Fullmetal Alchemist is a fan favorite, and as such, you’ll see plenty of fans dressing up as many of the varied characters in this series. Some of these cosplays take more work than others, naturally. For example, Al’s cosplay is one of the most complex requirements out of any character of the series – and yet we still see plenty of (awesome) cosplays of him.

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All cosplays are awesome, to begin with, as they show the heart of the fan wearing the costume. But we’ve got to admit that there are some that simply go above and beyond in terms of cosplay. Here are ten of our favorite Fullmetal Alchemist cosplays.

10 Fiery Roy Mustang

Check out this amazing Roy Mustang cosplay! We're loving everything about this cosplay. Even the photo and alterations to the image are fantastic. Masukucosplays really went all out with this one. The outfit looks spot on, and if you look closely at the hand you can even see hints of the alchemic circle on the gloves – perfection!

The empty backdrop gives us a better chance to really absorb all of the details that went into this piece. And of course, the fire photoshopped in was a nice touch. Though we could totally tell which character is was without it.

9 Confident Winry

We adore this Winry cosplay! It's understated and absolutely perfect. No description or caption necessary to know exactly who Kikithegirlcosplay is dressing up as here! Even the pose and props are pure Winry.

We love that the cosplayer chose to look straight at the camera, while rocking a confident pose - along with her trusty wrench, that is. It really does complete the look. As does the hair and all of the other little details about this piece.

8 Striking Lust

This cosplay of Lust is both beautiful and disturbing (in a good way, we promise!). Yaboymegan did a brilliant job bringing the homunculi to life, if we may say so. Lust may seem like an easy cosplay to pull off, but here we see it done right.

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Everything from the eyes, the mark, the dress, and the hair is just perfect. The choice to stare straight into the camera certainly doesn't hurt either – it's very reminiscent of Lust's bold behavior. Did we mention that we love the eyes?

7 Iconic Edward

No Fullmetal Alchemist cosplay would be complete without including at least one Edward. And look at this one! Reisuzukicosplay did an amazing job bringing the iconic character to life. Make sure to click the little arrow to the right of the image – because there's more to see.

The decision to split the image really works well in this case. It makes a striking contrast between the two sides of Edward – the organic arm versus the prosthetic. And of course, all of the cosplay elements were exceptionally done as well. Just look at that arm! Even the hair and eyes look spectacular.

6 A Trio Of Homunculi

And here we have not one, but three cosplayers together. And all three are rocking the homunculi look. From left to right we have Envy, Greed, and Lust. All three are fairly standout on their own, of course. But together they're something to behold.

One of the best parts about this group is that you can truly tell just how much fun they're having while bringing these three homunculi to life. Though of course, we're also enjoying all of the details to be seen as well. There are plenty of details to notice among our three cosplayers here, something any fan is sure to pick up on.

5 Shining Alphonse

And here we have an amazing Alphonse Elric cosplay. As we mentioned above, this sort of cosplay is extremely detailed and involved. Many would consider it to be an intimidating prospect. Yet waffletrap_features absolutely nailed the look.

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We adore their take on the detailed suit of armor so iconic to Al's character. Our only regret is that we can't see it in person – because we're sure it'd hold up to a closer look. Extra credit points for the post, lighting, and photo. Everything just works perfectly here.

4 Compelling Roy Mustang

It's amazing how many cosplayers out there have been rocking the Roy Mustang look. But _lulu.chan does exactly that. This is the Roy Mustang we all wished for when we heard about a live-action adaptation. And we're not just saying that because of the dreamy yet smug look on this cosplayers face.

All of the details are here, the look, the hair, the gloves. It's all exactly what we'd hope to see in a Roy Mustang cosplay. There may be a touch more sass than is typical, but we certainly don't think that's a bad thing.

3 Bored Envy

This Envy just had to make our list of amazing cosplays. Take a look at fallcosplay's rendition of the homunculi, it's outstanding, right? The hair is amazingly spot on – so much so it feels like it came right out of the anime. And all of the other details are looking good as well.

We especially love the given pose and photography for this one. There's just something about this entire image that suits the character perfectly. And it does an excellent job of showing off all the work the cosplayer put into the piece.

2 Concerned Hughes

This Maes Hughes cosplay is done so well it's breaking out hearts all over again. Seriously, we can't be the only ones not over what happened, right? Right? Anyway, moving on. Masukucosplays did an outstanding job of bringing Hughes to cosplay format here.

Look at the way the hair is combed even – it's exactly like the anime. And then there's the outfit and expression. Plus, you've got to admit that the guy actually does look enough like Hughes to immediately give away who he's cosplaying as.

1 Metallic Alphonse

We're going to conclude this cosplay list with one more Alphonse cosplay. This is one of the more impressive Al cosplays out there – which is saying something. Slight_foto_cosplay_projec clearly put a lot of time and energy into making this piece work. And they nailed it.

You can see so many details in the suit of armor here – so you know it was custom made to match the character. We especially love the extra elements added, like the white cloth or pouch strapped onto the leg. It really brings the whole look together.

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