Marvel is a complex and shockingly diverse universe. We’ve got superheroes from all sorts of paths of life. Some heroes were genetically altered, while other heroes that were magically made. And, of course, there are the mutants, inhumans, half-aliens, and so many others.Because of all this variation, it’s easy to forget that some of these characters are actually related. Actually, if you take a minute to look through their genealogy, you might be shocked by some of the relations you’ll find. We’ll do our best to leave out the more obvious connections.

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12 Miles Morales & The Prowler

Would you believe that Miles Morales and the Prowler are related? If you've read Miles' Spider-Man series or watched the animated movie, then you probably do, but it's still a shock to many. The Prowler, aka Aaron Davis, is young Miles' uncle.Miles being related to a villain makes things very difficult for him at times. He doesn't want to be a snitch, but likewise, he can't just let his uncle get away with his crimes.

11 Scott Summers & Cable

In what is quite possibly the worst kept secret in Marvel history, Scott Summers and Cable are related. Father and son, to be exact. Remember, Cable is from a future timeline, which is why he is frequently shown as a full grown adult when he should simply be a child.Cable's mother is a bit more complicated, with it shifting from time to time depending on the comic incarnation. Usually, she's either Jean Gray or her clone, Madeline Pryor.

10 Vulcan, Cyclops & Havok

We might as well delve into the rest of the complicated Summers family line, because boy is it ever complicated and messy. Vulcan, Cyclops, and Havok are all siblings, with Vulcan being the youngest of the three. This gemology ends up messing with the Shi'ar family line for quite some time, with Vulcan even having the chance to become Emperor for a time. Good to know the Summers family has far-reaching effects.

9 Doctor Strange & Blood Baron

Doctor Strange himself is related to one of the men behind the Blood Baron. Like many mantles, the Blood Baron has been many different characters. In this instance, we're talking about Victor Strange.

Victor had passed away, and Doctor Strange... well, he didn't take that too well, so he tried to bring his brother back. He succeeded, but not in the way he intended. His brother came back as a vampire, and Victor did his best with the new life Doctor Strange gave him, but ultimately things did not work out for the late Strange.

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8 Luke Cage & Diamondback

Luke Cage and Diamondback are related in almost any variation you'll find. In both the comics and the Netflix series, Luke Cage and Willis Stryker are siblings. Well, half brothers, to be more accurate. They have the same father, but not the same mother. The differences in the way their father treated them—the legitimate child versus the illegitimate one—caused a significant amount of strife between the two and theoretically led them down the different paths that established their characters.

7 Psylocke & Captain Britain

Though they certainly don't look alike. Psylocke and Captain Britain are actually related. Believe it or not, they're even twins. Psylocke was originally designed to be Captain Britain's supporting character, but she earned mutant status instead, allowing her to branch off on her own. That will never change her relations, however, even when her body was later changed thanks to her psychic abilities—long story.

6 Mystique & Nightcrawler

Did you know that Mystique and Nightcrawler are related? The blue skin may make it seem a bit obvious, but their mutant abilities are quite different. Mystique is Nightcrawler's mother, even though she still looks young enough to pass for a sibling.Mystique had another son as well, that being Graydon Creed. Yes, he's a villain. And yes, we're sure that this makes family reunions quite awkward. It would seem that Marvel enjoys having half-brothers become a hero and a villain each.

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5 Nick Fury & Scorpio

Did you know that Nick Fury has siblings? A younger brother and sister, to be precise. That usually isn't really all that relevant except for the fact that his brother may or may not have become a villain. Ironic, isn't it? Yet another tale of two brothers taking a different path in life.Jacob Fury has taken on a few monikers in his time as a criminal. The best known is probably Scorpio, but, for a time, he also ran as the Kraken. That family sure does love dramatics, don't they?

4 Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch & Magneto

Most fans already know that Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are related. Wanda Maximoff and Pietro Maximoff are, unsurprising, related. What may be a bit more surprising is the fact that they are twins. We'll add on to the surprises; these two siblings have a very famous father figure. Well, at least according to some incarnations of their characters. Their father was none other than Magneto himself. Hard to believe, right?

3 Ant-Man & Ultron

Okay, so here's where we have to take the term 'related' a bit farther than it normally stretches. If you've seen Avengers: Age of Ultron, then you're probably of the belief that Tony Stark and Ultron are related. After all, Tony Stark did create Ultron. But in the comics, as well as the animated Avengers series, Tony Stark wasn't the only hero involved in the process. Hank Pim, aka Ant-Man, was also involved. In fact, it was the scan of his brain that was the basis for Ultron, which had some interesting ramifications later down the line.

2 Mr. Fantastic & Kang

Did you know that Mr. Fantastic and Kang are related? Though this does vary from incarnation to incarnation and is entirely dependent on which Earth we're talking about (with a time traveler, this is very relevant).Nathaniel Richards is the father of Richard Reed. That is usually pretty constant, and frequently, this father figure ends up becoming a time traveler. Who in time then turns into Kang the Conqueror. Though in another universe he becomes Iron Lad.

1 Professor Xavier & Legion

Last on our list, Professor Xavier and Legion, another father and son duo for our list. Legion, aka David Charles Haller, is the son of Professor Xavier and Gabrielle Haller. Haller was simply a normal woman that Xavier fell in love with, but their relationship brought something bigger into the world.

Legion takes after his father when it comes to abilities. Though he's arguably significantly less stable than his father. He suffers from dissociative identity disorder, and every personality manifests with a different ability. This makes for a fascinating antihero, at least.

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