Mirror Master has been a long time foe of The Flash since his introduction in 1959. Like the rest of The Rogues, Mirror Master harnesses the power of one of the elements to aid himself in a string of crimes that place him on the opposite side of the Fastest Man Alive. He uses the power of light and mirrors to create illusions, duplicates of himself, and many other incredible abilities. While Sam Scudder was the original Mirror Master to Barry Allen’s Flash, this list will discuss the worst things done by the 2nd Mirror Master, Evan McCulloch, in his long history at odds with Wally West.

9 Juvenile Slaying

McCulloch was the son of an extremely wealthy but very young couple who couldn’t handle the responsibility of raising a child, so he was left on the doorstep of a foster home run by Mrs. McCulloch in Scotland. He lived there with many other children, including an older boy by the name of Georgie, who the rest of the kids were afraid of. On most nights, Georgie would pick one of the other kids and take them outside by the pond to do unspeakable things to them. Georgie one day made the mistake of choosing Evan. As they went out by the pond, Evan struck the older boy with a rock. He then proceeded to drown him in the pond, making sure he couldn’t hurt anyone else.

8 Professional Hitman

Evan had no idea what he was going to do once he left the foster home. So he chose a life of crime, taking care of other people’s problems for them. He killed many people as a professional hitman and was on the run from the FBI for a very long time. He became one of the best professional killers in the United Kingdom, using his minimal background information to somehow evade the feds time and time again. Evan finished his career in London on one fateful assignment.

7 Patricide

Evan was hired by a wealthy real estate businessman to take out his competition. The client was a big deal in the real estate business in London, yet somehow Evan could tell that something felt wrong as he loaded his sniper rifle. He shook his doubts away and pulled the trigger.

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Evan knew as soon as the gun went off that something was terribly wrong. He checked the photo of his parents that he had with him, and realized he had murdered his father.

6 Caused His Mother’s Self-Harm

Evan killed the man who hired him, but it caused him little consolation. He watched his father’s funeral from a safe distance away and immediately recognized his mother. The two had gotten married shortly after he was born, but never had any more kids. Evan followed her to her home in Knightsbridge, London. He watched her for weeks, trying to think of the right thing to say. He had to look on the positive side of things that at least he still had his mother. When he finally got the courage to knock on her door, there was no answer. He broke down the door and found her in the bathtub, wrists slit, and with a note. Evan McCulloch was now an orphan, and it was his fault.

5 Fighting Animal Man

Evan was eventually caught by the FBI, but instead of arresting him they offered him a deal. Evan became a hitman for the US Government. He was given the old costume and weapons of Sam Scudder, the first Mirror Master. The idea was that Evan could take out targets under the guise of just another supervillain. His first major target was Animal Man. Buddy Baker had been helping out animal rights groups and had gotten under the government’s skin. Mirror Master showed up to the Bakers’ California home and duked it out with the hero. The two broke a lot of furniture before Buddy’s wife came back home, and started screaming at Mirror Master. Mirror Master slapped her across the face, to which Animal Man defeated him in an enraged flurry of punches. However, Mirror Master managed to slip away and received payment for attacking the young hero.

4 Supervillain Stalker

A long while after Mirror Master had traveled to Keystone City and became an enemy of The Flash, he surprisingly came to the Scarlet Speedster for help. The villain had fallen in love with a woman named Emilia, who he claimed had been killed and needed The Flash’s help to find an alternate version of her. Unbeknownst to Wally, the relationship had actually lasted a week and went south. Emilia found out McCulloch was Mirror Master and reported him to the authorities.

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Wally asked his wife and cousin to help find Emilia. When Linda and Impulse got to her house, they discovered the entire home covered in drapes, not even the slightest possibility of a reflection to be seen. She revealed the truth, and McCulloch saw her through Impulse’s goggles and tried to kill her. Luckily, Wally escaped the mirror dimension and defeated Mirror Master.

3 Substance Addiction

The Rogues are one of the only supervillain groups to have a code of honor. 1. Don’t hurt women or children, 2. Don’t kill unless it’s absolutely necessary 3. Don’t do substances, because it hinders your ability in the field. Due to his messed up past, McCulloch looked for any means of escape and soon became addicted. He describes getting high as visiting Wonderland. This fit into the many allusions of the character to Lewis Carol’s stories, such as his parents being named Lewis Erickson and Carol Erickson. When Captain Cold found McCulloch in his high, he broke his nose. Could let McCulloch know that he would get money taken out of his cut on the next job to replace the money spent on the drugs. Interactions like this later influenced McCulloch leaving Cold and joining a different group of super villains.

2 Slaying Of The Rathaways

Mirror Master joined the ranks of the New Rogues. This supervillain team was led by a different Flash villain, Blacksmith. In order to take out the threat of Pied Piper, Mirror Master was given an assignment. He disguised himself as Piper and slayed his parents.

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He then used his powers to make Piper believe he had killed his own parents, causing Piper to confess to the police. Mirror Master was eventually caught, but nothing could help repair the damage he had already done.

1 Accomplice To The Slaying Of Bart Allen

Bart’s enemy (and clone) Inertia recruited the Rogues to help him build a machine that would give them anything they desired, even killing The Flash. The Rogues complied, and Inertia’s machine was completed. However, Abra Kadabra realized the machine had nothing to do with what Inertia had promised, and it was actually used to take the speed force away from The Flash. Inertia confessed, but his plan still went underway, as Bart was stripped of his power. The machine harnessed the energy of the Speed Force and became a nuclear device. With the help of his girlfriend Valerie, Bart thwarted Inertia’s plans to activate the bomb, but he was now powerless. The Rogues lost their nerve and killed Bart, not realizing that he was truly defenseless. During the events of Final Crisis, Inertia’s body was found by Wally scorched, electrocuted, bloody, and frozen, as The Rogues tried to make up as much as they could for what they had done.

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