If one character that was announced to be arriving into the MCU at Marvel’s SDCC 2019 Panel has garnered the most attention, it would have to be Blade. While Wesley Snipes brought the Daywalker and vampire-hunter to life originally in his own trilogy of films, the character has yet to appear in the larger MCU as a whole. That is, until now.

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With Mahershala Ali set to bring Blade to life amongst the Avengers and other Marvel heroes, there is no better time to explore Blade’s greatest villains. Here are ten of the strongest and most formidable Blade villains, officially ranked.

10 Blackout

Originally a man with a sensitivity to light who had enhanced claws and fangs implanted on him, Blackout’s history is very vague. With the ability to surround himself and the area around him in darkness, he was a foe of Blade and an ally of Ghost Rider for a majority of his early life.

It would be during the Midnight Sons story arc that Blackout would learn he is the grandson of Lilith, and would fall in battle at Blade’s hand (or rather sword). He would later be reborn as a fully-fledged demon, on a vengeful mission.

9 Draconis

The next villain is prominent enough to be featured on this list as he is one of the few characters who ever managed to take Blade’s life in the comics. Well, technically not his whole life, but let’s not get into that. Draconis was a young boy who was working as an acolyte in the church when he was approached by a vampire, and soon turned.

Growing up to be a priest, he developed an immunity to most weapons used to eradicate vampires, and was created to slay Blade. He staked Blade, but the hero survived thanks to an amulet he had at the time.

8 Vampire X

This next villain was a prominent foe of Blade in the Ultimate Marvel Universe. Vampire X was known as the most powerful of all the vampire hunters in the Ultimate Universe. It was under his leadership that Blade was trained, alongside Stick and Matt Murdock (Daredevil). However, he himself was turned, and began to try uniting all of the vampires under his rule.

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Stealing an Iron Man suit to operate in the daytime, Vampire X led a revolt to infect the Triskelion and its heroes, but was stopped and ended by “Nerd Hulk” who had been infected himself sometime earlier.

7 Lucas Cross

One of the most complicated villains Blade ever faced was his own father, Lucas Cross. Sick with cancer and falsely imprisoned, Lucas Cross sought to see his wife and son again, and allowed himself to make a deal to become a vampire. Years later, he seeks Blade out to fulfill an ancient prophecy.

Chaining Blade and causing his hunger for blood to build in an attempt to get Blade to feed on a “virgin’s essence,” as dictated by the prophecy, Blade escapes but inadvertently fulfills the prophecy by draining Draconis. The prophecy supposedly is meant to restore a vampire’s soul.

6 Morbius

One of the most interesting foes that Blade has in his rogues gallery has to be Morbius, the Living Vampire. Unlike other foes of his, Morbius is not only not undead, but started as a major Spider-Man foe. A young man with a rare blood disorder, Morbius was created in an experiment to try and cure his disease.

Morbius and Blade have a complex history. They fought side by side in Midnight Sons against Lilith, have battled one another and Morbius drank from Blade, making Blade into the Daywalker.

5 Xarus

A very popular villain for Blade in recent years is Xarus, the son of Dracula and an elder council member of the vampires serving under Dracula. Growing bored of his father’s rule, he organizes a coup and ends his father’s life, becoming the leader and uniting most of the vampire sects around the world.

He would go on to declare war on the Mutants in San Francisco, turning Jubilee into a vampire. After his loss there, he would resurface years later as the Shadow Colonel, leading a vampire civil war and battle with the Avengers, including Avenger Blade.

4 Lilith

Probably one of the most popular villains to ever face Blade has to be Lilith. She is the oldest child of the immortal vampire king Dracula with his first wife Zofia. He left Lilith in the care of a woman named Gretchen, and later slew the woman's sons.

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Taking revenge, Gretchen cursed Lilith to be a vampire who couldn’t be hurt by sunlight or symbols, and would haunt Dracula until he was destroyed. She is constantly seeking to end her father Dracula, but her curse forbids her from doing it herself, making her a complicated villain.

3 Deacon Frost

One of Blade’s biggest foes has to be Deacon Frost, the vampire who slew Blade’s mother and inadvertently created Blade as we know him. A former scientist who injected himself with vampire blood to become one himself, he gained the ability to fully control any vampire he himself made.

Constantly battling to become the lord of all vampires and overthrow even Dracula himself, Blade and Frost often battled one another, as Blade sought revenge for his mother’s passing at the vampire’s hand. Frost was made even more popular in Blade’s first ever live-action film as the villain.

2 Varnae

One of Blade’s most powerful villains has to be the very first vampire to ever walk the Earth, Varnae. An ancient Atlantean sorcerer, he turned himself into a vampire as the city of Atlantis was sinking to the ocean floor, allowing himself to survive and live on the surface world to continue his work.

The first lord of the vampires, Varnae uses the Darkhold grimoire to restore his life anytime he has been ended, using vessels to inhabit his essence. He tried to use Blade as one of his vessels, but the Daywalker emerged victorious from that battle.

1 Dracula

Blade’s most powerful villain has to be Marvel and pop culture’s most popular vampire, Dracula. The character made famous by author Bram Stoker, in Marvel Comics Dracula is by far the most powerful and prominent vampire to ever exist. While not the oldest or original vampire, he commands the largest legion of the undead and is a constant thorn in Blade’s side.

Surviving multiple attacks by Blade, Dracula is the father of other foes like Lilith, and has faced the larger Marvel Universe as a whole many times throughout his career, making him a memorable MCU villain in the making.

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