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Mike Richardson, co-creator of The Mask from Dark Horse Comics, has revealed who he has in mind to star in a reboot of franchise previously starring Jim Carrey. Instead of another leading male, Richardson has his sights set on a mysterious female comedian.

"I’d like to see a really good physical comedian [in the role]," Richardson told Forbes. "I have one in mind, but I’m not gonna say her name. We have to do a lot of convincing for this particular actor, but we’ll see ... You never know what’s coming in the future. We have some ideas."

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Richardson went on to add that no matter who stars in a remake of the 1994 film, he'd like for it to still focus on the themes of humanity having to deal with a powerful weapon of mass destruction.

"I’d like it to be another character film about a person dealing with absolute power," he continued. "The whole theme of The Mask was we all say what we would do if we had absolute power, just like Stanley Ipkiss. When we get absolute power, we often resort to the most petty of endeavors and it’s overcoming our human nature and using the power for good. Stan Lee said, ‘with great power comes great responsibility,’ but my thing is an older axiom, which is ‘absolute power corrupts absolutely.’"

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The Mask was released in 1994 and starred Jim Carrey and Cameron Diaz. Its less successful sequel, Son of the Mask, debuted in 2005 and replaced Jim Carrey with Jamie Kennedy.

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