Later this summer, Absolute Carnage will draw every one of Marvel's symbiotes into one massive upcoming crossover. However, it's hardly the first massive symbiote crossover in recent memory.While most of the symbiotes will join Carnage's crusade to take out all of the people who've ever bonded with one.

While the symbiotes will be targeting most of the Marvel Universe soon, Venom and his multiverse counterparts were the targets in last year's Venomized crossover, by Cullen Bunn, Iban Coello, Kevin Libranda and Matt Yackey. Before that story began, Venom was teleported to a parallel earth by Dr. Strange and called upon to help a ragtag group of Venoms fight the Poisons, an alien race that wanted to assimilate every Venom. Triumphant, Venom returned to the 616 Universe, only for the Poisons to follow, emerging in the far reaches of space with a universe's worth of Poisoned Marvel characters in 2017's Poison-X. After stealing a shipment of weaponized symbiotes and adding a teenage Jean Grey to their ranks, the Poisons arrive at Earth, right in time for Venomized.

The Poisons are as terrible as their name suggests. If a baby Poison touches a bonded symbiote, then the Poison assumes direct control of the Klyntar, the formal term for symbiote, and its host. The Klyntar's strength is augmented, while the original host's memories and powers are assumed by the Poison. The host's body and mind are consumed to fuel this metamorphoses, killing both the symbiote and host organism.

To compensate for their small stature, The Poisons utilize "Psychic Lures," appearing to their prey as someone emotionally significant to get in close. Once converted, the adult Poison serves the Hive and is solely motivated by Psychic Lures.

Fortunately,the Poisons only pose a threat to individuals bonded with a symbiote. Unfortunately, The Poisons abducted every Klyntar from the planet Klyntar, then loaded them into space-guns to launch surgical strikes on superhero-dense areas in Venomized. 

Described as both "fertilizing crops" and "seasoning a meal," The Poisons target the most powerful heroes for the first step of assimilation, forcibly creating symbiote pairings using symbiote bullets. Getting a symbiote is akin to being marked, as the Poisons weaponized the Klyntar, rendering them unable to separate from a host even when facing fire and loud noises. With that, it only takes one touch for a baby Poison wielding a symbiote-derringer to be consumed.


While the Poisons marked heavy hitters like Spider-Man and Thor for reaping, two characters stood aside as high value targets: Kid Kaiju and Carnage. Kid Kaiju was wanted for his monster making abilities, which would provide The Hive with infinite soldiers. Alternatively, Carnage's bloodlust and unpredictability made him the proverbial John Wick of Venomverse.

Our symbiotic heroes realize there is no way to save a Poison convert. The only solution is to stop the production of Poisons at their source, the Poison Mothership, splitting into two teams led by Venom and Captain America.

While Venom's squad boards the Mothership to battle an augmented Carnage and the Poison Hive Queen, Captain America's squad is grounded by Poison Thanos, who immediately stomps on Cap's team.

Despite the emphasis placed on the "Poisoning" process being akin to a death sentence, no one dies in Venomized. Granted, D-rank heroes D-Man, Rage and Eye-Boy were assimilated, yet they all returned months later inexplicably better.

Furthermore, Poison Thor is deemed unworthy of Mjolnr after being infected. With the spell broken, Thor reverts back to Jane Foster, promptly falling out out of her Poison husk.


The most significant conversion is Carnage, the Poisons' ace fighter. Poison Carnage looks like a DOOM Cyberdemon, since because Cletus Kasady didn't have his Carnage symbiote when the Poisons abducted him. Instead, Cletus is forcibly bonded with a basic symbiote. Just like Deadpool in Venomverse however, Cletus' insanity allows him to retain control even after being infected. After Carnage lands a critical hit on Spider-Man aboard the Mothership, Venom opens an airlock, jettisoning Spidey and Carnage into space.

Despite being a high-value target, Kid Kaiju summons a kaiju quintet to save Captain America's squad from Poison Thanos. Though victorious, Kid Kaiju's bug-themed friend Skragg is infected. Sadly, Agent Anti-Venom uses his Klyntar-killing touch to euthanize the innocent giant monster.

Although Jean Grey was assimilated in Poison-X, she ends up defeating the Poisons. Although her body was lost in the conversion, Jean psionically held onto her mind, telepathically providing Cyclops with her location aboard the Mothership while gradually rebuilding herself.

Once she was powerful enough, Jean assumes control over her Poison host, using her psychic abilities to assume control of the Poison Hive Queen -- along with the Queen's connection to her offspring -- in order to psionically detonate nearly every Poison. With The Poisons defeated, Jean's human form bursts out of her Poison form. Finally, Spider-Man is recovered from the cold of space, kept alive by his symbiote, however Carnage's carcass cannot be found. Carnage's body crashed to Earth in the lead-up to Absolute Carnage.

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