Overlord (the anime, not the movie) is a series that accurately fits within the "niche" genre, it's not just an Isekai or "trapped in another world" setting, but one where the protagonist is also the villain. Basically, there's a lot of meat on the bones of Overlord as a series, ironic considering the series is about a skeleton. But there are absolutely so many side characters, events, places, and the like, to remember! So, it can get a bit difficult to notice all the little callbacks, details, or easter eggs in many of the scenes. In order to help with that, here are 10 Things Fans Totally Missed In Overlord Season 2 And 3.

10  The Emotional Dampener Is Still Hard At Work

One of the passive skills of being undead in the universe of Overlord is their emotional states are auto-regulated back to neutral. In the light novel, this was shown by Ainz' having an internal monologue, but that doesn't quite transfer to an animated format as well. So, the staff at Madhouse decided to add a little green aura that would appear every time Ainz got a bit...heated. Only the viewers can see it, and it was initially explained back in the debut episode. Since then, Ainz has gotten a bit more comfortable as an undead and has needed it less, but it still appears in seasons 2 and 3, just very briefly.

9 Ainz Follows Demiurge's Plan That Demiurge Thinks Ainz Made Up

It's becoming harder and harder to remember that Ainz Ooal Gown was originally just Suzuki Satoru, a standard salaryman in the year of 2138. But, he is, and his thinking is that of a relatively normal shut-in gamer. Sure his role-playing as the fearsome Ainz is on-point, but it is still an act. Never is this more apparent than when he and one of the guardians, Demiurge, are discussing strategy in Season 2.

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Demiurge thinks that Ainz has some impossibly complex master plan. But, realistically, Demiurge is miles ahead of Ainz's thinking. Ainz seems to plan 5-10 steps ahead, Demiurge plans 200, and Demiurge's fictional idea of Ainz plans 2000.

8 Blue Rose's EvilEye Is A Vampire

Remember the end of Overlord II? When Momonga fought Ainz ( i.e. himself) and a party called Blue Rose fought against Nazaricks maids? Where the strongest mage around, Evileye, faced off against Entoma the face-wearing, yet somehow still adorable maid? Well, turns out, the main reason why Evileye got her title is because of her red-eyes. These same red eyes are the signifier that she's a vampire! Now there's a whole story and background to this character in the light novel but nevermind that. Evileye often had a little fang poking out of her mouth as she talked, which was a clue for people to pick up on before she unmasked herself.

7 Gazef's Was Betrayed By The Nobles He Protects

There are a number of kingdoms, towns, and villages the viewers are expected to remember in Overlord's setting. And, with everything that happens each episode, details sometimes blend together. And one detail that many fans seem to have forgotten is that Gazef Stronoff was actually betrayed by his own country.

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When Gazef almost died defending Carne Village, it wasn't just because of the Sunlight Scripture. The nobles of the Re-Estize Kingdom conspired with the Slane Theocracy in order to take out this commoner who had risen to power. This is found out through some random conversation in Season 2 and is not at all dwelled upon.

6 The Albino Crusch Is A Spy Now

The first arc of Overlord II was primarily centered on two lizard-people, Zarasu, the strongest of his race, and Crusch, an Albino mage. Luckily, it did end up tying back into the events of Ainz, Nazarick, and its guardians. These two lizard people ended up in love, which made it all the more painfully when Cocytus wiped the floor with them. Luckily, Ainz being the penultimate necromancer, brought the lizard-warrior back to life, but only after his wife-to-be Crusch swore her allegiance to Nazarick, which many people seem to forget. And these same lizard people haven't shown up at all in Overlord III.

5 Who Did Entoma Get Her New Voice From?

Remember how Entoma sort of threw a tantrum when Evileye's pesticide messed up her voice? Entoma is an Insect Master who is completely centered around using different species of bugs/insects as tools in combat.

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One tool is the Lip Bug that eats the victims vocal cords and steals their voice. Once Entoma lost hers, she hinted at having to get a new one, but we never found out who she'd steal it from. Turns out that Entoma's current voice in Overlord III is taken from Arche, the young magic caster from Foresight. Let's hope her younger sisters never end up meeting her voice's new owner.

4 The Floor Guardians Are Becoming Their Own People

A large theme of Overlord II is that the NPC's are slowly coming into their own as sentient beings with free will. Through most of season one, they primarily served as tools for Ainz, with their own unique one-dimensional traits. But, in season two onwards, things are changing. Demiurge is slowly becoming wise to the fact he's thinking ahead of Ainz. Albedo is processing some unique feelings towards her Creator. Even Sebas and Cocytus are realizing they're allowed to harbor their own biases and opinions. It's a subtle tone-shift that fans might have missed.

3 Swords Of Darkness Callback

It's not often that the characters outside of the Nazarick crew are remembered in future episodes. Certain characters like Climb, Gazef, Brain, and the Blue Rose party are exceptions because of their strength. There is, however, one more example. And that is the Swords of Darkness from Season One that Momonga (Ainz) parties up with. When Sebas and Ainz rescue Tsuareninya during Overlord II, she mentions her younger sister. This was Ninya, one of the Swords of Darkness. Sadly, this party all fell victim to Clementine back in Season One. But, Ninya's journal was a huge help for Ainz as a way to learn about the world he was now stuck in.

2 Albedo Hates The Supreme Beings, Save Ainz

Now, this is something that's expanded upon much more in the Light Novel, but Albedo actually harbors a hefty grudge against the other Supreme Beings. She actually has some pretty severe trauma due to the unintentional abandonment complex these Supreme Beings placed upon the Floor Guardians when they left YGGDRASIL before it ended. There are very minor hints to this in the anime but the primary clue is in the scene in which Ainz tells Albedo about rescuing Tsuare. After this transmission, Albedo looks upon the banner of the guild and tears it down so that Ainz' individual banner remains instead.

1 The Floor Guardians Awareness Of The Player's Outside Lives

Now one might think at a glace that the Floor Guardians of Nazarick know nothing of the Supreme Ones. At least, not their true identities. But, remember, these NPC's have all their memories from when YGGDRASIL was still a game. They obviously overheard hundreds of conversations that took place between the players in Nazarick. One example is Shalltear Bloodfallen was aware that her creator, Peroroncino, is intimidated by his sister Bukubukuchagama. She was also aware that Bukubuku was a voice actress, though not entirely aware of what that meant. Accordingly to Shalltear Bukubuku was actually a class of warrior that could breathe life into things.

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