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Rip Torn, star of the first two Men in Black films and The Larry Sanders Show, passed away Tuesday at the age of 88. Torn's wife, Amy Wright, and his daughters Katie and Angelica, were by his side. Wright, also an actor, starred in Stardust Memories and The Accidental Tourist.

Torn played Artie on Garry Shandling's The Larry Sanders Show from 1992-98, where he received an Emmy nomination during all six seasons. Torn would finally win an Emmy for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy in 1996.

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Producers on The Larry Sanders Show selected Torn as Artie after watching his performance as a lawyer in Albert Brooks' Defending Your Life. To his credit, Torn said he revealed that he took the role because he owed his family members a lot of money. After The Larry Sanders Show ended, Torn joined the cast of 30 Rock as Alec Baldwin's boss, Don Geiss, which brought him his ninth Emmy nomination.

He also starred as Zed in 1997's Men in Black and its sequel Men in Black II in 2002, as well as an appearance in the sports comedy, Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, as Patches O'Houlihan.

Torn is survived by his daughters Katie and Angelica, his sister Patricia, and four grandchildren, Elijah, Tana, Emeris and Hannah.

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(via The Hollywood Reporter)

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