Considering the premise and title, it shouldn't surprise anyone that One-Punch Man has some pretty iconic punches. In fact, they're one of the most satisfying parts of the series. Some are bloody and brutal, while others are just straight up hilarious. We've compiled a list of the fifteen most iconic punches in the entire series, culminating in one of Saitama's best and, honestly, most brutal.

We're starting off with when Saitama punched Deep Sea King, who proved himself to be an immensely deadly monster in his confrontations with several incredibly powerful heroes. With even the epically spirited Mumen Rider unable to take Deep Sea King down, Saitama steps in to help. His punch is so powerful that it actually manages to stop the rain. There's also a great character moment for Saitama following this event, as he downplays his role in defeating the villain in order to help his fellow heroes save face. This is typical of Saitama, and the punch is made all the more epic by the hero's choice to show the true strength of his character.

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Check out the video below for more of the most iconic punches in One-Punch Man.

Initially released as a web comic, One-Punch Man was created by ONE in 2009. The series follows Saitama, the titular one-punch man, as he searches for a worthy opponent, finding he's completely overpowered. The series went viral and was given a remake illustrated by Murata and appearing in Shueisha's Tonari no Young Jump. The manga is licensed by Viz Media in English. One-Punch Man Season 1 debuted in Japan in 2015, with a dub following the next year. Season 2 is airing now on Hulu.

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