When a fandom gets to a certain size, it’s basically a given that memes will start appearing for and from it. My Hero Academia is no exception. There are countless hilarious memes out there, portraying all sorts of characters, jokes, and arguments.

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Like any major series, there is a slight tendency for some of the memes that appear to be toxic. So we’ve gone ahead and done the searching for you, finding you ten of the funniest My Hero Academia memes out there. We hope you enjoy!

10 Sugar, Spice, And Daddy Issues?

Some of the best memes out there are the ones that combine different fandoms together. Here you’ll see the Powerpuff Girls meet My Hero Academia. The scene depicted is a classic from the intro sequence to Powerpuff Girls. And it’s been warped into showing the creation of one Shoto Todoroki.

This meme probably didn’t need to be explained, did it? Anyway, we love that the meme creator chose to focus on Todoroki’s daddy issues. Because even though he’s been better of late, it’s clear that he’s still got a long way to go.

9 Deku’s Knowledge

Another classic meme trope is taking a meme and altering it to fit a fandom. Here you’ll see a classic joke that has been circulating online. And it’s been adjusted to fit Deku and his tendencies. As any fan knows, Deku can get a bit…obsessive when it comes to hero knowledge. He frequently freaks his classmates out with all of his calculating mutterings.

And that’s part of what makes this meme so funny. Especially when combined with the fact that he still hasn’t quite mastered the art of not breaking himself. We know he’ll get there eventually…but until he does, we’re just going to go ahead and enjoy this meme.

8 Number One

Who doesn’t love a good dad joke? To be fair, All Might doesn’t tend to make a lot of dad jokes…but he could totally get away with doing so if he wished to. Especially since he’s basically adopted Midoriya (and many of the students in 1A, for that matter).

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You’ve got to admit, there’s just something so endearing about All Might when he’s smiling like that. Perhaps it’s because we know how much he cares.

This meme blends those traits with the fact that All Might had been, until recently, the number one hero. Perhaps All Might has a new number one goal in mind? Quick, somebody should go tell Deku’s mom!

7 This Is What Happens…

Alright. We’ve all done it. But you’ve got to admit, button smashing is not the most effective way to win a fight in a video game. And apparently, that’s a lesson Deku still has to learn…given how frequently he’s still breaking himself.

But in all seriousness, this meme did a great job of both pointing out a real-world issue (button mashing) and Deku’s problems on his quest to becoming a hero. This is a joke that all fans will get right away – but even people new to the series will get some of the joke and probably find it funny.

6 Logic

Everyone and their mom have likely seen at least one variation on the logic meme. In fact, some would argue that the meme might be getting just a touch tired. That is, before they saw this hilarious Bakugo logic meme.

Bakugo is by no means a stupid character. He just prefers to act without thinking, given the opportunity. And frankly, the expressions he sometimes makes just beg to be memed like this (and we can think of a few other characters that deserve this treatment as well…).

5 IcyHot

This is one of those jokes that only fans will get. Shoto Todoroki’s quirk has been called icy hot, which isn’t the most creative name for it. But it is accurate. It also has a tendency of reminding us fans of a certain product of the same name…

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Whoever made this meme did a great job of blending the two elements together. We can immediately tell what product it is…and obviously, we can tell that it’s Todoroki’s face that has been mashed in there. Quite clever. And of course, we adore the little descriptions they chose to include in place of product facts.

4 Below The Belt

Um. This meme probably speaks for itself. You’ve heard the saying, ‘no blows below the belt’ right? Well, we think Best Jeanist has taken that to an all-new extreme. At least, it certainly looks that way.

Best Jeanist is one of those characters that is really hard to take seriously. We know that he’s a great hero – we’ve seen him in action. But it’s still hard to look at a man with jeans halfway up his face and think he’ll save the day.

On the bright side, maybe he’s really got something going here with the whole no hitting below the belt concept…

3 None Of My Business

Another classic meme converted for My Hero Academia! This time the merger is happening between Froppy and Kermit. Oddly appropriate, don’t you think? Obviously, the meme maker thought so, and we certainly can’t fault them for their logic.

Not only is the iconic matching perfect (if a bit obvious), but Froppy is one of the more observant characters in the series. She’s just pretty good at understanding that her opinion isn’t always wanted…which fits in perfectly with this meme.

2 Optimist Vs. Pessimist

We all have a friend like Present Mic, and we all have a friend like Eraser Head. And no, we’re not talking about their quirks here. We’re talking about their personalities. And when it comes to personalities, these two could get more different if they tried. It’s almost cruel that they end up working together as much as they do. At least it makes for entertainment for the fans.

This meme is perfect because it cuts their core personalities down to a simple joke. One that we can all sympathize with. Because, again, we all know somebody like them.

1 Real You

While we’re making comparisons, let’s talk about this meme. Here you’ll see All Might in his two forms. Above, All Might in his fully quirked out and powerful form. And below, All Might in his quirkless and weakened form.

Using these images to compare out online personalities versus our real personalities is pretty clever. And frankly, it’s not wrong. Most of us tend to feel stronger and braver when there’s a screen between us and the real world – even if we’d rather not admit it.

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