There’s no denying that DC Comic’s incredible storyline Flashpoint changed the DC Universe entirely. In an attempt to stop his mother from being taken out by his enemy the Reverse Flash, Barry Allen in his grief went back in time and saved his mother, changing the timeline and creating Flashpoint.

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In this new reality, Wonder Woman’s Amazons and Aquaman’s Atlantis were at war with one another, bringing war to the entire planet. With the war came heroes and villains alike, but only a handful of heroes could be considered powerful. Here are the ten weakest to strongest heroes officially ranked.

10 Lois Lane

As a child Lois Lane watched her father stop a powerful man who had willingly volunteered and experimented on alongside a frail version of Kal-El named Sinclair. Trapping themselves in the Phantom Zone, the event would have a major impact on Lois. Years later she would find herself in the midst of war after Atlantis flooded all of Europe.

First going undercover with the Amazons, she would eventually join the Resistance, helping fight the Amazons and Atlantean soldiers until eventually, Kal-El found her, fighting to protect her from a released Sinclair, but alas she fell in the battle.

9 Deadman

Deadman’s story in the Flashpoint universe is unique, as he brings his obnoxious and arrogant behavior in life to the Haley’s Circus, alongside Dick Grayson. A skilled acrobat who finds any excuse to make fun of the circus life, he is shown a vision of Dick being taken down in an explosion.

When Amazons attack the circus in an attempt to get the fortune teller Dr. Fate’s helmet, Boston Brand (Deadman) and Dick find themselves caught in an explosion. Believing they survived, Boston soon learns he did not, and is now a ghost. Boston vows to protect Dick as Deadman.

8 Dick Grayson

Dick Grayson is the other half of he and Boston Brand’s act in Haley’s Circus. His acrobatic skills are astounding, as is his loyalty to his family. While Boston fears for Dick’s life after the vision Dr. Fate gave him, the two stick together, especially after the attack by the Amazons.

Refusing to leave his fallen father, Dick stays behind alongside Boston until he passes. As they flee, the two are caught in an explosion, which takes out Boston. Traveling to the Resistance, Dick takes on the mantle of Dr. Fate after the original falls to the Amazons powerful attacks.

7 Hal Jordan

Any longtime DC Comics fan knows the story of Hal Jordan. A fighter pilot who is chosen by Abin Sur and the Green Lantern Ring to be the next Green Lantern of Earth and the surrounding sector, his story varies greatly in this Flashpoint universe.

After surviving an attack with Carol Ferris while the two were flying over Western Europe, Hal returned to America where he found Abin Sur, crashed upon Earth and asking for help. Before he can, however, Cyborg and the government take the Green Lantern into custody. Hal later falls in battle, sacrificing himself to stop the Amazons.

6 Kal-El

Probably DC Comics most popular character and hero, Superman has to have one of the most difficult changes in his Flashpoint persona. Instead of crash landing in Smallville and being found by the Kents, the baby Kal-El and his ship crashed in Metropolis, destroying the lives of thousands and being captured by the government.

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After being held captive, away from Earth’s sun, and having his DNA used to fuel a super-soldier like program, Kal-El is rescued by Batman, Cyborg, and the Flash, where he takes off and goes to find Lois, but alas he is too late.

5 Captain Thunder

A major change to one of DC’s iconic characters comes in the form of Shazam, aka Captain Marvel, who in the Flashpoint universe goes by the name Captain Thunder. In this universe, it isn’t just Billy Bastion who takes the mantle, but all of his foster brothers and sisters as well. Each child inhabiting an aspect of the Wizards attributes, they join together to form Captain Thunder.

During the story, they discover the Flash tells the truth, glimpsing the heroic and original universe for themselves, and fight Wonder Woman during the war with Atlantis and the Amazons, perishing in battle.

4 Cyborg

Cyborg’s role in this storyline is critical. In this reality, he is America’s greatest defender and hero, tasked by the government to create a resistance force of superheroes to combat Aquaman and Wonder Woman’s forces that threaten to destroy the entire world.

In this storyline, he fails to convince that universe’s Batman to join the team but later succeeds when Batman and The Flash approach Cyborg with help finding Project Superman. Once they infiltrate and rescue Superman, the growing team of heroes are led by Cyborg into the final battle against Aquaman and Wonder Woman’s all-powerful forces and weapons.

3 Citizen Cold

One of the more unique and powerful heroes/anti-heroes in the Flashpoint universe has to be Citizen Cold. A “heroic” version of Leonard Snart from the main DC Universe, Citizen Cold is a vigilante in Central City who becomes the city’s hero, getting fame and fortune as a result.

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Yet Citizen Cold’s methods are more brutal than the Flash ever had, including ending the lives of villains like Mr. Freeze and innocent bystanders like Wally West. After the city’s Rogues kidnap and end the life of his sister, he gets revenge but is frozen by Iris West in ice.

2 Batman

One of the most popular alternate heroes of the Flashpoint universe has to be Batman, who in this universe is Thomas Wayne. In this reality, it was Bruce who perished in the alleyway of Gotham City. This drove his father Thomas to become a brutal vigilante, while his mother was driven mad by grief and became the Joker.

The heartbreaking story of Thomas Wayne and his combative and emotional journey with his now villainous wife is enough to make any fan love the character’s arc, but his story throughout the Flashpoint timeline has become one filled with iconic images throughout.

1 Abin Sur

The most powerful of all the heroes who does the most good for Earth has to be Abin Sur. The Green Lantern was sent to Earth by the Guardians of the Universe to retrieve the White Entity and bring it to Oa in order to combat the Blackest Night threat.

However, upon arrival, his plane is shot down and he is taken into custody by the U.S. Government. Eventually, he battles Sinestro, ignores the Guardians demand to ignore the Flashpoint events and eventually merges with the White Entity, becoming the all-powerful White Lantern and healing Earth of damages.

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