WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home was another epic adventure from the MCU and one that revealed a lot about the world of the MCU post-Endgame. It also opened up a lot of questions about where the MCU will go next, mostly thanks to those wild post-credit scenes.

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In terms of Spider-Man's own adventures, the mid-credit scene was a game-changer. It is revealed that before Mysterio died, he recorded a message blaming Spider-Man for the London disaster and revealed his identity to the world. This changes Peter's world forever and might make him a wanted man. With so many possibilities, let's look at the comics for classic stories that could help tell the next chapter. Here are some of the Spider-Man stories we want to see after Far From Home.

10 The Wedding

A big part of Far From Home was Peter's burgeoning romance with MJ. The film did a wonderful job depicting the awkwardness of young love and the chemistry between the two actors made this a couple you really wanted to see get together. In the end, they become an item, but things will certainly be complicated going forward.

"The Wedding" deals with Peter and MJ contemplating their uncertain life together as they prepare to get married. While marriage might be too soon for the young characters of the movie, the unmasking of Spider-Man could allow for the film to explore the questions about how this relationship will survive.

9 Spider-Island

Peter's Spider-Man powers have often been a bit of a gift and a curse. He enjoys being Spider-Man but also can feel lonely being the only one with these abilities and having to hide them from the world. With that secret now out there in the MCU, "Spider-Island" might be a good story to explore why Peter is the only one who deserves these powers.

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The story finds Jackal unleashing an infection that gives ordinary citizens the Spider-Man powers. In the films, this could be a great opportunity to show the theme "with great power comes great responsibility" as Peter proves to the world he uses his powers for good.

8 Coming Home

Responsibility has always been a big part of the character of Spider-Man and "Coming Home" is a storyline that challenges that aspect of the character. The story finds Spider-Man coming up against a villain named Morlun who proves to be too powerful for him to handle. He must then make a choice -- to fight and die, or to run and hide.

We're likely going to see Spider-Man doing a lot of running and hiding in the next movie now that he is a fugitive, but it would be interesting to see him grapple with that choice. Does his responsibility as Spider-Man mean that he has to die like Iron Man?

7 A Death In The Family

Norman Osborn is a character that fans are waiting to see pop up in the MCU. He is one of Spider-Man's most iconic enemies and could potentially become a major threat in the MCU overall. "A Death in the Family" seems like an ideal way to introduce him in a way that is different from the other movies.

The story involves Norman coping with the death of his son, Harry which puts him on an evil path. It is a story that takes an equal look at both hero and villain and shows that these two are forever linked and two sides to the same coin.

6 If This Be My Destiny...!

"If This Be My Destiny…!" is a storyline that features one of the most iconic images of Spider-Man in comic book history. He is trapped under rubble, unable to move and facing certain death. The scene was recreated in Spider-Man: Homecoming, but there's plenty more potential for the story as well.

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It also deals with Peter's troubled personal life, Aunt May getting very sick and the anxiety of all of this eating away at Peter. The revelation of the mid-credit scene could certainly cause Peter to form anxiety issues which would make for a very interesting depiction of a hero.

5 Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #308 – #309

Far From Home seemed to set Spider-Man to be looked at as a villain in the next film. No doubt this will lead to him trying to save the day once again as proof that he is a true hero, but maybe he can show himself to be another kind of hero.

This particular storyline is a quiet story about a final face-off between Spider-Man and Sandman. As the classic villain is slowly dying of some incurable condition, Spider-Man takes pity on his old enemy. Instead of handing him over to the authorities again, he allows Sandman to die in peace. It shows that Spider-Man is willing to break the rules and show empathy for even his oldest adversaries.

4 The Kid Who Collects Spider-Man

"The Kid Who Collects Spider-Man" is another quieter and sad comic that is one of the heroes most famous stories. It centers on a young boy who is dying and whose last wish is to meet Spider-Man. The wall-crawler visits the boy and proceeds to tell him his story and even reveals his identity to him.

If the next story finds the world turning against Spider-Man, it could be very touching to include a relationship like this in the story. It would allow Peter to see someone who still believes in him and remind him why he is a hero.

3 To Have And To Hold

Since the romance between Peter and MJ was such a highlight of Far From Home, that seems like an aspect that should be featured heavily in the next film. "To Have And To Hold" takes place after the events of Civil War, when Peter's identity has been revealed to the world. Authorities question MJ about Peter's whereabouts while Peter tries to find a way to keep her safe.

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With Peter presumably a fugitive in the MCU, this feels like a great story to explore this romance and what these two are willing to sacrifice for each other.

2 Spider-Man No More!

"Spider-Man No More!" is one of the most famous Spider-Man storylines in the comics. The story finds Peter fed up with the lack of respect Spider-Man gets and his personal life suffering because of his crime-fighting career. This leads him to ditch the costume and quit.

The storyline was partially adapted in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 2, but this could allow for a new spin on the story. In this version, we could see what it is like when Peter is forced to give up the position rather than do it by choice.

1 Kraven's Last Hunt

One of the most interesting Spider-Man villains of all-time is Kraven the Hunter. The madman hunter is obsessed with tracking and capturing the most elusive prey on the planet, and in his mind, Spider-Man is the ultimate target. "Kraven's Last Hunt" is a great depiction of the villain as well as Spider-Man's resolve as a hero.

With Spider-Man on the run, Kraven could be reimagined as a bounty hunter hired to track down the fugitive hero. With the right actor playing the part, this could be a powerful and entertaining adventure.

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