WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for DCeased #3 by Tom Taylor, Trevor Hairsine, Stefano Gaudiano, Rain Beredo and Saida Temofonte, on sale now.

DCeased has kicked into high-gear now that the techno-organic Anti-Life virus is spreading rapidly throughout this DC Elseworld. The previous two issues claimed the lives of patient zero, Cyborg; the man who instigated all this, Darkseid; and heroes such as Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Nightwing and Robin (Tim Drake).

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With the world tearing itself apart and on the verge of total collapse, let's look at who dies in issue #3, and who's infected -- which ultimately is a death sentence as there's no coming back from this zombie-like state.

At the end of DCeased #2, an infected Batman lunged at Alfred after he tried to slow the virus inside his body using Mister Freeze's equipment. The issue finished with a loud bang and the butler having apparently shot Bruce with a shotgun.

The start of this book confirms the Caped Crusader's death, with his body laid out alongside the bloodied corpses of Dick Grayson and Tim, who were killed previously. Alfred bids his "sons" goodbye, taking a secret suitcase meant for Damian and then using the Bat-plane to start bombing Gotham. He's intent on carrying out Batman's last will, which is to cleanse and save Gotham City.

Harley Quinn confronted Joker in the last issue, although we didn't see their violent altercation. DCeased #3 picks up with her running from him as Gotham is bombed. She stumbles upon a horde eating a cop, and grabs his shotgun as a last resort against Mr. J.

When the Clown Prince of Crime -- no longer laughing, just hungry -- comes running towards her to feast, Harley blasts the Joker through his stomach, killing him. However, as she wraps their tumultuous relationship and looks to head off to meet her new "friend," Poison Ivy, right after this cathartic moment of liberation, Harley runs into further trouble.

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Harley then encounters the Birds of Prey, or as she calls them the "Zombie Birds of Prey," in an alley. She meets up the ravenous Catwoman, Batwoman, Huntress and Batgirl, cocking her gun and ready to go down with a fight despite being outnumbered.

As they rush her, she's aiming to kill the group, saying it's time to go "bird hunting." It's a bittersweet moment for her as she did have a close relationship with them, being part of the group in the past and whatnot.

Despite Superman insisting his family should go to Smallville while he tends to Metropolis, Lois stays in the city, as people will need help. However, when they reach the Daily Planet, Superman goes in alone, using his vision to see how many infected people are inside.

He starts killing off the virus-ridden folks, but when he opens Perry White's door, he hesitates. The shadowy figure inside suggests the Editor has indeed turned. Superman ends up sealing the building with the globe from the roof, confirming he just euthanized Perry. Clark returns to Lois even more shaken up than before, seemingly confirming this off-panel death.

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Last issue found Aquaman attacked by a boat full of the infected, but his fate remained unknown. Here, as Mera and Tempest practice in Atlantis, Aquaman's confirmed as infected as he swarms his former allies with sharks and a stream of blood. Apart from being bitten, blood also infects people, so when Tempests breathes in the blood polluting the water, he turns too, clawing away at his own face.

A distraught Mera uses her oceanic telekinesis to repel the zombies, with the wave she projected seemingly ripping the Atlantean duo apart limb from limb. Distressed, she retreats to the surface as she sees Atlantis on the verge of an epidemic, as the water has been contaminated, meaning it's just a matter of time before everyone is infected.

As Superman flies to Smallville, he encounters Black Lightning's team trying to put Clayface down for good. Jefferson Pierce is struggling, though, using a military chopper to whisk his family away to safety. Seeing this, the Man of Steel quickly chips in.

While Lightning fries Clayface, Superman finishes the job by incinerating the Bat-rogue with his heat vision, ensuring he can't alter his body to spread the virus further. After the intense burn session, Superman urges Jefferson to take everyone to the Planet for refuge with Lois and company.

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Superman's journey culminates in a very heartbreaking sequence. When he arrives at the Kent farm, Martha informs him she had no choice but to trap Jonathan "Pa" Kent in the barn cellar. A despondent Kal-El goes in, and as expected, his infected, mindless dad lunges at him.

Clark restrains the oldster and puts him back inside, before using his heat vision to kill his adoptive father. He tells his mom they're leaving, as Smallville isn't home anymore, not after this incident. This ends DCeased #3 on a sombre note, but this sequence typifies the high-stakes and anyone-can-go essence of the overall narrative.

DCeased #4 goes on sale Aug. 7.

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