There aren’t any siblings in the Marvel Universe who don’t possess powers. Every kind of sibling relationship features characters who have a unique set of powers that generally play a part in their stories. The comics are littered with hundreds of sibling pairs, but the brother/sister dynamic is one of a kind.

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Only a few characters have a brother/sister angle going for them, making these pairings something special. More often than not, these duos are shown to band together to fight the biggest of the bads in the universe, leading to this compilation where we rank the strongest brother/sister pairings in the Marvel landscape. These 10 duos are ranked in terms of plot armor, relevance, cohesiveness, and their general powers.

10 Thor And Angela

In the “Original Sin” storyline, it was revealed that Odin had another child called Aldrif, who was separated at a young age from the Asgardians due to a conflict with the Tenth Realm. As an adult, she was called Angela, who turned out to be even stronger than Thor and defeated her brother.

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Her powers are similar to that of Thor’s and you’ll be wondering why this duo is ranked low; it’s because these two siblings are far from fellow warriors and have a bad relationship. Due to this, we can’t claim to call them a powerful duo, not when they won’t work well teaming up.

9 Northstar And Aurora

Northstar is the more prominent sibling of this duo, and the pair are among the many mutants in the Marvel Universe. Their powers comprise of being able to fly at super speeds, with the potential to reach the speed of light. Due to the force that comes along with flying at such pressures, Northstar was shown to be capable of hurting the Hulk!

Since Aurora isn’t used much, we can’t consider this duo as being too powerful, despite their potential making them somewhere along the lines of the Flash. Their lack of relevance also makes susceptible to losing in match-ups, since they aren’t really important.

8 Proxima Midnight And Cull Obsidian

We didn’t get to see them work in tandem, but the results spoke for themselves in Avengers: Infinity War where these two firstly were successful in beating the Asgardians and then contributed in winning the Battle of Wakanda.

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Proxima Midnight was like a mixture of Gamora and Nebula, and she worked so well in tandem with her weaponry that it needed a 3-on-1 situation to finally beat her. Cull Obisidian, of course, was so immensely strong that he beat Iron Man and it required Bruce Banner to improvise to trick Obsidian into dying. As part of the overall Black Order, these two conquered several planets in the universe.

7 Cannonball And Husk

In one of the few instances where siblings don’t have around the same powers, Cannonball and Husk make for a unique duo who offer separate things to the table. Cannonball is the better-known sibling, whose powers involve basically being a cannonball and launching himself at immeasurable speeds as a projectile.

Husk’s abilities are weirder in that she can shapeshift into just about any material; adamantium, robber, goop, you just have to name it. Having such a unique pairing means you don’t know what to expect from these two, and that’s what makes them a duo to watch out for.

6 Colossus And Magik

Colossus is popular in mainstream culture due to his appearance in the X-Men films, which includes the Deadpool duology. You’re well aware of Colossus’ powers of being able to turn himself into solid metal, which enables him to win most fights due to his durability.

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However, his sister is even more freakishly powerful, as Magik has a universal level of powers. She can teleport anywhere she wants to within seconds; can move through time; she was the sorceress supreme in her own dimension, and has armor that deflects physical and Magik attacks. This is one very strong duo, that misses out for the top spots only because of their vast differences in power.

5 Captain Britain And Psylocke

Most people tend to forget these two are siblings, let alone the fact that they are twins. Captain Britain’s powers are distinct in that he gains them through the use of either magic, or through his own emotions, making him a dangerous powerhouse should he be in a vile mood.

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Psylocke is stronger than her brother, due to her telekinetic and telepathic abilities. She’s been classified as an Omega-level mutant due to her potential to cause damage on a universal level. The siblings have also been known to have excellent teamwork, with Psylocke being so well-versed with her brother’s powers that she briefly became Captain Britain herself.

4 Franklin And Valeria Richards

Logically speaking, these two should be placed at the top of the list, but having so ultra-powered beings is boring, which has resulted in this duo being underutilized. Due to this, we’ll be acknowledging their powers, but placing them just outside of the top-3.

As far as abilities go, Franklin Richards is enough to destroy the entire Marvel Universe, as the boy can change reality whenever he wants to; he can also create new realities however he sees fit. Franklin’s younger sister has shown the ability to nullify her brother’s powers, as well as carry on the force projections her mother Sue Storm has displayed.

3 Shuri And T'Challa

Having control of endless supplies of vibranium will naturally fetch you a top spot, and these siblings have vibranium like it’s pocket change. Even when not counting vibranium, these two are more than a match for others, as they have both been the Black Panther.

T’Challa is the quintessential Black Panther and there’s no one better; Shuri herself has taken over the mantle and ingested the heart-shaped herb to gain the magical powers. These two have an excellent and loving relationship, something that translates well when fighting the supervillains of the universe. Not to mention that Shuri is an absolute genius who can guide T’Challa into accomplishing nearly anything.

2 Quicksilver And Scarlet Witch

One’s a speedster so fast he can pretty much claim to be a god while calling the other a god might be an understatement. These siblings are as powerful it can get, and their team-up is almost always curtains for their enemies.

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Scarlet Witch’s powers have varied depending on the writer, but the most accepted versions have her be a reality warper who is a sorceress capable of omega powers. In the MCU, she was powerful enough to beat Thanos due to possessing powers from the Mind Stone. Quicksilver has always been shown to be ridiculously fast, so much so that over-the-top scenarios have to be devised to explain why he can’t just blitz through everyone in a nanosecond.

1 Human Torch And Invisible Woman

The most iconic siblings are easily these two when it comes to the superhero genre. The MCU’s success has pushed them a bit down in relevance, but Human Torch and Invisible Woman were originally the poster figures for sibling power in comics.

They have a wonderful older sister-younger brother relationship, one that builds upon character development, as Sue Storm looks to protect her brother, while Johnny matures as a person when under the wing of his elder sister. Of course, their powers are second to none, with the Human Torch capable of going supernova levels of explosive fiery force; Invisible Woman herself has been shown to contain beings of enormous power in her force fields, as well as make use of her invisibility skill. They can easily be the Dynamic Duo if not part of the Fantastic Four.

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