One of the most highly anticipated fall television events of 2019 has to be the upcoming Arrowverse crossover event, Crisis on Infinite Earths. Bringing the DC Universe’s most iconic crossover, multiversal event to life, the Arrowverse is preparing their upcoming shows for the impending series that will see Green Arrow, Supergirl, The Flash, Batwoman and the Legends of Tomorrow teaming up to face the Anti-Monitor.

With news that Black Lightning is set to also appear and fans eager to see what DC characters are going to appear, let's look at ten characters that could make their way to Crisis.

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10 Firestorm

One of the big things about the Crisis event is the inclusion of time travel and the multiverse as a whole. With that kind of storytelling comes the possibility of lost heroes from seasons past making their way into the story, which means one character that has a good chance of showing up is Firestorm.

While one half of Firestorm Jax is still living, Victor Garber’s Professor Stein passed on in the Crisis on Earth X story, but a trip back in time or an alternate version of Firestorm could make their way back, or even Robbie Amell’s Firestorm hero.

9 Harbinger

Another character with a good chance of appearing in the event is Harbinger. After being rescued from a storm by the Monitor, Lyla Michaels was raised to become The Monitor’s assistant in his fight against the evil Anti-Monitor. She would later be possessed by a demon of the Anti-Monitor and would be used to end the Monitors life, leaving her to gather the heroes to battle the ancient foe.

Lyla already exists in the Arrowverse, albeit a more grounded version. As the Director of A.R.G.U.S. and as John Diggle’s wife, she should definitely appear.

8 Alexander Luthor Jr


One hero who could appear is surprisingly Alexander Luthor Jr. The son of Lex Luthor Sr and Lois Lane-Luthor, he was born on Earth-3, where his father was Earth’s only hero who fought the Crime Syndicate, an evil alternate version of the Justice League.

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When the Anti-Monitor destroyed Earth-3, his parents sent Alexander in a ship to Earth-1 and was found by Harbinger. Brought to the Monitor, he aged quickly thanks to being exposed to matter and anti-matter energy and would go on to lead the heroes against the Anti-Monitor using his powers.

7 Geo-Force

One of the heroes that would make a lot of sense to appear in the crossover event has to be Geo-Force. Known as Prince Brion of Markovia, the hero has the metahuman ability to generate lava, magma, superheat, super strength, and control or alter gravity.

A prime member of Batman’s The Outsiders, the Prince and his home country of Markovia have made appearances in the Arrowverse already. Brion was the scientist hired by Malcolm Merlyn in season 1 to make the earthquake machine, while Markovia has been featured on Arrow and more recently on the show Black Lightning.

6 Ted Kord

One vigilante hero who has been rumored and teased a lot in the Arrowverse who has yet to appear is Ted Kord, the second Blue Beetle. Rather than taking control of the Blue Beetle scarab, he dons his own costume and uses his company to fund his superhero activities.

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Kord Industries, Ted Kord’s company, has been used a lot in the Arrowverse. Plans were made to include him in the third season of Arrow, but DC told showrunners they had plans for the hero. With Crisis coming to the Arrowverse, now would be the perfect time to introduce him.

5 Spectre

One character that fans would love to see appear in the crossover event has to be the Spectre. While this identity is used by several anti-heroes throughout the years, the most famous and original of them has to be Jim Corrigan, a detective who passed away after being attacked by criminals, only to come back and punish evil using his supernatural powers.

Given membership into the Justice Society of America, Jim Corrigan would fit in perfectly into the Arrowverse. Not only has the JSA been featured on Legends of Tomorrow, but John Constantine worked with him on his show.

4 Metamorpho

One character who would be perfect for this multiversal fight with the Anti-Monitor has to be Metamorpho, aka Rex Mason. An adventurer hired by the evil Stagg Enterprises to find an ancient artifact in Egypt. However, the company’s leader Simon Stagg learns that Rex is dating his daughter Sapphire, and plots to have his life taken.

In Egypt, Rex is knocked out and exposed to the artifact, made out of a meteorite which transforms him into the hero. With the ability to transform or morph into any element or element combination, he is also a founding The Outsiders member.

3 Dr. Light

One character that has a direct connection to the Crisis on Infinite Earths event has to be Dr. Light. Not to be confused with the villain of the same, this Dr. Light was Kimiyo Tazu Hoshi, a scientist in Japan who was exposed to an energy beam during the Crisis, giving her the ability to control all forms of light.

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The character has appeared in the Arrowverse once, albeit as a doppelganger of the Flash’s Linda Park, who was sent to end the Flash by Zoom of Earth-2. Her heroic debut is something that should occur in the event.

2 Captain Atom

This next character is unique in that he did exist before the Crisis on Infinite Earths, but didn’t become part of DC canon until after the event. Originally part of Charlton Comics, Captain Atom was later part of what would be known as Earth-4 in the DC Universe.

It was in the Post-Crisis universe that Captain Atom was a DC Hero. A military officer framed for a crime he didn’t commit, he volunteered for a project to get a pardon and was thought perished in the failed experiment. Instead, he appeared eighteen years later, powerful but completely changed.

1 Superboy-Prime

One of the most unique characters that should appear in the event has to be Superboy-Prime. A character from Earth-Prime, where the heroes of the multiverse are all fictional characters, Superboy-Prime gains his powers at age fifteen after Hailey’s Comet passes overhead, revealing his Kryptonian Nature.

After the Anti-Monitor destroys Earth-Prime, he teams with Kal-L of Earth-2, Alexander Luthor Jr. and the other heroes to stop the powerful villain. Victorious, he, Alexander Luthor Jr., Kal-L and his wife Lois escape to a paradise dimension, but sadly he becomes bitter and angry there.

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