For horror/mystery fans in search of their next binge-worthy show, Netflix may have the answer to their prayers, and it's not the new season of Stranger Things.

As previously reported by CBR, Netflix has been adapting Locke & Key, writer Joe Hill's beloved horror comic series, for a premier sometime in the future. However, the adaptation of the cult-favorite comic book series by Hill and artist Gabriel Rodriguez may be coming sooner rather than later, as Locke & Key can now be added to Netflix customer's personal watch-lists today.

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Locke & Key is a fantasy-horror series set in the fictional town of Lovecraft, Massachusetts. The Locke family has recently returned to their ancestral family home in Lovecraft after a personal tragedy, only to find that new horrors await them in the mysterious town, within the walls of their own house and far beyond the boundaries of this reality.

Locke & Key has a had a rocky road to the screen, with a pilot ordered by Fox ultimately being passed on in 2011, before a failed Hulu adaptation of Locke & Key was again passed on and shopped to Netflix and Amazon in 2018. Netflix picked up the show, bringing on Hill to write the latest adaptation of his 2008 work, with principal photography on the project set to wrap in the next few days.

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With the show already earmarked for addition to Netflix queues, the world of Lovecraft, MA may be coming to homes a lot sooner.

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