of a god. Nothing can stop you, and all you need to destroy trillions is to snap your fingers. However, Thanos is not the only one with unlimited power.

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J.K Rowling can control what is and isn't canon in the Wizard World of Harry Potter, Timeless games are better than anything than all others, and all girls from a Harem Anime are the best girls. Power is one thing, but what makes you powerful is another.

5 What Did It Cost? Everything

As Thanos finally achieves his goal of destroying half the universe, he is given a vision. In it, a young Gamora asks if he was able to achieve his goal. He answers yes, and the young Gamora asks, "what did it cost." To which he replies "everything." For some, it will cost you everything you have to complete your life's work. From saving Wikipedia for only $3 to Irelia losing it all to become the most popular League of Legends character, to gain what you want, you must pay the ultimate price. The fact that Thanos is willing to lose everything to "save" trillions by eliminating half the universe makes his snap all the more powerful.

4 I'm Sorry, Little One

If you couldn't tell, by now, Thanos is a pretty complex character. He may want to destroy half the universe, but he does so out of the belief that it will save trillions. The things Thanos does to get there is also pretty damning. To get the Soul Stone, he must give up that which he loves most: his little one.

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It causes Thanos great despair to hurt his little one in any way. Whether it's forgetting his little one's birthday or giving up his childhood collection, Thanos must give up what is closest to him to obtain the all-mighty Soul Stone to gain ultimate power

3 Thanos Did Nothing Wrong

Thanos's idea to destroy half the universe to save it will have a lot of opposition to his belief. While the Avengers and most of humanity aren't too fond of this belief, some believe that the Mad Titan is in the right. You can see many showing their support for Thanos's plan. If that's not proof enough, then listen to the purple giant himself, Josh Brolin, giving his thoughts on the whole situation.

2 Ant-Man Will Defeat Thanos By Crawling Up His Behind And Expanding

One of the many fan theories of Endgame was that the key to defeating Thanos lied with the smallest of The Avengers, Ant-Man. Fans believed that all The size-changing Super Hero needed to do was to shrink down to size, crawl up Thanos's behind and expand to the giant size. This idea seemed to surprise everyone, with even Scott Lang himself, Paul Rudd, speechless in finding out this fan theory. What's even better was that not even the screenwriters figured that out and Ant-Man never once got near Thanos's posterior. But, also if he did, Thanos was already preparing for that possible outcome.

1 But This, Does Put A Smile On My Face

Thanos is a man of great ambition. Throughout his journey, he takes no pleasure in destroying half the universe. To quote him, "Fun isn't something one considers when balancing the universe." However, that doesn't mean you can't show joy in what you do. Thanos may not show this feeling in any of the films, but He does show it in the trailer for Infinity War. With this simple display, many have used Thanos' expressing this feeling of joy. From Mickey Mouse now owning 20th Century Fox to Thanos pleased that Sonic's design will be changed, there's something here for just about anyone who loves the seeing the big bad happy with the outcome. To quote him again, "this does put a smile on my face."

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